fishbowl eyes

her mascara streams down her face, like leaking octopus ink and I wonder what it tastes like

extinct, i won’t forget you

Dinosaur, I still miss you.

Spider legs

I flicked something out from in between my teeth this morning and there it was; another thought, another piece of you

astronomy for the heart



you don’t play with me anymore

Charlie was here

I liked to sit in the magnolia tree on the front lawn, surrounding myself with the contradiction of beauty and desolation.

the one thing called desire

This is like Magma.

miss nebulosity

I saw her in the sky; shaped like a cloud, she was laying on her back, without underpants, her legs spread wide open.


tell me something / I don’t know / is it better? / damn I miss you


pretending to be a dark shadow


across your spine


You’re blue around the mouth and the rope is too tight and you need to loosen up and spit it out and sit and talk and let me build you a sw…


She understands what the ink across his knuckles means.

Dalia the goddess

her pig shoes get lost underneath the dirty brown couch

If you were my reptile

belly to the underground


we are each a baroque burnout

the guts of this fish

I can’t clean up after myself

The One.

The shoes still have the mud on them.

the trouble with touching

it needs eradicating


The stench of asshole permeates through these streets and it sticks to you and changes you.

the revolts


breathing under the water of myself

I am watching you; wave.

the love buttons

It is often the things you don’t see which are the most beautiful


run you little tornado run

too early for trains

she doesn’t catch my drift


no thumping / jumping / walloping / or whacking / against walls / and doorways / and down that shitty staircase / that he loved best

this gander muscle, all pumping and cracking

it reminds me

against the edges of me

My heart is like a burnt out heap, she sleeps and eats and breathes underneath where it’s deep and I wonder when it will leave.


She’s a moth, that girl; with butterfly eyelashes and her wings made of difference.

more than once, your sonar

Parts of me remain: the acoustic of that time.

like a twig in the beak of a bird who should’ve k…

Let me feed you, the worms of everyone else’s disgust.

dirt words

a bitter taste has crawled out of the garden and into her mouth


The tips of my shoes are like tigers / my brown rubber soles are the eyes

headless cows

blood smells

Dangling Ankles

I sat on the edge of the world

breath for dandelion

this garden is a jungle

I could slam into you

There’s a lot of trust in the world.



the gills fill


my name is coyote

The prod of his hot branding iron rod burned into my flesh.

Love me like sludge

Don’t do that to plants, it hurts them … leave them there and they’re happy.

the gyspy string in my puppet

Over the years, I found my own spirit and my own guides and although we’re a noisy and complicated bunch, we haven’t done too badly.

hairpins for hearts

I chopped my own toe off twenty-seven days ago.


Ray used pliers to remove fingernails.

thirsty claws

Dad says it’s because of the drought. He said the earth is drying out and it needs a good drink.



the chaos of difference

These particles will divide.

Ant Nurse and The Peppercorn Tree

The peppercorn tree was bleeding again.

wimbledon in the western suburbs

I sat in the front seat, where your nose bleeds and I watched every game

the cut grass of cunt

so hate me

my irregular tangle

the craft of containment versus freedom

putrid and magic

you were crazier than this town

underneath the magnet of my yesterdays

it reminds me to remember

little lion in the concrete jungle

there was a dead person in there too

The rhetorical mark of my questionionable life

These cardboard question marks are filled with my yesterday’s heart.

gravity keeps me

I am this planet and he is the next.


he played an aching muse


little things with ripped up wings

my heart has butterflies

Don’t forget I am holding onto this

when it falls

a great nebulous matter

paper boat

pens for paddles

The daughter of Krakatoa

I wonder when she will spill her insides out into the surrounds of a peaceful place, just like Krakatoa.


There are words in his stomach.

Voice box

I don’t know whether her tongue was removed from her mouth or if it was perhaps hiding lazily between her yellowing teeth.

the black soot of her clit

the cunt of her frame become tangled by the smack of fuck me, fuck me hard

I am Steven

I am Steven and this is my story.

thirteen divided by forty

I wanted to knock on the wooden box and make certain he was safely gone.

The ordinary beauty of a not so ordinary instrume…

I am sitting in the corner of an empty auditorium, hidden behind the heavy fall of a black stage curtain.

Kiss this

There was lipstick on the rear view mirror.

An ordinary skirt of cotton and yesterdays

I’ve been picking at my hemline.

the brief paralysis of that part of me

I am writing this to you whilst lying on my back.


You are arrested, like development.

my first night in the forest

It is night; the forest is dark though far from quiet.

for the good of the earth and the bad of me

holes in the backyard

bulls eye for his dart

I was shot hard from the start

capricorn hand

my fetal curl

The difference

Her house contains no television, few appliances and plenty of the magical stuff.

a definite ache

my instinct is to reach for you

stupid fuck

it begins to buck

I was born for you

the canal of me


snippy fingers

the glue factory of my pasted existence

Eyes water in the presence of spirit. It doesn’t make you cry and bawl your eyes dry, it is more so a gentle stream of emotion. And it’s …

pirate, i am your mutiny

I want to trace your lines with my fingers dripping.

birrung (star)

I wrote you a letter in the dirt.

families are like pimples

sometimes they leave scars


Some days I am a pet.

earth seed

good for giving

for the desire of this

I whispered into my bewitching wing “I never want to lose your way.”

little red boat

hear him feel

a boat from paper notes

your letters swam

half a heart half a brain

I want to see how much pressure this heart can tolerate.

a red bow for your salt

Balloons full of paper

I’m not going to die in this bowl of soup

Last night I tasted her in my spaghetti Bolognese.

beasts for the dead and burdened

And did he fold you into an envelope of all that once was and send you away?


just a silly plain brown cardboard box sitting in the corner of everything that I am with a ricochet within

like salmon for the saturated

Run your knuckles along / my spine
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