I Tried to Write Some Verse Today

I tried to write some verse today / In Emily’s tradition……

What Was Love?

Love / Was a breathtaking journey / Magical / Mystical / And unreal

Summer afternoon

Summer afternoon - / more butterflies / than flowers.

My Paradise

Sometimes the wine goes down too fast and it burns the cells up in my cheeks. / I vomit out words of absolute nothingness, emptiness, sorro…

Poem: The Connection With Trees

I am the secure host / of the cosmic totem / alive inside my star traveller jeans

Poem of Love

With every drop of rain that falls,With every last breath i breath…I’ll heal the pain,Wash away the rain,And love you…My love,My life,My so…


When nothing seems to go my way, / And I fear for what I wish to say…

Beauty in the Breakdown

In a world that crumbles, / Before my feet…


Reaching far into the future / Nothing holding me back / All my struggles of the past / Disappearing / No more controlling of my life / Don…


Do mine eyes decieve me? / Are you really here, in truth? / My love, I thought I lost you. / We can begin our life anew.

Poem. Life Cafe, KISS A GLASS

Take me / drink me / make me thine

three words, one meaning

you failed to say it / yet i never said / i love you too / the words tear / at my heart each day / knowing they will / remain untold


I want to love this life, / To disdain cynicism, / Constant complaining. / I used to feel the words / “For better or worse” / Sealed fate,…

Ode to a Stalker

No matter where I go / Your face I always see. / I just need you to know / I want you to stop stalking me. / I thought you’d get a cl…

Caught a Dream

I know a man who / caught a dream.

no more stories

to help our minds wander to places we….


*One begins the cycle new; / Two ways to more perfection… / Three’s the Will, and Love to try; / Four seeks new direction……


the times / have bled me dry


A blanket of darkness descends

The Orchard of Love

Life is full of impossibilities
Poem by 841523

One small step for man, A Giant Leap for BurtleBa…

I never thought that I would see / A number beauteous as this three / Followed by those rare nothings / That adds to several thousands / A…

Composers of Humanity

A short poem of life, paths and music

A Single Strand of Blue

Enigmatic Contemplation on a Remembered Theme

Only You!

You are my only friend

Essence of a Broken Promise

Love flows like molasses so sugary slow / It provides the soul truth until the tears overflow / Never letting this perfect connection ceas…


I MUST WRITE / Despite judgements I sometimes get / My mind is forever clearly set / To write my thoughts with no worry / Peacefully con…

Silent Wonder

And here I sit and wonder / chin upon my palm…


You know my thoughts


Freddie plays polo, / Freddie likes sheep, / Freddie rears animals, / everyday of the week. / No rest for Freddie, / shes always a go……

Desert Bird

“Sing to me your sweet song, feed the destitute dryness…”

What is Love?

A potent drug that often lies…


Throbbing / Pulsing / Pounding / Aching / Nagging / Raging / Migraine.

It Ain’t So Bad

‘m dragging my feet as well as ass on my own time. / Simple thing is, It don’t bother me none. Hard gets soft again,


Lopsided, / An epidemic from one point of view, / Speaking of which reminds me of the city in the afternoon and this relentless struggle to…

A Song for Monday Night

…My stars are bouncing on the floor like dropped stones from a backgammon board…


irrevocably, gloriously human.

Jimmy Jingle

Writing scores of lyrics and songs, / living luxurious and single, / ravenous ladies would often say, / “That’s my sweet Jimmy …


Autumn; / forgotten memories; / ambers, yellows, reds; / the song of things past; / Stop and think. / The air sharpens, / and instead of en…


Don’t like me! / Too late. / Don’t care for me! / Too late. / Don’t fall for me! / Too late. / Don’t want me! / Too…


Men! / Hold your gun – you must kill. / Embrace your son – you may love. / Gaze your women – you do not care. / Drain you…

Thank You

Thank you for the look in your eyes, / the touch of your hands, / your voice in my ear, / your warmth next to me, / All telling me you love…
The Open Door by Theresa Hartman Cameo Appearance by Adrena87 Hooray For Hollywood by Adrena87

Candy Cavern

shush your mouth silly girl / did you really think Daddies stay

Romp With A Space Cadet

What we’ve been trying to find / is a waste of our time. / We’re sitting in a bind, / and hey, I’m waiting for you to chi…

kissing the corners

can I kiss the corners…

Pouring Diamonds

The starving earth drinks greedily from the heavens. / Deadly thirst is appeased. / I spin around, / And dance within the majesty of pourin…

Neverending Story

Reflections of me / I can see reflections of eternity / The reflections of the moonlight / Shining down, shining down upon me / Reflections…

Pay Regrets

The stillness of morning wakes tentatively / Chilled with the frost of December / Misty rain demands / the little aches and pains of age am…

I Am What I Eat

Is Gaia really Me?

Enemy Within

No, not the deafening wind, / when I m lonely, / No, not the devil, / Always tempting me, / Not the thunder, / when I sleep shivering,

You touched me…


Thank God I’m an atheist!

One fine night, in the middle of the day, / two atheists knelt down to pray. / Hymn books opened upside-down, / in Top Hat n Tails, and t…


Vague lines and blurred faces / fill her vision. / Patch of darkness, / patch of light. / Real or fake, / fake or real? / Is it just illusi…

Charity Shops

Dear father they shout / We know that it’s true


i. / The distant businessman in summer born / Forged in iron, dressed in human form / Vendor of miracles, heart full of lies / Found in the…

avoiding truths

this i say is true / i think about you


She devours them… / like peel and eat shrimp at an All-You-Can-Eat buffet… / Names… / Faces… / Different… …

You are my Friend

I don’t really understand her pain

The Beach

Isn’t it fun & joy & grand / To roll barely thru the sand / To soak up water, sand & light / Upon an Aussie beach so brig…

A Caged Life

Gun to my head I pull the trigger / Reaching for a life that’s so much bigger


There is evil everywhere ,but as long as you have your faith you will have everything. / It dose not matter what people say or where or whe…

Lucky Poem

Here’s / a / LUCKY POEM, / Written / from / ME to YOU. / Filled / with / 4 LEAF CLOVERS / In hopes / your / D R E A M S / come true…

To Him She Comes

At her he lusts; new victim of deceit, / A shattered hope of love made faultily.

Heart Strings

My heart it is a string / With many songs upon it

The Breeze

I am the breeze / Lift up another / Encourage bright / The fire within

To My Sister

You are a special sister / And I love you clear / The words that you have written / I hold so very dear. / I’m sorry for the thoug…

Five Pence for my Thoughts

‘A Shilling for my Thoughts’ has been / With me around the world / Or at least those places visited / Where my flags unfurled. / My compani…

All Day Long

My eyes transfixed by your light


It can’t rain forever

Down To Where Dreams Do Dwell

The Conscious fade of awareness, / Dropping into a deeper place, / Down to where dreams do dwell, / Past memories, / Past thoughts, / Past …


He caught the number one tram / towards Carlton / a little before 3pm / December 27, 2007. / He counted himself a fan / of her modelling; …

The awakening

Busy lives take us away from the simple pleasures of life – this was a short poem I wrote over 30 years ago – our manufacture…

This Old House

I have a quiet fascination with old houses / That has inspired me to buy several / Fortunately only one at a time / My enthusiasm for livin…

Came To Me by Ozzy Skateboard

In a car / I think of your eyes / seeing the trees / and fields go by / and all the wonders / of your mind, / all is green / and no sea / s…


or was it lovers as you once said?

Autumn’s opal

I paint the / Sky with my / Dreams… / Incandescent with my / Hope are colours; / Emerald green / Sky blue / Burnt umber


The illusion that all is right / And good in my world / Is the glue of make believe / The fallacy from which / My mind / Can no longer hide

The cogs keep on turning

A distant fire glows / out on the horizon / spreading further as it grows / Early morning nature rises / calls as birds stir twittering / …

elephant eyes

Elephant Eyes / copyright Karin Taylor 2013 / Maybe as they say / it is the end of days / we’re walking through / a haze, a maze, unf…

One Voice

Be that one voice / Sing from your heart / Don’t hide in the shadows / You can be now the start

Haiku poems about Foshan, Yueyue

Welcome to Foshan / a two year old girl / bleeds out like fucked up livestock / welcome to Foshan / ---—————&…

“Celestial Wolf”

Celestial Wolf / “He walks the way of the stars / and haloed Moon,…”

Midnight longing

In the midnight heat. / Marble cold upon my feet / Eyes scan to the shore below / Where waves revolve with rhythmic flow / And moonlight ca…

a recipe divine

a short poem I wrote this morning while sitting out in the sunshine: / a recipe divine / by karin taylor / the sun is dripping honey / from…

a collapsing heart (the flowers in the field)

instead of holding you / and looking into your eyes / i have / this / a collapsing heart / (for you: listen to The Magnetic Fields When …

That’s life

Time after time, I questioned my life, / How will I go? Is it worth the strife? / I continue asking; for only God is my light.
Man of Steel by hickerson Glisten by agann Ode to the Bench by Brian Gaynor Two Shattered by DreddArt In Autumn by Better than Jaak Studios So near and yet so far.. by whimsicalworks Saving a Place for You... by J. D. Adsit
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