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HIP-HOP ICONS: TUPAC SHAKUR (4-COLOR) by S DOT SLAUGHTER find what you love by eL7e what matters most by eL7e Emily Dickinson's Robin by Bonnie T.  Barry CHOAM - the spice of life by Groatsworth a day in the life of a poet by Loui  Jover O me! O life! by Laurynsworld Florbela Espanca - There is a spring in every life by Madalena Lobao-Tello Percy Shelley's Life by CoolFRI The Voyage Out by Bridget Rust Stripey Whale TShirt by migaloomagic The Artist Two streets down from broken: / his eyes are / all the bread he needs; / his mind all the fire / he breathes; his hands, / but a thimble of… Bukowski Quote by eL7e Football & Slavery Bought, sold, and paid for by the owners of the game / Just like in a real American election Stripey Whale by migaloomagic Beautiful Fight by eL7e Poet Whisperer Gentle now / whisper for the poet steeps l’amant. Your voice was rain water, a holy temple, bells clanging in the foreign heat Responsible I am not my poetry for they are poems Wrinkled Bark Against the Cold Wrinkled bark against the cold / Roots long, thick and old / Drive deep into the bedrock Paul the Poet by Juilee  Pryor Australian Beauty.....Anthea at 19 by Reynaldo I will catch you when you fall I wish you were still my baby / I rushed that part / not knowing what to do / or how to cope / I wish you were still my two year old / When… Man, if she could be the one Tell her you love her, / reassure her / Hold her close and cuddle her / Treasure her / Go see her, / no matter how far away she lives / A… Come Hither, Poet Layest thou down, / Betwixt petals of my tortured heart, / my tender soul, my gardens. Let the open of life wash you clean Standing in the shower / immersed / in everlasting joy! / centering centers of centers; / soothing water / putting time to bed. / The show… The Captured Escape The eye’s lens inverted / The spirit awakes / The shattering happens. / The "captured’ escape First poem after poem hiatus I am so thirsty— / all I feel is hunger! / (this is all I get for my efforts?) / It’s been so long since I’ve written a poem / I have forgo… His promised portrait A thousand jewels tumble from sunlit Heavens, / betwixt them a Creator’s canvassed covenant. / Gentle revelation, another miracle of … I shall quietly abide by © Karin  Taylor Struggling Artist,To Death Do Us Apart I kick off my work boot,like throwing off a pair of shackles, / I clean myself up. / Then I pray to God, for Him to jump start my battery, … Showering Droplets delicately adorn the skin / dressing it with nature’s diamonds of life. / How you seduce the mind, / your pearls pleasingly … a day in the life of an artist The sun warms my chair / at three minutes past two / The palms wave their hands / in a sky of light blue / The clouds sit most gently / at … Tupac - R U Still Down? Tee Shirt by GraphicLife A summer sigh The lush of the land lies as velvet moss green carpet / The river rushing its morning wash / rumbling as it spins twisting and turning its … Life within the living To rock aware why / we rise to human matters Childhood Poetry by leapdaybride Budding beauty Misty veil lifts / revealing early morning sunrise. / Spring buds engorged with life / begin to show wonder held within, / mystically unfol… He who binds himself to a joy by William Walsh Circles I went down to the beach last night / And drew a circle in the sand. / I don’t know why I finished the circle, / Or why I ever began.… AN ORCHID KISSED WITH BERRY STAINED LIPS I, BY THE BLESSING OF DIOS HAVE MY JEWEL TO SPEND THE FALL OF MY LIFE WITH IN THE SUN LAUGHING AND DANCING WITHOUT THE MARIACHI STORY OF MY LIFE when / I was in / the woods / last night / dancing away / my rage / I got a text / saying / you can’t / dance / white boy but… Small Things I’m standing over the kitchen sink / slicing mango flesh from hardened pip / with serrated dripping knife / wondering if I slip / wou… Basement Apartment by Barbara Sparhawk Untitled Good-bye we the people of the planet earth / in order to form be Agony! With sharpened axe you splice and splice again / Repeatedly you strike / Should I forget your name / You take a rest and burn and ache and … The Goblet of Life by Julie Marks AN UNBELIEVABLE DEATH, A HEART THAT WON’T QUIT i’m tired of / being a nice guy / tired of work / tired of / kicking myself / in the ass / tired of heartache / tired with / trying for lov… Waiting for you. When day’s gone by, / and night’s drawn in; / when most are / bound to sleep. / I’ll lay a while / remembering you; / saf… A Pair of Fragrant Poet's Daffodils, Celebrating Spring by Georgia Mizuleva A Poets’ Life Love rebels reeking havoc on virgins and villains alike lovers by eL7e A Bohemian Work Ethic by Seth Black BEING HAPPY DOESN’T CUT IT, OR PUT FOOD ON … she’s a / big girl / when / the door / is / closed / all / puckers / and / sways / i’m down / to / 60 bucks / to / save my / l… Over, again Why do we do this / can you tell me my friend / dig the pen deep inside / over again / pour forth on the page / our feelings and sins / w… Life As A Car all of us alone in the drivers seat Punctuate my Life Punctuate my life / Copyright Karin Taylor 2013 / Written by Karin Taylor 30 Oct 2013 / Punctuate my life / with your presence / …the… Looking through the Glastonbury Abbey remains by anaisnais Roses and Lilies “Thank you” you said smiling, / Not knowing with what guilt / I had picked the red rose / From the school’s gardens. / “But, I like lilies”… Without Music by fixtape AGING HEARTS ALWAYS CARRY BAGS OF SALT old lovers always / stick around / wishing the / what if / yeah / i’m one of them- / what do you expect / i’m a writer / a drin… Rumi Quote 2 - Grateful - Guide by Barbara Griffin Poets Riches Poets ponder / They cannot squander / A stipend they do not receive It’s all in the state of the mind It’s all in the mind / It’s all in the will / You think you can’t / and you’re right until / You change the game /… In my life… like dark angels into the abyss Red Red Rose by ColinShearer For the Poet There is a quote by Edward Hopper that says, If I could say it (in) words there would be no reason to paint." Words that can’t s… It´s a Hard Life Being a Poet by HELUA The cogs keep on turning A distant fire glows / out on the horizon / spreading further as it grows / Early morning nature rises / calls as birds stir twittering / … TO HAVE HEART AND SOUL never / fulfill / your fantasies / because / when you do / all / the fictional / mindset / mystery / excitement / and hope / is gone / fore… The Life of a Tragic Poet The feeling of change, / But not for the better. Unforgotten poet by Aleksandra Kovacevic Soul mates solace When my final shadows cling on desperately / Where I fight formidable battles / to merely hold the light / I send you loving vibrations / a… The Best Singer of the Woods and Fields by JennyRainbow Helen Keller "Life should be a daring adventure or nothing at all". by artistnurse Lost No More I fall. / Lying on a magic carpet / I see lands / Disappear beneath. / The starry night / Is my guide, / And my destination, / My past an… Married or unmarried, young or old, poet or worker, you are still a dreamer, and will one time know, and feel, that your life is but a dream.  by maddieVictoria LABELLED A PROBLEM See I represent what they can’t control, so I’m labeled a problem/I’m seen as a rotten seed / and it’s too late for… I feel sorry for you!! we felt sorry for you DOTTY AND WILLY. Dotty screws the pen lid, / puts the pen down, folds / her hands in her lap. Willy / has finished his poem, he / is now silent, his muse… Finger prints tell tales Like the rings of a tree / Etchings of time / DNA carved / Scarred for life / Records of passage / Through life and death / Curved, grooved… he said love equal to hate LIFE Why do good guys always finish last? Those of My father’s story of life THREE NAMES OF THE SAME PERSON IN 3 DECADES The Table in three decades I may be the only one to visit the table, and fear that I may never find new companions for my dear table that sat the one… Shakespeare Superstar by JoelCortez the poet by songsforseba Hurt by Johnathan Hawke Love by Johnathan Hawke The Zero Nation by DandyJon 2Changes by MusaDArt 2CaliPac by MusaDArt The Life of Riley by Gary  Oertel A Dragonfly's Dream by Abie Davis Death. by cultlestat

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