Depeche mode haiku by Charlize Cape Cow Bee by dosankodebbie Framed by Richard G Witham A Rest from Looking at the Moon by dosankodebbie by ubiquitoid Water Haiku The water is light Max's Haiku Mood by Greg Holfeld Two Halves of a Melon by dosankodebbie First Dip by Ron C. Moss Coming down from the Blues by Richard G Witham the haiku marathon (part 1) So many soldiers / with nothing to do but dance / barefoot in the grass. Barred Owl with Haiku by dosankodebbie Sunday by masabo 4 Seasons by judygal Two by Richard G Witham Smoky Blues Satin by Richard G Witham Comes the Light by Richard G Witham Hidden World by Ron C. Moss Excerpts from Haikus of Despair by moonlover Satin by Richard G Witham Wonted perception by Richard G Witham Scream  by steppeland Cascade by Richard G Witham Cat Nap Haiku by PoemsProseArt Firecat by redqueenself Sleepy Turtle by sailgirl Vanity and the Snail by dosankodebbie Smoky Blues by Richard G Witham Calendar Releasing Demons by Richard G Witham haiku by montdragon Summer Secrets - Haiku by AuntDot Butterfly Wings by Olga van Dijk Blood In The Shadows by Ron C. Moss Smoky Blues Drift by Richard G Witham Germination by Richard G Witham Merlot shadow tussled old hippie / bald and chubby in zen robes / retrieving my wine Beckoning by Richard G Witham ~ New Horizon ~ (Haiku) by Donna Keevers Driver ~ God’s Love ~ (Haiku) A new day awakes / Yesterday is forgotten / God’s mercy is new / Seasons come and go / Tides rise and fall like the sun / God’s… My Breath by Ron C. Moss Sea Kayaker by Ron C. Moss A Simple Sound by Oskar Strom Charcoal blues Ma`am, we’re out of tune / Smothering in friendly funk / Jazz that’s gone to blues Haiku Exercise #2 Divinity lies within….. Haiku 34 – personality prickly / scotsman — / thistle Haven’t Haikued in so long. Soak Still Light and shadows pause / At the edge of everything / Evening kisses dawn Haiku 2 – Divorce divorce - / shattered / dreams Grouchy woman (haiku) grouchy woman pauses / silently fuming / orchids flop blindly Ode to my Dentist My teeth are shining / x-rays reveal root of all / bank balance decay Long Distance Love So far away babe, / Everyday I wish I could / Hold you in my arms. Extrospection Tiny ghosts dancing / In kerfuffled harmony / Stirred by shafts of light Haiku 19 – hairdresser talking / hairdresser trims — / snips HAIGA XX by dthaase the prism shifts deaf to all pleading, / an old gloating madman slumps / in his delusions Tidal sands. (Haiku) Water rushes, sweeps. / Tide enfolds as ground moves round. / Feet engulfed. Swallowed. Today by Richard G Witham Joy (Haiku) Friendship and laughter / Songs of the heart bursting forth / A fountain of joy Haiku 20 – one way changing direction / one way street — / police car Paper chase (Contemporary Haiku) Stark, new, / fresh, sheets / -toilet paper. Mountains by Ron C. Moss Release Drifting into sleep … Wallflower    ("Haiku Challenge" Entry) by Erin Hause God’s Lament …I am helpless in time’s flow Over the river Young seeds on a branch / Soaring over the river / Subject to the wind Haiku chain clear / picture / —revealed / surprise / —withheld / exclamation / not syllable / count / —beat / essential / —ev… haiku 132 on the road / to enlightenment… / a flat tire Bits and Bits…Haiku attemps Haiku raptures Haiku poetry: Morning Dreamers rise at dawn / breathless anticipation / A new world awaits / Passion stirs one’s soul / as the sun awakens day / Arise; Go … Haiku 21 – ball playing soccer / ball misses goal — / smashes window Haiku 4 – drink carbonated / bubbles / burst the haiku marathon (part 5) ice wind off the sea / winter scratches its long claws / down my shirtless back My haiku course notes – can they help you t… There are two elements to writing a haiku. / a)phrase – the set up (usually over 2 lines) / b)fragment – the revelation (often … Vortex by Richard G Witham Halloween Haiku Autumn trees shimmer / Costumed in red and gold leaves / Halloween is near ! “Rain Poem” patterned after Haiku Drought stresses nature / Lightning flashes in the sky / Refreshing rain falls / Drops revive flowers / The trees are singing softly / All … Crystal tears Collaborative work with Rosa Cobos. Haiga by bowlofstars Daffodils – Haiku Gentle breeze heads nod - / Opening buds, dew drop kissed – / Majestic crowns lift. the haiku marathon (part 11) the prince sold his doves / for a cup of lime jelly / ate it in the sun the haiku marathon (part 2) this tie weighs a tonne / silk lariat for my soul / by pierre cardin Sea Gaia Sighs “From the Sea We Came / Sighing Gaia Turns Away / To Dust We Return” White horses gallop White horses gallop / wild currents / rush surf Haiku 27 – washing washing machine / clean clothes wet — / key One by Richard G Witham The Hawk — Haiku In the small stone bath / A hawk lies, splashing stillness / Throughout the garden. On waking A cotton candy sunrise … Possessions Our things are impressed, / With perverse uneasiness; / Oft wish I had less Haiku 22 – goodbye marriage / lovers say goodbye / divorce You are like the rain ..leaving rainbows in Your wake climbing in sky by Ron C. Moss haiku himmel 2 (so always with you) i did not know that / she was busy on her own, / but love’s my proxy / juddarwin Autumn Leaves- A Collaboration Opportunity Winter Haiku by Cathy O. Lewis Stars “…To hold the child as it cried, / my heart felt numb and cold inside….” haiku himmel 6 (to their poetry: lisa jewel… reading you / yet am / writing poetry like hair, long / nosing prints & pores / . / line links close as if / osmosis territo…
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