Dingo Lingo and talking with animals.

O.K.. The spelling and some of the sentence structure, isn’t perfect and Dutch-based sentence structure is obviously an influence. /…


PATHWAY / Tall thin pine trees swaying in the wind / Sunlight breaking through the narrow gap / Distant green-capped fields the morning f…
Three Color Boats by Noel78

This is my dream for the children of Afghanistan…

The Taliban had stopped kite flying and in my opinion they did this to keep the community from gathering and having fun and joining together

Red Shoes, by Jose Marti

The Red Shoes / There is good sun and foamy sea, / And fine sand, and Pilar / wants to go out to wear for the first time / her small-feath…

Christmas delights!

Clouds garland snow capped mountain peak / Icy snow butterflies melt kisses upon my nose / Puffs of warm, moist breath balloons billow out …
Our Horse Sacha by Noel78

The Eyes Never Change

Rich or poor, our blood flows the same / Yet we watch the reporter tell us which life matters more

Autumn Child (Ode to David)

When the ground would crackle and crinkle under the stomp of water proved feet, / And laughter and warmth were all around,

A Little Train Ditty

Clickety clack / And all that / Hustle and bustle / Turmoil and trestle / An urban abstract of geometry / Above and below / As trains cree…

Mirabella H. Lugubrious

She grumbled, groused, and griped. / Her demeanor set in stone, / Old Mirabella H. Lugubrious / Destined forever to be alone…

A mother’s treasures

A solitary piece the diamond / precious rare gem most treasured / by those lucky enough to hold / Once in possession it is rarely out of gr…

Who Could This Child Be?

©WhiteOak November 2008 / I saw her standing there- / Her hair messy and disarrayed / Her clothes were dirty and tattered. / You could tell…

GAP – In Trade

Unmanned, unaudited and undiscovered / Children young as eleven and twelve / Work their tiny nimble fingers / Stitching richly embellished …

Autumn Leaves- A Collaboration


~ Unikorn Ride ~

He helps me to climb and sit him astride / And he gallops away with the birds at our side

Christmas Gifts

Tinsel of silver / And ribbon of red / Children were nestled / Asleep in their beds

Long Live the Inner Child

Our inner child is rarely seen, / hidden away for the most - / afraid / of being let out. / Search for you - / deeper, younger. / Find your…

~ We are All Gaia’s Children

~ ohm to Gaia!

~ Wait! Look! ~

C’mon Jenny keep up! / Wait, look!

Taking stock

A well groomed child skips / Dotting the pavement tippi toes / A friend joins and before long / Laughter fills the air

Our Love

We were young / It was so new / We were in love

Little Muse…Quintessence Moon

Little Muse.. / unspeakable narration… / the tides are coming up, / to overflow my inclination, / for drowning the words, / as they are com…


As I lay in bed thinking / I could hear the rain / on the galvanised iron roof. / Wind crying and swirling / howling ’round the town…

One strange Xmas eve

For if as gifts he can swap the stockings from St Nick / Then twelve days of blubber from xmas eve will tick
A horse portrait by Noel78 Primo mare (alla dott.ssa A. Cassinis) by Alessia Ghisi Migliari

Double trouble!

Twenty fingers / Twenty toes / Two tummy buttons / Two little noses / Twice the changing nappies / Twice the love and fun / Totally exhaust…

Fish n chips

The fish / swallowed / a ship / which / turned / out to be / veree / unlucky / for he… / It turned / out to be / a floating / potato…

Fairy Willow

Tutu dress of willow green leaves / Gossamer denier light fairy wings / Minutest of stitching hold tightly sewn up / Delicate gives leap as…


Nope, none of these things were covered / in kindergarten, or any other school / Where’s the milk and cookies? / I want my nap time, …

Time to let you go.

I’m losing you. / I can feel it. / Taste it. / See it. / Hear it. / You’re slipping through my fingers like / a handful of san…
Imaginary Circus - Marco Sivieri Abstract Paintings by Marco Sivieri Calendar Road to Narnia by QuixPhotography


i can smell blood / in the rain / the night it’s like / razor blades / over the brain / filled with crime / boarded up / windows / turned d…

Why animals don’t have computers

They bought a computer, / Took it home on a scooter, / The Mouse and the Kangaroo. / They unpacked the box, / Then they called wise old Fox…
Friends Together In The Garden by Noel78

Magical moments.

Radiating heat tantalizes my skin, / warming me through. / Pleasurable senses pricked, / surface for the first time in days, / practically…
Sweet Love In The Garden by Noel78


Weed'on't Know Everything by Edibl3leper

The Magic Of Harry Potter

The magic of a wizard awaits the reader who dares…
Angel by Noel78 Golden Roses by Noel78 Fruits And Flowers by Noel78 My little Angel by Noel78

R Cat That Alwayz Alowed Me Tu Spel Evrything Ro…

about murflies and little brown mups / and dittles all in rows, / and scurry scumps and linckle dumps / with pink and purple bows.

Untitled (Tanka)

He slaps her cheek hard, / popping like fires sizzling at night, / pupils like gleaming tombstones: / I watch the hate between them / as t…

Poetry 1

Pain / Every cell within me vibrates, / quaking to a beat of its own creation, / jangling, rattling, pounding, sparking, throbbing, aching …
Horse under a snow storm by Noel78 Elucidate My Ideas. by xenxen

“I Am Eddie Appletree”

This is me, I am three / My name is Eddie Appletree / Two foot tall, I’m not so small / As you may think or see / Ha-ha is a friend o…

James And His Imaginary Guitar

The music starts to play and James stops in mid-stride to listen.
Jilian among corn plants. portrait. by Noel78 Eye expression by Noel78 'n Verhaaltjie by Elizabeth Kendall

A Mother’s Prayer

As the Mother held the child’s hand, the first few steps were slow- / but as the years began to pass the child began to grow. / The M…

“Little Old Johnny Deeply”

It was all about blues,and yellows and red.

Tramps Christmas

" ‘Tis the season to be jolly," the school’s choir sings / as the town tree splashed with multi coloured light bulbs …
Lunch with a "Hero" & the children came! The Mess Tent Cafe' Oxman's Santa Fe Springs, CA USA by leih2008 Don't Be Afraid Son by Noel78 Morning Breeze by Noel78 children collide by chrythmnove

Magical nature

Firefly fairy seldom seen till dusk falls, / Flits and darts amongst the trees giving her, / Own miniature light show as she goes.

Sea Gulls

Sitting on cliff edge / Tide coming in fish plenty / Swooping in the bay


….once upon a time….when I believed in Santa Claus….where being a boy meant “snakes and snails and puppy dog’ s tails” and being a girl mea…


Deep down buried / Forgotten hidden obscured / Beneath the structure of society / and the shackles of the Lord / Lies a deep and evil knowl…
Beauty in red by Noel78

Haiku 102

bounding into / the newly raked leaf pile… / a child’s laughter

Tiger Bee

The Tiger Bee is a dangerous monster, / who lives in the deepest woods. / If you live nearby you may hear strange sounds, / Like screaming,…

A strange tribe

Whilst down in the woodland I found a new race / Who wore colourful clothes and put paint on their face. / They talked a strange language a…


Large droplets speckle upon web of spider, / Raise beauty in a sense no artist met, / Children poke break silks a little wider
Winter horse by Noel78 Blue Eye by Noel78 Horse eating in  tall grass. by Noel78

Thick Window-Sills

Childhood memories, gathered.
My Sweet Tiny by Noel78

Jackie’s Piece

Dippled Dappled / Fiddle De Da / Colored striped ZeZebra

Two miracles by Jose Marti (1895)

The boy went wicked / hunting butterflies; / the scoundrel hunted, he gave them a kiss, / And he let them go among the roses. / By land, …
Mother and baby foal by Noel78

Upon this Christmas Day

Go forth and tell all others / Who had no chance to hear / The news of hope and of… the joy

Singing a Song

How we complain, how we moan / Are we so selfish that we never really see / What goes around us
Girl from Europe by Noel78

Monsters in my car

I was driving home from work one day, / The weather had turned cold. / A monster and his family / Went and jumped into the road. / Their se…

Life at three…

At three his life is simple, / his world is small – and vast. / The most important thing he shares with me; / “dad; look I run real …
Humble Guardian by Noel78 Wee Willie Winkie.... Laid to Rest by Alex Hardie Thought's among Flowers by Noel78 Beautiful Nati in the Sunlight by Noel78

A New Beginning

As I began this new quest the fear begins to rise. / Turmoil and strife arises. / As the emptiness I felt is now filled with an unexplainab…

The rarest of animals

The Upside Down Bird, you may well have heard, is a very unusual / creature. / Apart from the obvious (look at its name), it has other dist…

Shoe Trees

… / No collarless dog / try’ner gi’ me / ‘is fleas. / There’s folks / and there’s life, / But no shoes …

Tom’s potential light-bulbs

There was a young man named Thomas / Who really didn’t show much promise. / His teacher said he was addled / And that he needed to be paddl…
Old blue boat in the lake by Noel78


You live from now ’til all time hence / In a constant present tense.
A Pretty Horse From France by Noel78
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