shadow play by PJ Ryan fishbowl eyes her mascara streams down her face, like leaking octopus ink and I wonder what it tastes like i wonder by ab-type time is tired by PJ Ryan extinct, i won’t forget you Dinosaur, I still miss you. I don't eat green lollies by PJ Ryan Spider legs I flicked something out from in between my teeth this morning and there it was; another thought, another piece of you astronomy for the heart star astronomy for the heart by PJ Ryan fetch you don’t play with me anymore Charlie was here I liked to sit in the magnolia tree on the front lawn, surrounding myself with the contradiction of beauty and desolation. a toothbrush and a magic carpet by PJ Ryan I threw it in the sea and it came back to me rusted and troubled. by PJ Ryan miss nebulosity I saw her in the sky; shaped like a cloud, she was laying on her back, without underpants, her legs spread wide open. It was a long time ago by PJ Ryan her name was jupiter (re-visited) by PJ Ryan LUST tell me something / I don’t know / is it better? / damn I miss you cake by Juilee  Pryor Magic Mountain by PJ Ryan the one thing called desire This is like Magma. she wakes by Loui  Jover spin, wallflower into wallpaper by PJ Ryan gratitude by PJ Ryan her name was jupiter by PJ Ryan my heart has butterflies by PJ Ryan playground pirate by PJ Ryan passage pretending to be a dark shadow RAW by PJ Ryan putrid and magic by PJ Ryan playground princess by PJ Ryan scratched by PJ Ryan ink across your spine girl ink by PJ Ryan If flowers were stars by PJ Ryan Scout You’re blue around the mouth and the rope is too tight and you need to loosen up and spit it out and sit and talk and let me build you a sw… Little Laws by PJ Ryan that bird by PJ Ryan Knucklehead She understands what the ink across his knuckles means. your stain by PJ Ryan strange animals by PJ Ryan Dalia the goddess She giggles and squeals a little bit and then her pig shoes get lost underneath the dirty brown couch. If you were my reptile belly to the underground shot tower by PJ Ryan the cat wasn't expecting you by PJ Ryan the guts of this fish I can’t clean up after myself The One. The shoes still have the mud on them. the trouble with touching it needs eradicating no sign of yesterday by PJ Ryan warsaw heart by PJ Ryan Hole The stench of asshole permeates through these streets and it sticks to you and changes you. breathing under the water of myself I am watching you; wave. the spirit of your present by PJ Ryan some days i'm an animal some days i'm a pet by PJ Ryan spin, wallflower into wallpaper by PJ Ryan Calendar Blue by PJ Ryan Who's going to be your angel? by PJ Ryan Hem  by PJ Ryan storm run you little tornado run leopard, can't shake spots by PJ Ryan twigs for the nest by PJ Ryan Runaway no thumping / jumping / walloping / or whacking / against walls / and doorways / and down that shitty staircase / that he loved best this gander muscle, all pumping and cracking it reminds me against the edges of me My heart is like a burnt out heap, she sleeps and eats and breathes underneath where it’s deep and I wonder when it will leave. Flutter She’s a moth, that girl; with butterfly eyelashes and her wings made of difference. Portal by PJ Ryan more than once, your sonar Parts of me remain: the acoustic of that time. swim, past you and that window by PJ Ryan climb through the knots and the rot of my heart (poem in description) by PJ Ryan like a twig in the beak of a bird who should’ve k… Let me feed you, the worms of everyone else’s disgust. dirt words a bitter taste has crawled out of the garden and into her mouth barefoot The tips of my shoes are like tigers / my brown rubber soles are the eyes ankle biter by PJ Ryan Puuskatte by PJ Ryan headless cows blood smells perspective pertains to where you are standing by PJ Ryan Dangling Ankles I sat on the edge of the world skid we are each a baroque burnout breath for dandelion this garden is a jungle I could slam into you There’s a lot of trust in the world. a blonde skirt for you to brush against by PJ Ryan Tom Puuskatte. the gills fill gutted Love me like sludge Don’t do that to plants, it hurts them … leave them there and they’re happy. the gyspy string in my puppet Over the years, I found my own spirit and my own guides and although we’re a noisy and complicated bunch, we haven’t done too badly. Ink by PJ Ryan hairpins for hearts I chopped my own toe off twenty-seven days ago. Ray Ray used pliers to remove fingernails. Follow by PJ Ryan thirsty claws Dad says it’s because of the drought. He said the earth is drying out and it needs a good drink. 6:38 by PJ Ryan been gone by PJ Ryan yesterday by PJ Ryan teardrop contains the chaos of difference These particles will divide. Ant Nurse and The Peppercorn Tree The peppercorn tree was bleeding again. wimbledon in the western suburbs I sat in the front seat, where your nose bleeds and I watched every game
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