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A Knight In Shining Armour – A True Story

man thumped a pregnant women in the face / she fell onto the floor / just going to give her another kick.

Venetian Blind

the mere fact of being poor makes such children criminals in the eyes of the police / and we are sitting on the table / discussing major is…

Clappers and a Bloke Called Joe

Some serious consumers of amber beverage stayed sober enough to rename it Heaven in the desert.



Justice in Payback

Imagining a bitter sweet payback or more, this offender with no clue for what I have in store

Run like the clappers

A bloke had to be pretty bloody stupid, two kangaroos short in the paddock, to even think about driving two hundred miles west of Burke …

An Attack In A Cemetery – This Is a true st…

Like a gentleman I asked if everything was ok and was told to “F**K off” / Police mentioned she shouted “You B*****d you’ve called the Pol…

Dangerous Driving by the Police

You’re getting the pension / I don’t see why you complain / I know you did mention / That you are in a bit of pain

The night my bin was arrested

we heard footsteps running down our driveway, then we saw lights in our window……

A great piece of writing…Very Funny

This is a short writing that a mate wrote. Thought it was great! I thought i’d pass it on with his permission. / Enjoy, / I have a fa…

Torture by Americans In Their Prisons

Torture, psycological damage, jails, police, Charter of Rights. Bill of Rights, United States, American, bully boys, Orange County Mens Fac…

“Street Cleaner” -CONTENT WARNING

I owe him my patience – after all he has given me the meaning for my life.


Run mascara down your face; / Crimson on the boards. / One less shadow now to pace / Among the snaking power cords. / Seems I made it just …

Apple Police

Look at YOU! / So well hung! / Round and rosy / Begging me to squeeze.. / Shame on you! / I’m weak and hungry / Oh all right! / IR…


Come along quietly, Sir. Yes that’s the way. / The victim died of his head wounds today.

Yes Sir!

Yes officer I wore my seatbelt / the shoulder strap strangles me though / I had my arm slipped through it to keep it down off my neck / Was…

Character building cake

I live next door to two drunks.

Twas the Night before Christmas

… a flash of steel caught the officer’s eye … / The police saw the red stains as having a far more sinister origin. / … a…

Message in a bottle

June 19th 1985 / To whom it may concern, I am shipwrecked on a remote island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. / It is 30 days, as I write th…

To The Police, Emergency Services, and Firemen. T…

Thankyou all for the lives you save / Your bravery your strength your heart


Should I call someone to help? / Go back to sleep, you fool. / They will be fine in the morning, / when their tempers cool. / But …

“P.S.Q.”- C 1989, By Dennis L. Knecht

Correct- a ‘POL-SPEC’, a "P.S.Q….Specially armed with ‘proto-lazeers’, exceptional and new !

Video Games VS Real Life: Driving

Speed: 190 on the turn / Devil daring, no concern… / Suddenly, he had to swerve. / Leaving tracks of rubber burned!

Race to the death

Over the last three weeks it had become an amazing race of endurance and acting



Facebook Stalker



Voices magnified / whistles shriek / hoofs tread / people weep.


“Well, I am a married women, so it’s not like we were gonna do it here! The motel was just down ‘round the corner. An’ I knew I wasn’t gonn…

ESD Grows a OPI

I know I’ve phoned before / Trivial complaints about the law / But when they come uninvited to my door / I think it’s right to phone some m…

Night Visits

Threat? What made him think that? ……it was just a car that would occasionally come by, sit for a few minutes, then leave. ̷…

Rubber Bullets vs Iron-clad Convictions

It would seem that if you are audacious enough to speak your mind and congruous enough to do it with a like-minded group of your peers, you…

Spring thunder part 3

Three miles out of town, my bullet can clean pass through your body, and no body would know, you sadistic pig.


They tortured her until they finally broke her down physically and mentally, and she got on a plane to a foreign country, France…

The Incident – 22

The Incident – 22 / + 5 Days : 13 Hours : 2 Minutes / Do you want a tea? / Yeah, that would be great darl. / Are you still working on…

The Incident – 23

The Incident – 23 / + 8 Days : 02 Hours : 10 Minutes / …and who signs out for an #### anti tank rocket launcher. / That would b…

Jean Charles de Menezes Part III

It is essential to be clear on this: it is the lie that fosters and promotes the cause of evil.

The Robin Hood Murders Chapter 1

nerves taking charge of my pulse as I stepped into the heavy atmosphere of the courtroom, feeling the weight of every single pair of eyes

The Incident – 37

Perfect, you’ve solved it. Congratulations. Do you want a gold star cos I’m heading home.

Life – The Director’s Cut

“They would call to report a murder with such absolute matter of fact calmness and rationale…”

Gun Control (an illusion)

by George A. Yesthal / This will probably be one of my less popular writings / I found theses statistics that show that semi automatic assa…


Bit of lipstick / on the / nightstand,

The Great Dead Beaver Debacle

“Listen to what you’re sayin’, numb-nuts.” Numb-nuts was Herb’s pet name for…well, everybody. “These pelts are worth a lot of money”.

Electric Fences

I’ve known Adam for eight months. Posing as his girlfriend, I was getting closer to him than I originally anticipated. Working undercover w…

Nap Time At The Beach

His friend replies, " You have always been comfortable with your situation. Why all of a sudden are you on this kick to loose weight?&…

The Incident – 27

The Incident – 27 / + 2 Days : 8 Hours : 19 minutes / Alright, I know most of you have had barely any sleep and to be honest neither …

Why would anyone riot in America?

Oakland cop stood, drew, and murdered.

Under demolition

Amid his intoxicated anger, / like an ebony volcanic haze – erupted; / insanity strikes, trust disolves. / Quaking, as an army of str…


She looked lovely. She looked lovely in death.


the next car slows to stop. Relief. I walk towards the headlights, my hands up to shield my eyes from the halogen glare. My smile quickly f…

Corruption Unheard

There is no point to writing / Yet another formal complaint

Spring thunder part 7

Huddled against a stained wall in a lockup, that smelled of fear and torture, she had to banish all terrible thoughts that crowded her mind.

Mistakes in Police Documents And I Am Sure I Sent…

If you lost those stamped documents it would be great / The Honourable Chief Justice Michael Black doesn’t want to hear your song.

Street Cleaner – Part II

If a few have to die for my message to be heard then so be it.

Steering Whilst Texting?

1/423OR / 10224APC / YGUD4U2?

The Vigilante’s Song.


dale and the police chase

They chased him, they caught him then, they arrested him

Advance Australia Where

Am I one of your True Blue sons / Pensioned off disabled in your Service

In Police Custody

door heavy like / dead time slams shut / vibration shakes shattered / personhood… / now confined in cruel / isolation / white tiled walls t…


You can not use Family Law to Censor / The free thought of a Man in poetry / No matter how you rewrite the Law / It is you who will be the …


She was almost a little to ballsy. Like a little Bonnie to go with his Clyde…

The Dare

I’m a police officer. I once talked to a convicted murder and asked him why did he kill. I my own words, through this poem, is what h…

The Incident – 29

Backup was Chopper. / Hawk on the Upwind. / Eight Bangers sitting cross legged.

I Sit Here Exploited

I cut my skin not to cut myself deeper than you have cut me and I have not known living without being cut to the bone

How to handle bullies

Do not ignore it!


She would like that, he thought, growing angrier by the minute. Get a job and make some money.

Soldiers Above

A poem dedicated to the brave fallen soldiers who have dedicated their lives to our freedom. This poem has been read at many military funer…

Drinking with Police II

It is now a guilty pleasure, a secret all their own. / The whispered verses and pretty lines. / Another time, another place, this wouldn’t …

Something In The Weather-Chapters 13-18

Chapter 13 continued / The police Chief walked through the room and examined everything very closely. The man who stayed in this room was v…

kitchen tools

the fat man was still without somewhere to run his business from. one day he met a young girl. she has her own story. she witnessed a murde…

A police state .

Today, we are dependent sheep, entitled to health care, and broke.


he sang in my ear… / and told me ‘moi aussi’ and ‘tu me manque’ / he took me to couscous… / and he gave…

I Ate KFC With a Nazi: Wrath

As I assume, you’ve begun to notice that I house quite a bit of wrath, or hatred, toward most of the people I’ve come across in…

Chapter One – A portion

Feeling the unfinished rage surge through her hand, she watched, as though in an out of body experience, as she threw the cup at the portra…


She was panicked and scared. Mostly because she didn’t know what to do. Should she admit the mistake…


I just ran to the edge of my life then jumped off.

R.I.P. Ned Kelly

RIP Ned Kelly / Hero and Villain / For all of your killin’ / Of troopers trying to stop you / From doing what / You were goin’ to do / The …

Something In The Weather-Chapters 7-12

Chapter 7 / The chopper approached from the west on a straight in approach from the airport. Raul set off the smoke canister and the new …

Stricken At Tranquility.

A law enforcement raid exposes a bank’s involvement in a sordid business, involving a brothel, organized crime, and comical attempts …

Police Line

I fucking love you! / You caused all the pain…

Mistaken Identity

2 seconds. 3 seconds, 4. The ground seemed to call for me. Everything became bigger. I lost count of how long I’d been freefalling. I yanke…

Life or death.

It started off as any normal day for the New York City Police Chief Max Sparks, a blonde 36 year old with two daughters and wife he adored.

A World Without Values

Bryanna Butler, after a life of strange ups and downs had finally achieved one of her life goals. She had obtained a license to kill. If by…

Whatever Happened to the Common Good?

Isn’t it odd the way, when we hear the term “Law Enforcement”, we equate the term with the “Good Guys”. I don…


There’s an agenda / in the East, / you could try to explain it / to your local police / but only if / you’re not afraid / to h…

They Knew The Entire Time


The Cop, part one


Police Violence

Police Violence / ( for Alfie) / he waits… / head smashed by police / brain brutally damaged / they do / what they can / now, the ti…

Shards Of Glass by Ozzy Skateboard

what happen to me / angry as can be / what happen me / why do i scream / what happen to me / why can’t i see / what happen to me / wh…

A Hard Place To Be

Blood pools a puddle at his feet / As he cautions his heart’s need to feel / Numb yourself so that you do not break

Swearing – a tale of childhood drama

When I was eight two policemen knocked on our door.

The Round

Seriously emanating seriousness, they remain seated / Watching, observing for any dubious activity.

Obese Police


holding the protesters in the light

where peaceful people meet their local thugs

Antibiotics in a Bag…

Antibiotics in a bag / Oh how they make my tail wag…

Alphabetical Musings

“Right out of those cop TV shows, huh? Suppose now you’re going to call the police? Tell them about the terrible scene we’…

The Unforgettable Pee

And with that, the officer disappeared behind his police car to attend to his needs while I attended to mine.
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