Can't Find My Way Home (image, poem & music) by Rhonda Strickland Broken - (Image, Poem, Music) by Rhonda Strickland The Mermaids Tale by Rhonda Strickland If my thoughts were made of matter by Mui-Ling Teh Man of Constant Sorrow by Rhonda Strickland The Raven (image and poem) (Favorites: 28) by Rhonda Strickland Emily Dickinson's Robin by Bonnie T.  Barry I'm Here (poetry & art)  by Rhonda Strickland Come Down in Time by Rhonda Strickland

Can’t Find My Way Home

You are like a lost soul searching / Never really knowing where to look. / Or even knowing what you need. / Your life is an old, sad book.

Sometimes we meet the wrong people.

Sometimes we meet the wrong people. / And have the wrong conversations. / And help the wrong strangers. / And go into the wrong places. / …

This Thing Inside Me

I am a monster and pity all who undertake the notion they can run because it only fuels my lust and I love the animal I have become.
 God's Garden...Poem attached.... by marieangel Troubled Heart (Image and Poem) by CarolM Waiting For You .... by Varinia   - Globalphotos Inner Pain © by Dawn M. Becker

My Tears Are Your Rain

Written during a rain storm in which I imagined that the rain was a sad woman weeping for the one she left behind.
With what a deep devotedness of woe by Nikki Smith

Behind Your Mask

Nobody knows when you smile for the crowd
The Aftermath of War by Rhonda Strickland Forgiving by Kimberley Gifford He Left Me By The Side Of The Road by Reynaldo

I Love You….

I Love You, / Could I have ever said it better, / Stood upon a mountain,
This Thing Inside Me by RPGesus

Past it !!

“You have a great personality” / they say “your beauty’s inside” / My beauty’s so far from the surface …

Another Shade of Grey

I’m thinking of her. / I’d break the rules and then recover. / She likes to paint the world grey. / I’ll save her from herself today.

Still Standing

I stand like a Tree surrounded by City. / Harsh, cold concrete binds my roots! / I shift uneasily in this unwelcoming ground…

Where Shadows Cry

she came to a place where shadows cry / silenced tongue sings no relief, no sigh / draws only sorrow nigh

I’m Here

Does this mean that / I no longer matter? / As my light begins to fade, / And my memories begin to scatter. . . / Do I no longer matter?

She Cries Your Name

Come home to me my children / I am so lonely now. / I crave your sweet attention / Any time that you will allow.


I am a piece of fiction, none of it is true. / I am an actress in your private film. / I am an obsession, a drug.

Poem 2 of The Alchemy Series: Holding up Worlds

It is no wonder / you carry the weight of the world / on your back— / if the sky were falling, / you’d raise up your arms / to hold it, to…
Cry for Me (an image & a poem) by Rhonda Strickland

O Life, Give me a hug…

O Life……. / Give me a hug / O dear life…… / Give me a hug / For every pain / Offered by you……. / For ev…

Leap Day

Alas for opportunity blessed with the smile / of approbation – cannot be done. / I’ll wait until I molder ere I / rend my heart and reach f…

A Tear

I shed a tear everyday, sometimes I don’t know what to say. / My heart is broken and torn apart, I don’t even know where to start. / I try …

Hidden Pain!!!

She built a wall that is concrete thick / No one can reach her / No one can touch her / No one can hear her / She cries out in silence / Sh…

War (Through the Eyes of a Child)

This thing of war, so foolish and sick. / The smell of death, so smoky & thick. / When some become greedy and selfishness rules / Men f…

the hell of alone

we are born alone / we die alone / there’s no reason / for us to live alone in between

My Wish For You

I wish for you to feel my presence when I’m not there, like a blanket that wraps you up in a sweet heat. / I wish you dreams of joy t…

Words Strung Together

I swallow the tears / I hold my tongue / I bite my lip and / I keep it all inside.

scarlet sea

for at the bottom of these stairs / there waits an ocean / scarlet sea

I came undone

She pulled me undone / With the flick of her tongue / I fell apart / Struck blind and dumb / My knees went weak / I could not speak / My h…

The Change


Time to Die

I have this pain far inside, / And I continue to ask, why? / There is a voice calling to me, / I feel its’ time to die. . . .
That Good Night by prettymuch

* LIFE * with my first poem and story line.

There has been so much trouble in my life, / But i did not give up without a fight. / As i beleave there was somthings that i was right / i…

Locked Away

Why did I let things get so bad…how could this happen to me? / I’m a prisoner kept locked away inside my life, in a mental cell, held capti…

Bent of Twilight

Open to intultion.

Otherworldly Love – Part One – Dark H…

Hate you and belittle you, enjoying your disintegration / As I witness you BLEEDING PAIN from your Seams, / and later, all of your seams fa…

To Live In Pain and Fear

The sum of your mind in a moment / This sum of your thoughts in their guise, …
PREMONITION by timachristina The Change by Angel0418

the silence of remorse

silence, sometimes welcome respite from the world, / is never what I want from you. / it says too much in its emptiness


We all have scars we want to hide, / to bury deep away inside. / Where do they come from? / Where do they come from?
Happy New year  to you all ...2010........(poem attached) by marieangel

The Tear

Solitary foe / escaping through / the window / of my soul / declaring woe / and no one / knew / the bitter cup / was full?


I put pictures on my skin, / The hours I sit with pain / Numbs my mind / And heals my hurt, / Cause no matter what / You can’t take …


Did they see me shatter? / Feel the splinters, / Of my very soul; / Rain down upon them? / Shining crystalline beads, / Reflect brilliant l…

Speaking Of…

Why is it that one who so admires beauty cannot write about it / from the heart, / instead condemned to spew forth words of weak ungainly p…

Returning Light

The leafs begin to leave the trees,

Run No More

Run no more my weary friend / Your beautiful life has come / To an end / No more pain Your sorrow gone / But Paradise is where you have / …

A Place I Want To Go ©

Your hands they hurt me day after day, / All I want to do is runaway. / I feel alone, my body is weak, / My lips won’t move, I’m afraid to …


My eyes first saw with love, my heart first felt tenderness, my arms first felt comfort…but then I saw your hands. / My eyes saw the …


I shouted and screamed / I stomped my foot and / I turned my back

No Way Out

He had been alone for so long now / He wasn’t sure if he could allow / Himself to trust another human / He didn’t know if he e…


sleep never comes sweetly


You’re in hiding / Once again / New face, new name, new life / Protection of the not-so-innocent


normally most people wanting to escape would go south I’m sure – to Mexico / but for some reason I ended up in France…


life put me through / a colander of barbed wire / more times than i care to count


I’m listening to birds singing ancient songs: / homing songs, songs of wild flight. / I’m listening to the lullabies / of my ow…

Her Groundhog Day

Your words, / If I were blind,


Is anything more brutal / than the thousand endless twinges / of desire?

To Write Love On Her Arms

I want to hold my hand to the open wound / To be the cure and the healing - / To write love on her arms instead of death / And to offer fai…

To a Fallen Angel

A fierce consuming darkness lives / entombed within in your soul, / and I be not the one to was it clean.

Crazy Being

Being crazy ,is the state in which I am able to create beautiful things with my brain.

Reverting to Type

Your care in felling game does not extend / to felling members of your species. / You brought me down with no straight shot; / no clean ki…

Pas Seul

And, although your presence permeates / the silence of the shadows / I see nothing.

groping in the dark

we cannot force reality, we cannot take the pain nor change what is / except by being there, to witness what is shown – / to care.

enough already

broken hearts! / they’re a drug on the market, / a cheap commodity nobody wants to buy

Life based on lies

My wings have been clipped / Holes punched through / I can no longer fly / I am no longer free.

For ?

Does the beauty fade or does it just burn on inside both of us? Your touch will be on my skin until the earth removes it.

All the Voids the World Has Left

Touch the candle and receive it’s light / Close your eyes / Listen to the silence / Sense the beauty that abo…

This is what you left me

You didn’t die here you killed yourself here and there is a difference


You stupid fool – / you’ll never find another heart like that, / so ready to give, accept you as you are

What You’ve Done

I saw a film – in fact I watched it twice – / about inevitability, the way things are meant to be. / This is what happened to us.
Fame by Bonnie T.  Barry

Pain and Ice Cream

Come on laughter and cry aloud / with the madness of ending the staged comedy

beyond the door

i’m not opening that door / there’s no telling / what lies beyond it

Soliloquy to the Mirror

I have forgotten how to lift my eyes / to the beauty I am told is out there.

Glass Feathers

I found a feather as I walked. / So white and clear and pale and cold, / … / --- / … / A line of feathers lay forsaken, / Snow …


Take the key, unlock my fragile heart, / together we’ll discover what has long been sleeping there: / revealing each layer, lying clo…

An Ambient Love of Sexual Waking #3

A sexual waking and the romantic quaking / to touch less …

When The Moon And I Collide

On a quest for a twilight miracle, / The journey has begun, / I search for a benediction, / Sweet like honey on my tounge. / On the horizon…


Locked within the cage of glass, / Open for all to see and scorn. / He screams and punch, / and scratch the walls, / yet nothing changes&#…


every time we speak i feel like / i’ve been lifted high, then flung / against barbed wire
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