Hi Daddy, Will You Please Give Me Back My Hands? This is the story that I won’t hesitate to tell / even if with a heavy heart I have to / and if this is a way to get to an abuserR… yes please leper skin / voyages to the medieval sun / meets photosynthesis heart, producing black hole silk grafts / yesteryear heart stop – hea… How to Transform Into an Animal Have you ever wondered how to transform into an animal? Well, you can now, thanks to my wonderful discovery. Read it…NOW! Please help me, my baby chick is very sick! Please help me! My pet chick is dying, and I don’t know of any way to keep him from dying! I love him so much, and I’d do almos… Hello, I am Kimberly… please to meet you Please call me Kimberly TO OUR ARTIST FRIENDS IN NEW ZEALAND !! Please wa… / NEW 02-23-2011 FROM TRACY…MADWORLD /… PLEASE READ, VERY INPORTANT My Dear Friends, / I,m writing this to you to try to save you the awful experience I went through this week. / Since I discove… black noise (please read description) it concerns the on-switch / the expectation / then the realization of power outage / silent / dark / off / it is palpable / the viscous ooz… SIDE LIGHT discussion of 6 Jan 2010 (Comments &a… Produce striking art, photos, greeting cards, portraits etc., that grab the eye! And really stand out from other artists work! Start without me please … (Mature) Jesus Rap Song! Please sing! “Hey there Pharisee, you’re a bad dude / You’ve got secret prayers and sacred food / but your heart is dry and your hope … 50 ways to please your lover…. Haha..sucked in badly!! I did get your attention though didn’t !? ; ) hehehehe / O.K. I’m going to have a go at this 50 questio… The God Concept (please see description) ‘Cause in ‘realizing’ you realize, that God is a concept, / That He She is but NONE, free of all religions, KAT’s Please just Love Me I wrote this for KAT - / as a place of Closure… a place to come and say goodbye to the earthly and unite with her in Spirit. please Lisa don’t forget to turn your page my mind has misplaced the pitchfork of war / Aestas begs the dove to attend the summer clap / a daily bread ingredient weaves into my rav… Carry on quietly, please Weak in the head, someone you don’t want to be. / The world is beautiful if there’s a voice / But that would be following somet… No Internet Connection Available Please Check the… Is fissile fragile love the current fad? / Insincere and easily torn asunder ONE OF OUR ARTIST FRIENDS SENT THESE PICTURES FRO… DEDICATED TO OUR FRIENDS IN JAPAN 03-11-2011 / JAPAN / JAPAN / Dawn sent us this link!! thank you Dawn!! / eastsider / here is the link to… Her only refuge (please see description) reason may not bring her comfort, only a genuine understanding of those in her situation Broken Butterfly Remember I am vulnerable. / That I break / And shatter. / That you hold me on thin wires We are pleased to announce Spring wild horse phot… PLAN YOUR SUMMER OR FALL ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME~~~ WWW.NATIONSHORSEWORLD.COM Please…Just….Please.. Being polite and asking please… / Listen and feel.. / “They” are the woman at bridge.. / The sound no one hears.. / Those… Virgin Vanquished? [not for the easily offended- … A ridge of buttons / Each one slid / From out its lascivious loop / Breasts / Uncovered / Nipples / Pert / Vagina / Throbbing / Tight… My newest Comic Strip – Critique Please! My newest Comic Strip – Critique Please! / “The Interview Question” ComicStrip by Lisa C. Weber ©2008 Screen Saver Slide Show ….. Moments of their lives / flash across the screen. / Moments captured in time, / ……. that are so precious. / Except for the fact… Please Know We Care I really don’t know what to say or how to show I care ….. Please Don’t Wake Me! Please Don’t Wake Me / From This Dream / Such A Wonderful Place / So Sureal / It Seems / Amber Skies / The Setting Sun / I Am Invitin… Please Rise. So put your hand over your chest like you’re feeling for cancer / Because this is for you / This is your anthem. Duplication of groups … your comments pleas… Hello my lovely RB friends / I am interested in your thoughts and support (being a loyal member of the Nowhere like Northern Ireland group)… Please,anyone a vet ? I think my old dog just had a stroke.It’s the middle of the night here. Can anyone help? What do i do? / Thank you,Judy Desperate (true story) For the most part I tend to keep to myself as I always have been a little reclusive in nature. / I am a good person, with a pure and limitl… Pass the salt please! we sit here, / in our abused little world, / surrounded by / the beauty of abstraction, / blinded by the destruction / of reality, / hopin… My Crazy Bucket List………Please R… Today I could have been in Paris, Italy or Spain, yes in Europe, / But I aint, cause my mind started thinking ……….̶… Lord, Please Tell Me Will Heaven’s gates shut in my face / If I allowed my heart to swing in different ways? / And then I see the cross on that hill / Am … I Do Not Want To Be Please Erase Me Can someone take me back / To before I existed / Life is out of whack / And all bent and twisted Advice, Please And tell me of the heart whose cadence mirrors that of mine, / when truth be told there is none outside my mind’s parade. Pleased you… Photo Book Entries – PLEASE READ Help me win a Canon Digital Rebel in a local photography contest by voting online for my entries to be included in a photo book being publi… HELP ME!!! My .sgm save file in VBA (VisualBoy Ad… Aah! I accidentally pressed the F9 button instead of F10, and so here I am, in a lonely world without my greatest saved file…:’( I BELIEVE IN BLUE UNICORNS… Please Read D… [Video] / My Blue Unicorn / Accompany the bare trees on twilight I did / On a snowbound land of a winter’s day. / Calm and soft the snow’s … MESSAGE FROM MOTHER EARTH MESSAGE FROM MOTHER EARTH / You are so close to me. / I feel it when you walk out across my landscapes, or sit quietly and reflect upon the… Pa-Dum-Dum! Drum Roll Please! I’m not overweight, my consciousness is just expanding / It is my pleasure to custom fit my words to your intellect / I haven’t… over easy please…. I like cheap little cafes, / They serve me well, / For I am poor, / In the eyes of the rich, / Rich in the eyes of the poor, / The eggs are… Confuse Me Please… … for without confusion, / there is no clarity. Mind Your Manners… Yes please. I beg you – Please read this URGENT! Please read Eat It (Mature) Please Marry Me On This Day With staring eyes fixed upon a woman on the street, / A man’s heart pounded on his chest for them to meet. / She looked lonely from t… no words please no words please / shhhh . . . / loving touch / bridges / everything. / I tell you everything now / skin listens / it does / feels / knows… AT ONE with the TRUTH (please see description) It is in this freedom / I find my own religion / One true to his spirit / & at One with the Truth! Please help me reach my goal Please click on this link / / then click on ‘collect me’ / It can help me reach m… “God, please find me” “God, I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, tonight." / I am in a dry land, in a parched land, in a wilderness. Every day … Advice on Nikon lenses ~ PLEASE!!! Can anyone help reasure my of my choices. I want to purchase a Nikon 24-70 2.8 lense, a Sigma 10-20 and maybe a 35mm prime 1.8. / My main i… Can You Please Pretend Dear Unknown; / As you open this letter and begin to read this, I hope that I can ask something of you to do as you begin to understan… Please don’t shoot the messenger What exactly is “hiding behind a veil of faith”? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Check this out Folks. Please !!!! Check this out …. A friend in BC sent it to me. / This is the photo taken by Port Moody photographer Ronnie Miranda that appeared in … Please welcome a good friend of mine Please welcome a good friend of mine ,a great designer and photographer. / Welcome Anath ! / PLEASE BE SEATED : Chapter Twelve Imagining the feeling made her insides flinch and clench, squirming in her seat now Lily was trying to suppress an incredible grin threaten… Please help My brother currently lives in Hong Kong and wants to send me Photoshop for my birthday. Can anyone please give me advise on which package … Speak to me, please! In the stifling darkness / of my angry moment / while heavy clouds / threatened to envelop me / I raised my voice and / called out loud &… when ones (Please also see image Hard Life) withing the familiar walls / where / the course of nature / had taken place Let My Mind Rest (please if you care) my mind enchanted vulnerable never able to please confused and murky my soul you want to siege. Please say you remember I watch you, / from the corner of this small room. / It’s like a cardboard box and I; / just a single packing peanut / wedged in the… Prayer for Lynnieellie, please Hello all you Great Folks… / In a way, I hate to ask things of anyone because I know we all have so much going on in our lives. Last … Please no… …more more. / I saw three folk at din last night / all engrossed with little lights. / They brought their iphones in with them / and … Please remember…… I did not write this..the author is anonymous…..but Trust me….its TRUE….. / for all those who need a Friend……… APARTMENT ONE (LAST VIEW OF FIRST WALK) DAVID YOU HAVE CHANGED YOUR BIG BROTHER INTO A LITTLE BOY WHO CAN SEE. / YOU ARE WHAT I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR WHEN THIS ALL BEGAN. Please Believe For Kurt Please Believe / I believe in miracles. / and dreams that will come true. / I believe in tender moments. / I believe in reaching out, / … R.I.P. TYLER FOX please fee… “TYLER JOEL FOX” / What a beautiful name once you hear this you won’t be the same. He was and still is a beautiful boy, w… WHO GONNA RESCUE? (Save Me Please!) They buried me alive / And they are digging my grave / I can’t breathe / Come to me / Save me / I’m a mother earth / Save me pl… Rye and ginger,lots of ice please see the craziness of the past, / In the words she speaks, / I see the madness in her eyes, / I see the insanity in her mind, / my muse hold… Please as you do. Only the dust will find it’s way home. Step out of this square deep with persuasion. GOD PLEASE LISTEN SOMETIMES ALL WE CAN DO IS PRAY Please help!! Help save my best friend’s life!!!! Please don’t shoot me down people sellin their soul / for that next fix / drugs coming in the mail / like netflix / I stay thinking / grown ass men bottle fed / stay… Mommie Please abortion from the view of a child Pass Around Story (Please join me-I need creative… Instructions: These are stories written by the whole group. Everyone writes a little of each story. Please join me in creating this story&… Not the same (please see description) It’s the same tree, / but, only of a kind / YET / isn’t it still, not the same tree? Please don’t make me say it….. My hand is led away to here. / My journal. / My private place. / Without thinking, I pick up my journal. / Without thinking, I begin to wr… Please when I sigh let it not be heard upon my br… sighs on breath everytime you speak / fucking irritates me! touch me please / touch me / the sheets we share are not / enough / the want i have IMPORTANT PLEASE READ I am currently writing, or am supposed to be writing, a book. I have been so wrapped up in redbubble that I haven’t been writing. I a… this puts rape into perspective …see side n… I put weight on / You ever put weight on? / I never put weight on / When I was a kid / No matter what I did / Never put weight on / and wh… Please don’t look I don’t remember / how my soul should feel to smile / for it’s been a lifetime ago / since it has / Please don’t look / i… If you think that wiki leaks is subject to a witc… Please be gentle… Please be gentle, / with this heart of mine. / For it has been broken, / time after time. / It is fragile and delicate. / And sensitive too… The Word Please … / Do not use this word / You do not know its’ definition / You don’t fully understand the consequences / Of plac… Please Allow Me Please allow me to hold your hand for just a moment and to be a gentleman, / Deep inside of me I have this feeling that you just might try … Whoever Stole My Mojo Please Return It My wish for Christmas is that we all have our mojo intact. Love me, please… She was a beautiful baby / they all were/are / Grew to be a delightful toddler / then I left. / Took her sister along, she had my blood / n… Forgive Me, Please Perhaps seeing the worst close to the beginning makes a difference, knowing that / it will not happen again, if you believe the promise. please . . . are you calling calling calling me? / my body knowsssss / your pull / drugged in a state of longing want / pulling pulling pull / lapping d… One Child…please read… One child cries out in the night. / One child lives alone on the street. / One child dies from hunger and disease. / One child, one child, … Island Kingdom (please see description) with no lives destroyed or habitations having been vandalized to achieve their objective shut up please – I am trying to love you “do not judge my silence …” Please Use Caution, This is Horrifying I copied this from Laura Retyi, it is heartbreaking if you’re an animal lover, especially a bird lover…but must be seen. / A hu…
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