Cape York Adventure – 2008 Everyone’s experience of the Cape York Peninsula will vary depending on how adventurous you are and the time you have to explore this uniqu… An idiosyncrasy- raw energy why don’t we learn from past! Gembrook CFA Open Gardenfest Its happening again, Gembrooks 3rd Open Gardenfest / For a small donation to the Gembrook CFA of $10 per person (under 16 free) you get to … Love me like sludge Don’t do that to plants, it hurts them … leave them there and they’re happy. Mother Nature ….They raped her land with disregard, once Oceans green and blue…. I Won!!!! Winning Photo on Favorite Plant Cont… Winning Photo on Bits and Pieces Contest. My Chrissy present to all Red Bubblers and Diana-… Water your blidy plants outside on the warpath more nuclear plants more fear In the midst of green and growing Peace/Nature / Could I hang with you for a spell / I need your fresh well water / To sip / I’m bone dry and weary / Clearly a mess / If it… Not Quite Eden How can his grass grow so quick? Stacey reckons he’s feeding it steroids. I picture the blades of his grass with razor edges, venus flytrap… Pathway PATHWAY / Tall thin pine trees swaying in the wind / Sunlight breaking through the narrow gap / Distant green-capped fields the morning f… BEAN PLANTS EXPERIMENT When I was in third grade we did the bean plants experiment. Who did this? Do you remember? I do… LILIES … The oil extracted from lilies has healing and softening properties. Especially, when the lily fragrance oil is mixed with that of Calendula… ~ two prickles ~ two prickles / either will hurt / neither gives / any alert From the Fields of Forever: Lion of Summer I roar across the sunny fields and shake my snowy mane, casting wishes and beginnings upon the Winds! Thank you Bits & Pieces for featuring my work. Featured in Bits & Pieces: Cactus Flowers The Life of Me I am a tree and these are my confessions. / I was born in 1956 in a bustling urban area. / When I was a naive dumpy chunk of wood, I woul… BEAN PLANTS EXPERIMENT When I was in third grade we did the bean plants experiment. Who did this? Do you remember? I do… Mallee Twisted mallee trees contorting into shapes, / Which even the most versatile bonsai would sprain Sanctuary Ants, earwigs, crickets hide behind blades of grass, / Find safety and seclusion under the fallen leaves of trees Winters Grand Entrance Blanketing the soil / Deciduous trees retire, / Starved from summer’s heat. I Will Never Be A Master Gardener What could go wrong with a cactus? Featured in Grevillea’s Thank you very much to the Grevillea’s Group for the feature of my image uploaded recently and to everyone whom has commented on this… THE PLANET EARTH THE MIRACLE OF LIFE EXPLODES Horton’s Horticultural Emporium “There’s something moving in your breakfast.” I hated myself for telling him, but, it wouldn’t have been fair to let him eat it… Men Are Like Plants a gentle seed is / planted into the ground making / no sound, till it grows. / a man walks slowly / on to the path he must walk / until he … Self Entitle, Part One: To say there is more than what truly is, may be the greatest downfall we could ever hope to be. The lack of discretion is only proof of lei… Adopting the Earth as our Mother The bird was saying, “These humans are leaving some food out for us. … those who leave us a meal are not soon after going to harm us… Untitled (Orchid) the orchid and the pitcher plant / both bloom among the rose’s scent / a place to stow / the seeds that grow / a tropical environment… A Short History of Botanical Symbiosis Your tumbling, troubled eyes ensnare me / and rip my new dress / all to shreds. Beautiful World Of Flowers, Plants And Trees Flowers of blue, red, orange and a thousand shaded in a touch of gold, / Growing in richly manicured soil for the beauty of sight and to be… Dead Leaves Because dead leaves / still roll like tumbleweeds / even though they are no longer green. Western Australia and Wildflowers, so Far Away 27 Albany was a gem of a place. There was the town itself which we spent time looking at, but then there were two reservations that took our … Decorative potted plants featured in " Beaut… I’m very proud to see my work featured in the " Beautiful Group ". / Many thanks to the hosts of this great Group : Linda a… Western Australia and Wildflowers, so Far Away 29 This was a magnificent day and will always live in my memory. I have far more shots than can be covered in one set so will split them over… Plants & Rags Plants take their place in the armies of the world, standing tall and long through the dimensions of the night. Time, time, time, it’… pakistan PAKISTAN is located in south asia , a REGIONAL power , and a UNIQUE country of WORLD . in Pakistan there… Chaos came The chaos came and took it all away, / the order fell and all that stayed, / was the essence of truth left in all the grains. / A seed of l… Nicht betäubt – bloß verträumt. Materie lebt und atmet, / Natur in Schönheit erwartet. / Welch wundervolle Farbenpracht, / Wir sind von Blüten überdacht. / Die Pflanzenwel… Summer’s Peak Even the perfect August tomato, stretching its deep red skin, leaving a tangy tingle on my tongue and slightly stinging my sun-chapped lip… Bards Tales for the Small Vol. 1: The Beginning He took up a couple of trees and carved with his sword animals; cows, goats and cheep he then spat on them and the animals were brought to … Growth of Hemp Plants and Hemp Fiber Industrial hemp seed is basically the commercial variety of Cannabis sativa. These crops contain very less amounts of THC or Tetrahydrocann…

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