The Beautiful Person You Are Me: I would collect all the flowers in the world just to make you smile, / Me: Maybe if you smelled them you would remember…the lovely pers… Cabbage Patch Heroes Do you remember the whistling? / Of the wind in the trees / And the tale we were told / Of the birds and the bees I am a Popularity Contestant The popularity contestants, bloat, on mined heavy metals, and hot air balloons Naughty Hope Oh hope, my naughty little friend, / how you tease me, / flirt with me. / How you fuel my / daft wee dreams, / revive my plans / to try aga… Dissappearing Childhood – say goodbye A big boy / and a small boy / sprawling / play knuckle bones / on the lounge room floor / at tea time / they put the game away / in a soft … Touch Turn your head in time / Only to find no rhyme / Under a spell so mysterious / Casting it’s web within / Hands on skin with eyes … I don’t want to be told Tender is the forget me not night as we reap what has been sown THE ROOF OF THE WORLD There you are, as I was at your age, / A solitary child in your teeming realm / Far from the shimmering torpor that I see – this / … A BRIEF BESTIARY To carry the child into adult life / Is good? I say it is not, / To carry the child into adult life / Is to be handicapped. / - Stevie Sm… Play Me Not False So make no pledge, no deathless love imply, / Unless your promises be writ in stone. / From sly deceit I evermore do shy, / Because this he… I Play For You I play for you, my friend of old / In memory of your spirit, so brash and bold play of light and shadows still sleep drunk / vaguely yearning / my mind is groping / for the last vestiges / of that dream to hold onto Play war small men play war / barking t.v. commands… Double trouble! Twenty fingers / Twenty toes / Two tummy buttons / Two little noses / Twice the changing nappies / Twice the love and fun / Totally exhaust… What Happened? Every day / We can go / We can work / We can play Creativity is my spiritual practice. Creativity is my spiritual practice. / My spirit is nothing without creativity and my creativity is nothing / Without practice. / Practic… Lets Play Pretend Yeah, that’s better, now go out and flirt, / Put on the make-up, pull on the skirt, / Pretend I’m okay, that I know I’m hot, / Flaunt all t… Key of C (Cohen playing on mind.) Sipping the mass market drink of choice, / Leonard Cohen plays depressive notes so well, / I flick my ash before the next deathly drag, / S… (The Last Poem Before I Die) i’ll remember you Monkey Business just let your imagination run Does any one want to play poem tennis with me? let’s trade lines and see how long we can keep it together / love all Routine Wreckage I’m the one on the sofa dancing with the shadows love, inclined to look away when the suns routine rises, / I’ll trade mine for a teabag a… Play of strings The feathery strings of dreams / are seen in a shooting star / floating into the universe / affect the waves of heart / on the purple frequ… Music of the Night And I like to hear you singing along with the silence, closed in our dark room in the middle of the day. / Those little red bows that tied … Play of the fairies the Winterfairy blows rainbow-bubbles / which is carried on the wings of the wind / towards the golden section of the horizon / as so many … Can You Come Out And Play? So you don’t have to play it safe . / You can buck against the hypnotic beat that is echoing through the radio and the television sta… Twinkling Stars Twinkling Stars come fill the night / Let our fantasies take flight / Hunt with Orion or run with Cirrus first / Drink from the Dipper to q… Playing With Fire I’m playing with fire / Watching it burn / Beautifully / And / Bright / Risking a burn / Is part of the fun / I’m playing with fire / As ho… Play of the shadows Blue as the shining trembling of the water / float the shadows through the wood / the clear singing of wisdom / turns green in reality of l… Jessica Jessica, pestica, / puddin’ and pop, / teased the boys / and wouldn’t stop.. Running In The Milkweed Drinking from an old well, / stomping in the mud, / fighting evil pirates, / wading through a flood. Reality Check Life’s not real! / you know it down deep / you feel the thought settle, / and slowly creep / around down inside, / that tiny little snubble… The hoppers “Hooray, hooray,” the hoppers say, / as they scramble in the sun. / “Let’s play, let’s play, all day, all day… rainbow rainbow. / catching and reflecting / colors in the lights / complicated spectrum / circumspecting / reignbow. / representing / a sovereign… Insane Oh, you know the game. / It’s called “Insane”. The Play of Life on The World’s Stage We are all Actors in the Play of Life / there’s a part for everyon on the World’s Stage out of out of time / out of tempo out of space / out of money out of patience out of place / out of proportion / out of sight out of mind / out o… doesn’t quite fit. Quatrains. triplets. spaces. / neat little boxes / Word. line. phrases. / all in a … Fall PLay bare leafless branches stretch and recoil My Life, a Play My lonely soliloquy / My time to shine, / My life’s a play / With forgotten lines Another Day Another Victory There’s a dead dragon on the stairs; / After a long battle, the victor / Has left the field The Greater Malefic Part. 1 (A Rough draft/outlin… (The scene is a strange room that seems to exist out of time and space, there are four metal grates or posts that delineate the corners, it… Honour We fight to live and die / Dying through eternity Once There Was a Little Boy Ships that float through fields of grass, trucks that climb the trees, / Horses racing over clouds, and people riding bees. Blithe Spirit is a poem for non-musical musical adaptations adapted for television

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