"Live Your Life"  on old parchment, Chief Tecumseh by Irisangel "Live Your Life"  Golden feather by Chief Tecumseh by Irisangel My Dr Strangelove Movie Quote poster by Chungkong Poetry in Motion by MatMiller Sorrow of Indian Summer by Mundy Hackett My Ace Ventura Movie Quote poster by Chungkong For Mark, an American soldier, who gave his life in Iraq by Bonnie T.  Barry My Big Lebowski Movie Quote poster by Chungkong Death By Vogon Poetry Black Alternate  by snotdrive My Forrest Gump Movie Quote poster by Chungkong Embryonic Journey (Art & Poetry) by Rhonda Strickland My Maltese Falcon Movie Quote poster by Chungkong ventilator I whisper you stories / without an end / hoping the anticipation / will keep you hanging, on My Wall Street Movie Quote poster by Chungkong The Atomic Connection (please see description) by Kanages Ramesh My Blues Brothers Movie Quote poster by Chungkong "Live Your Life"  by Chief Tecumseh Turquoise  by Irisangel My Godfather Movie Quote poster by Chungkong My Jerry Maguire Movie Quote poster by Chungkong My Goldfinger Movie Quote poster by Chungkong She Walks In Beauty by Sybille Sterk My Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Movie Quote poster by Chungkong My Who Framed Roger Rabbit Movie Quote poster by Chungkong My The Graduate Movie Quote poster by Chungkong Tortoise Shell and Plant Skeleton by Antaratma Images My Apollo 13 Movie Quote poster by Chungkong Honored to respond #1; Calvary Chapel La Habra, CA USA  by leih2008 My 50 First Dates Movie Quote poster by Chungkong Tiger by Mundy Hackett Trying to Understand (Art & Poetry) by Rhonda Strickland Gliding O'er All by pacalin Treading Water... by Raine333 My Tears Are Your Rain Written during a rain storm in which I imagined that the rain was a sad woman weeping for the one she left behind. Heaven’s Champagne A poem about leaves falling in the rain. Full Moon by StephaniePaige Have you ever watched a young person die? Have you ever watched a young person die? / Watched them go by inches? / Way before their time? road train blues I marveled at the frozen zit / hardened by fridge and formaldehyde… People Die if They are Killed! FACT by Yakei Is It You? by Bonnie T.  Barry People Die if They are Killed! Figured it out by Yakei Death By Vogon Poetry by snotdrive The Key to my Art by darkvampire new beginnings this is the end / to all pain / to all torment / to all attempts / to everything Drown Me part 3 I felt safe with my life in the hands of the girl I love. I could feel the tiny bubbles of air drifting from my nostrils to the surface and… The Eternity of Dreams The almighty and final nothingness / The quietus of our soul Non-SENSORY PROCESSING!!! Dear God… Dear God… / Today is the the day… Suicide Note My tears fell. That was something new / For I hadn’t shed one tear for you / Speaking to me from beyond the grave / Asking forgiveness, you… Remember Remember / The backs of the tallest people / Brown trees towering in a shroud of black / Leaves seen as the coarse black curls of hair / Fe… The Sound Of Heaven I’ve carried you this far, my Love, watched your colours fade… I lay you down upon the grass as seas below us rage. Your hand f… Somalia Sunrise Standing in the sand thinking… His Master's Grave - "Who claims who?" (please see description) by Kanages Ramesh Continuities by Jay Taylor Matchstick Girl (Ode to Your Ghost) by Selkie Goodbye Morning day / Soft light / Earth, water, sky / Pirate ship / Soft sail / In the corner / of his eye / If you blink / You might miss it /… My Scarface Movie Quote poster by Chungkong pearl forged of forked lightning / flung across barbed wire / your voice shattered the senses In Sad Remembrance … 1969 – the summer of love / he sat down beside me on that hot afternoon / the sun streaming and the birds alight in the bushes / a st… My Gladiator Movie Quote poster by Chungkong Death is a Lady A mere mortal like me, / Will never be free, / Of my Lady’s glacial burning embrace! Ritual Cold chrysanthemums, / dead and dried, thin / and crisped by my thumb / into a fine silken powder; / the sooty remains of you / cling to my… Stop the Clocks by Sybille Sterk Wrinkled Bark Against the Cold Wrinkled bark against the cold / Roots long, thick and old / Drive deep into the bedrock When the patient, shining with pain... by Richard Pitman anticipate by Melissa D. Johnston Tightrope Sometimes you find yourself / balancing on lines too weak / to carry your weight. / And you’re well aware of this / but you keep tiptoe… “The Beauty of Death” Death is feared / But why fear death? / Death is just another stage in life [cool wall of death] With my ear pressed against / the cool wall of death, / a hugging calm / settles over my body. / You all stand around / looking / full of f… I Shot a Wombat He sat still, willing the end / A single shot (I am pleased I had practiced) Time to Die I have this pain far inside, / And I continue to ask, why? / There is a voice calling to me, / I feel its’ time to die. . . . Drip I think of you / As the wet line on a wall / A trail leading ever downwards / You plummet / Me / The watery dot / The tear / Drop / Into … Ode to the Moon Oh Moon, my Moon, / tripping the sky, / slash me with thy wicked tongue— / teach me, make me fly! / Oh Moon, my Moon, / with thy burn… Blood Dust Those arms that have held me steady / Guidance disintegrating / into blood dust / Lifted on a transient wind… Elegy “Tomorrow, when you die, I / won’t be there.” Passing Beauty All beauty dies unless it’s captured at its peak / and, in the ways of man, then made immortal. Remember Me by Lisa Frost I am not an artist My thumbs are not broken. / I do not worship your body. / I do not worship my death. Alas For Love It was a bonny dawning that May morn, / Fair fit for merriment and rustic glee Canto I  by Jonathan Radin Dying Colours A poem to celebrate autumn “Sometimes Life A Bitch”` They always manage to find a path again to give home to their soles / That lies on no road / But on highways that float above the clouds&#… Sorrow Why is it that sorrow can resurface in the blink of an eye, when you least expect, and your heart breaks all over again. I heard a song on … death of my lover Sleep now my love in peace tonight / Do not fear me. / My fangs harm you no longer. / I fed from you but now I’m full. / Your sweet beauty … my dear. my love for you is born a thousand, dies a thousand deaths each time you open your sleepy hollow eyes. The Captured Escape The eye’s lens inverted / The spirit awakes / The shattering happens. / The "captured’ escape Mad Big mouth never closes, / gulping air to chew the words— / hole in my face gapes open, / a nest of chattering birds. / Spittle runs b… February Tree by Taylan Soyturk My Broken Spirit Limps My Broken Spirit Limps / An elegy or lament by Karin Taylor after the loss of Basil (my beautiful cat) / 18 March 2014 / My broken spirit l… from out of the star spent night by avalyn Path to Eternity if not you, Lord… / Divine spirit / devine God / sacred firm / strengthen / merciful savior / you would not hand us conscientiously o… Just Waiting To Reach For Heaven Never opposed, / A singular thought is clear. / Wondering out loud just why it is that we’re here? departure we all have a destination / that has not and will never be revealed / we take that final walk alone THE PASSING ~ A Poem of Comfort Every man has a different notion of life and of its passing - / For some it is a splendid voyage full of precious memory, / intended to be … My Love Story Movie Quote poster by Chungkong Good Vibrations by Richard G Witham Answering A Young Heart There is a part of me that wants to answer my heart’s own questions. / Like, / ” What will happen when I beat for the last time?” / I want …
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