Elusive Muses / Wandering, gypsy souls / Today one was / Forever lost / The deed will not go unpunished / THERE WILL BE / Death in the A…

Selfish Games people play

Fields of gold shine like the blackness of the swollen night / The colour spits and reflects the gold of darkness on the sum of mind

The Portrait of Evil by Richard Davies. A Scary …


Football & Slavery

Bought, sold, and paid for by the owners of the game / Just like in a real American election

fools play

she follows insincerity / confuses illusions / haunting the lightened path / steps softly intruding / eluding / knowledge of the way / tree…

A Mother’s Work…

A mother’s work in never done / although, at times, can be such fun. / She will clean her house through-out the day, / referee the ch…

Where Hobbits Play

They cool their feet at water’s edge / Hide and seek played amongst the trees / they cook up mushrooms that are found / that leaves a scent…

Returning The Key

The bag is not irrelevant but it’s appearance, size and purpose is.

A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

A sheep walked past me / in the street / I did not notice / till I saw its feet / I’m a shoes girl…

The Beautiful Person You Are

Me: I would collect all the flowers in the world just to make you smile, / Me: Maybe if you smelled them you would remember…the lovely pers…

Lila – The Divine Play of Creation

At the end of the night of time all things return to my nature; and when the new day of time begins I bring them again to light. / Thus thr…

they play songs of damnation upon the harps of he…

they play songs of damnation / upon the harps of heaven / ripped from Angels’ hands / to twist the words of humanity / that once gr…

play it again, sam

breathe into me

Play my pain

Play my pain as raw twists my heart around a pole of discontent. Looking for nourishment in the spaces between the faces who do not connect…



Spellbinding Manliness

and now for the tincture of wonderment / for this binds and sets the spell…

Night Orchestra

The summer has flown. / Calling the day; it is only 8, / But it is already getting dark. / The night songs have begun… / Watching th…

Child’s Play

Why did he have to do / all those really nasty things / I hate it running down my legs / when I haven’t got a hankie

easy to live with . . . . ?

we’re all gonna die someday / might as well enjoy some time to play

Cabbage Patch Heroes

Do you remember the whistling? / Of the wind in the trees / And the tale we were told / Of the birds and the bees

I’ll Play you like a cello

I’ll play you like a cello / take you from behind / And play you gently / With my bow / ‘Til the right note in you I find / Y…

The Mighty Penis…..let’s play it safe

a fleshy pink chunk of / blood pumping love / sent from Adam / or someone above / the power you exemplify / leaves us gals all mystified …


To play like a child / In A Secret Garden again / To hold hands / With an old friend / To run between the trees / And be out of breathe / W…

All work and no play makes Jack

There is a face in the Grandmother Oak / watching, outside my bedroom window; / her leaves playing touch with the glass. / It is skewed and…

I am a Popularity Contestant

The popularity contestants, bloat, on mined heavy metals, and hot air balloons

Play it Again, Jack ")

jack in my heart of hearts you babe are MY / SUPER deluxe fantasy

Games in the sand

Just play

Lets play pretend

Can we, for just one moment, / Pretend that we are together? / Can we play pretend for one night? / And dance in the light of the moon. / W…

no words play me

Your hand moves on lips

Leave Me Alone

I do not need pity to raise the world round me / I do not see loneliness inside alone


She / Lands beneith you / Naked as nature

“can i come out and play?”

she whispers to me / “can i come out and play?” / i try to control her / telling her it’s grown-up time / but she refuses…

Were I the Emotional Type

I’d tell you all about my family. / More often than not I’d be bragging. / Recounting tales of Unga Bunga or Marshmallows, / Wh…

Let the children play in the rain

The clouds have burst and the skies are lavishing the earth with liquid sunshine! / And I see the glow of excitement in the little childre…

Never stop

we are the movement

HELP ME!!! My .sgm save file in VBA (VisualBoy Ad…

Aah! I accidentally pressed the F9 button instead of F10, and so here I am, in a lonely world without my greatest saved file…:’(

A Play

Population, extinction, globalization, / Open society, closed comprehension. / Yelling and screaming outside in the dark. / Who’s gonna com…

Tracy, come out to play

Don’t you know / that I am just a kid? / just exploring the old path / that leads to your home

Naughty Hope

Oh hope, my naughty little friend, / how you tease me, / flirt with me. / How you fuel my / daft wee dreams, / revive my plans / to try aga…

Listening To Ruthie Play

I wish I could sing / I wish I could play / The blues of my soul / Praise the Creator each day

I Play for the Wind

I had fine clothes made for a skintight fit. I found the roots and leaves to make my hair silken, my cheeks colored, and my lips look full…

Lets Play Foot See

My mother leaned over and experienced the cold stare of the emotionless eyeball……….

Dissappearing Childhood – say goodbye

A big boy / and a small boy / sprawling / play knuckle bones / on the lounge room floor / at tea time / they put the game away / in a soft …

Forest Medicine

rain shadows / wind blows / creak, snap, moan / forest grown / dead-falls feed / beetles seed / listens heed / .. .. .. / fungi fern / fr…

a hand span

…to do as done beyond the ways of which is seemed bequethed to us…

The Ravine, 1953

… and then I would go down into the ravine again, where the narrow blue water slid easily between the red clay banks of the stream…

Fifty Four Reasons I have Grown——part…

mother, daughters, sisters, family, love


Elsewhere from here, in another time and place, / I answered to this once angered and bittered face; / Inherently challenged to adhere to t…

Would you like to play?

Does it sting / When you speak it? / Sending chills down your spine / Perspiring your forehead when it cluster fucks your mind. / Can you f…

Play me a new note

For each person counts in the sound they make / All are instrumental in shaping the future

Play Me

you play my body like a well trained musician

Power Play © 2012, by Ellen Hecht, All Righ…

Another original short story in Ellen Hecht’s 55-word series.

Dolphins: The Spirit of Freedom

You never let us forget how to love / How to laugh / How to smile / How to be light-hearted

Play Me Again

I give you my lyric / I give you my rhyme / I would give me again


beat / wOrds / pULSe / thi rds / i like falling / i like falling / i like falling / test / EdgEs / l i m i t s / in it’s / un-pr…

Children of the Cloud

Fluffy cotton ball Cloud / Travelled far that year


Turn your head in time / Only to find no rhyme / Under a spell so mysterious / Casting it’s web within / Hands on skin with eyes …

join me

i’m going to close my eyes tonight / I’m going to go somewhere / I’m going to laugh / I’m going to burst / I’…

The Door

Don’t land me up!!!

Not Gonna Play Myself/Lonely I am

A Very close look into my mind, at funny story that happened to me

Child’s Hood

turned kitchen things, like empty bottles / and broken springs / to floating castles and fairy wings

Play Me, I Squeak

If you gave a little / And played a little / And offered your mind a little / And fuck it, thought to use your goddamn brain a little / Th…


I would love to hold your hand / Just before you start to play

While The Strings Gently Play…..

bittersweet melody… / that plays along… / Has hit such highs … / Having hit such lows…

Addiction , a game anyone can play

Regret and shame have long stripped the patina of youth from this face

A funny but true story about a Fox Pup

A friend of mine relayed this story to me this evening over the phone. It was so funny i just had to share it with you. / Two older men had…

Can You Come Out And Play?

So you don’t have to play it safe . / You can buck against the hypnotic beat that is echoing through the radio and the television sta…

The Music and The Dark

Secretly knowing the heartstrings by touch

To Play A Heartstring…

… simply touch it. / :)

I don’t want to be told

Tender is the forget me not night as we reap what has been sown

Sleeping Pill

By Lidiya Filipova / SCENE OF ACTION: Psychiatric Ward (Sanitarium) / CHARACTERS: / DOCTOR VERNAN aged about 45 / TER…


to let loose / like a wild goose

New Kid in Town

Tense silence shrouded the dusty road as the gunslingers faced each other. The newcomer, known only as “The Kid”, kept his focus on Earl. …

Constant Wind

constant wind / be her soulmate / guide her thoughts / through landscapes brush / be not the wild wind / of erratic canvas / villainous in…

To Baby

I did not know that I would call you Munchie… / Peanut Butter / Pumpkin Eater / Puff-a-lump / Or that I would dance with you, everyd…

the orchestra of us

an overture of something

I know rhino

show me your big horn…



“Come let us Play”

“Come let us Play” / It is Sunday morning no homework / No housework / No one wants to play Mama / Why? / Because they own a TV / And they …


There you are, as I was at your age, / A solitary child in your teeming realm / Far from the shimmering torpor that I see – this / …


You meet someone / There is instant attraction / You hit it off / You start to see each other / You think they are keen / Then they start t…

Do you see what I see?

Look, look… face of god! in the sky! / That’s where god lives! / No, that’s cloud, God lives in the leafs, / in your hear…


To carry the child into adult life / Is good? I say it is not, / To carry the child into adult life / Is to be handicapped. / - Stevie Sm…

Elements At Play

As Rain tap dance on the cement, / Her tempo is kept by Thunder. / When Wind jumps over Tree that’s bent, / The atmosphere is all but…

An old Fantasy I once had…



Don’t be so predictable / Play with me / Pull me / Leave me / And stay / Watch me / Make me wonder / Keep me searching / Make me want…


“Remember,” said the girl. / “Remember,” said the boy.

" "

Lemme paint acappella / Like Picasso’s child. / A poem with NO TITLE

So passes the glory of the world

Sic transit gloria mundi

The shaken worlds we play in

The vase looked sideways, / Turned itself into a facture of light / And slid delicately out the door


It was toys, toys, toys

play your own dreams

i would bend the universe if i could only get there first / the bitter taste of no mercy listened to0 deeply long ago / paralysis or claust…

Play Me Not False

So make no pledge, no deathless love imply, / Unless your promises be writ in stone. / From sly deceit I evermore do shy, / Because this he…

the girl in the snow at christmas – by vamp…

In the cool glow upon white snow the little girl lay / making her snow angel feverishly she did play. / Up she jumped dusted the ice from h…

the play

a starring one or no lines to say?

child’s play

…the reminders of the monsters so brutal…and then I killed them one by one…
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