There are shadows along our city streets / That hold the shape of life,
Heartbeat of an angel by su2anne

In the Dark. (erotic)

and i reach for you, / the softness of skin, / in the dark, / i am blind, / but my hands know the way. / From fingers, / to arms, / silk to…

Waiting Solitary.

All set and grandly fit / listening for Christ whispering / in your best dressed kit.

Beast of Contrition

Speak plainly, please, foul beast / foul snake / For thee, the least in heaven shake

Poem ….Tim the Romantic…She Walks in …

600. She walks in Beauty /    / SHE walks in beauty, like the night /   /   Of cloudless climes and starry skies; /   / And all that ‘…

Dough, Dough Regrets

While it is still warm / One slice is not enough

Contemplating Ad Infinitium

Like deadly desire, / Shimmering for you.

“Oh The Wonders” A Poem

“In the instant of my praying, I’m bathed in Christ perfume”


Eyes closed / over frozen memories / and smashed dreams / walking on the dark way / of fallen angels / wondering / where is my home, now …


After the wind mad night, nature holds it’s breath for the daybreak. / As if the revelations of a full day could not be interrupted. / Like…


colliding head first / once touching / they would crumble to the ground / leaving in their wake / now smaller shells to stagger / forth aw…


I should be forgetting your name / But your name is a word of fame / Slyly harmonizing with the words I’m saying

Goodbye To You

What’s left is an unsteady heartbeat / And my cold hands waiting for a text / I’ll lay in waiting for you / Until I know it&#…

Haiku 124

lifting / the weight of heavy lids… / fresh brewed coffee

One Must come to Read #3 —a thread poem

… the rhythm swooned womb

Right Now

Right now there’s no tomorrow, / No today, no yesterday, / Your body here beside me, / And nothing more to say. / I breathe down deep and …


I can, let go…………………. / I can,t let go. / I want you back……………. / Y…

Full Moon

When the full moon shines over the city, / the world turns into a sea, / A glasslike phase of crystal shine, / like prisms and copper keys…

The Weather Poem

The thunder rumbles in a cloud filled sky / like heavy wagons going by.

The Orchid

You are a pretty orchid / hidden among the brush / Obscured from view / I struggle to find you

Late And Hurting

To feel purely and without fear, / Know that there is no quick dismissal. / I give the ghost residence, / Limestone to lust and back again,…

What I’ve Sown

In the shadows you come to me / A sadness I’ve never known / The fear of never counting / The fear of the unknown / I brush my lips with te…

POEM: Making Love: The Marriage of Two Hu-Man Bei…

Monday, April 21, 2008 at 2:16pm | Edit Note | Delete / I’ll always be there with you / Standing next to you / Loving the hell outta you / …

Happy Birthday

When I wake up and see your face / Your soul shines beauty, grace. / I yearn to touch your skin, / For it improves the state I’m in…
My old guitar by Greg Hilton

Tail of Lizard

Tail of lizard / a bit farther its head / the cat cleans its claws

I’m a cowboy now

Got me a horse, / His name is Pete. / Got me a gal / Darn near as sweet.

‘As Love Is’

do We Love? / as Love Is, such are your lives. / Love freely, live wisely; / give Light truly… / - reflections in form fine (anew) - …

There’s a hero, a god in me.

There’s one who’s flowing in my blood. / There’s one who’s beating in my heart. / There’s one who can feel my…


In the land of Sudan, love flares. / Kali is king; no one compares. / Kali loves his queen without doubt; / Queen Dala’s love in turn, is s…

Every Miracle

The golden sun, the Midas touch of God, / Penetrates all gloom and makes the earth shine like precious jewels.


For some must be bitches, while some must be Gods…

Prisoner of Me

I watch carefully, so I may not falter / In my attempt to escape this hell.
HAIGA XVII by dthaase

A Short History of Botanical Symbiosis

Your tumbling, troubled eyes ensnare me / and rip my new dress / all to shreds.
Faithful Friends by LeftHandPrints

The Learning Curve

Cause we’re leaving to where the curve is steeper / Where the words of men have meaning / Where what matters is how you adapt to change / G…


What will I become? / Something less permanent I fear, something fading out


Mistakenly, I’m sure, I was mixed up at birth, / Sent to the wrong tax bracket at someone’s mirth.

An act of kindness?

Until, on a walk along Tadcaster Street, / Ben stumbled, unable to get back on his feet.


Do I hear my offspring when they cry?

Poem for Tim

My world is split into halves / But I am blissfully unaware of the significance / But the roads connecting them are deteriorating / A path …

When I found A Cicada ~ Poem by Lex

After I uploaded the Cicada image,

Another universe Poem :/

The universe has eyes. / Sure! / It sees you and me. / It sees all of us.


Flames Are Unique As IT Feeds On What Ever It Touch’s.


blood is pumping / eyes are straining

“Of Heaven” Body of Work

from “Of Heaven” Body of Work (1983) / Who are these shades we wait for and believe / will come some evening in limousines / fr…

Now there’s an E in Stress

Well now I’m on Twitter / I’ve started to think / That in feeding the beast / I have started to sink

Back Doe Man

Yeah, I’m a backdoe man on Hwy 44 / till I reach me a jumpin Juke Joint on 61.


But like all good things, / This love was not forever, / and the two that were meant to be, / Were no longer together, / So as he leaves, s…

18th birthday

may i remind you again / of the pain / the hurt / the scars on my arm / that spell your name / the regret / the first / all of which will n…

In The Village

My baby skips with me

Gossiping Angels

Above her head hangs a cloud, desolate and alone / Her world shut off, a sticky lightswitch

Young, Good-Looking And Acting Kinda Tough

I can see the future pushing a trolley at Asda, / with a red face and a paunch and corned-beef for lunch. / Peering over the wrong specs to…

The balad of Nibroc

Then, looking around at the ding-dangled culprit, / he saw there an Esoom, as mighty as mighty, / eating the corners from a blue sugar sack.


Another / becomes / conceited / deity…

A Grandmother…

Today I thought of you and felt loved…. / Knowing that you are loved brings so many givens that I have never truly appreciated. / Kno…


*…morning sunlight melts the mountains / in a blaze of future’s breath, / as we drift into a ‘dream’, / cradled b…


Emotions unclear / Will I ever understand? / Fate waits beyond faith

A Spare Place

I sit in a chair and gaze / At the faces opposite me; / Our hands trembling in unison / My keepers will never see / The shame I feel as I s…

Rain Rain

Weather, / like emotions, / seeps through everything — / pervades every part of life and day. / Sun and happiness, / rain and sorrow.

Overwhelming Perfection

Our eyes are now glued to this beautiful scene. / No, do not move, or the picture should surely vanish. / Falling down where we stand, we n…

it was a tree in Mexico

it was a tree in Mexico / covered in thorns / the size of my fingers / inching up to the top / my friends called it a / “monkey-don&#…

The Foolish Bridesmaid

Why should I fret – my lamp is dim but there is lots of time. / I’ll get some oil on the morrow and fill it to the line…

Even Small Things Can Be Hard

He finished the roll and was happy, / To replace the paper to bring, / Contentment to the next sitting chappie, / ’Cos paperless is n…

This Pretence

Memoirs written without pen / Lives expire, know not when / From the dust and back again / Something human takes us all

Coloured Paper

No one noticed the loss of the living / While the coloured paper kept on giving / But when the last piece was spent / They couldn’t h…

flightless birds

they still see me / through the portal of time / maybe they can travel / beyond death

Numb in many ways

Cat-eyed or blind hearted?

Poem titled “A Weakness”

Now only an illusion and thickened soup, / Gruel and cruel to predator and prey.

One Must come to Read #5 —a thread poem

Away from importance. Away from pen’s pride. / Away for the body will rot and rock tides. / © Copyright 2010 C.C. Arshagra

Get Your Garden Going On

Just like a keyboard…computer nuts. / Sink your fingers in, and your mind, / Pecan trees, Chestnuts, there are all kinds of nuts, / O…

I Can’t Tell

I know he did, / but I don’t know how. / And, please, don’t ask / me why he did—

Big Oh

“Zero” isn’t nothing / it’s easy to see / It’s bigger than “You” / and longer than “Me̶…

Memory’s Palm

Memory holds in its palm / A time capsule / Full of moments / Big moments / Little moments / Moments of time / Entrapped / In memory’s palm

yellow room

In the yellow room thoughts are soft and safe / In the yellow room I find something like you / We run into the blue, into the sideways blue…

The End of the Season

My snowboard is dirty, / The edges are dull / The stickers are peeling, / My breaks are now healing. / The bindings are loose / The bottom …

Poem With Memories

There are things we always do together, / like breaking down why we breathe, / like breaking down, / like breaking up. / We try to rebuild …

I Wrote You A Poem

I wrote you a poem then thought / No, these are not / The words of love— / Love more vowel / Than consonant; / Flowing / Transitioning / Jo…


“Meow”, said the cat as her tail swept by, / Twitching and twirling away, / Strutting her stuff with the grace of a snake, / Lo…


Flowers / if they bled


i scream and scream and scream

four years

i will miss our hellos / but not our goodbyes. / every moment we spend / is the happiest i can remember. / every smile, every laugh, / ev…

I Love You

Love is a word widely used but scarcely meant / Because of it many people have wept / It’s a feeling like no other can be felt / And …

A Flower



The answer inside is violent / I try to box it in, lock it up / But anger screams “I’m hungry” / I then starve it / Anger screams “Feed me”


1105 / Small words, and blue, / As if melancholy had haste or simplicity, / And efficient calamity ‘compassed / With a semaphore of d…

The moments Without You (poem)

Without you my heart does not beat as fast nor do I spring my steps…..

The tree

“You Breathe me, World. Why must you break me?”

Ageless soul

…feelings are dissociated from matter…

living artistically \ poetically,

using feng shui to open crown chakras / that way muses can spill in.


Oh memory take me there, / Where a plane can be a chair. / Let me find my magic course / On my broom which was my horse. / My castle was a …


Every night I die…


Some days you laugh and smile / Some days you’re like a child / Some days you know our names / But only for a while

Memories That Are No More

Rain dripping off the trees, / brings my memory to rest / on days that are no more.
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