Letter From Peta re the slaughtering of Pilot Wha… ANIMAL LOVERS WORLDWIDE PLEASE HELP! Flash Fiction “There was a time I would never do something like this…” / The pilot handed me a helmet and ignored my rambling. Wasted Lives Like many before him, / and many more will follow, My Father’s Arnhem Experience I was vaguely surprised to find myself sitting in the cockpit of a glider in Broadwell on 18th September 1944 One for the Road The piano in the corner is silent / Now Johnny’s gone, shot down over France / And the bar is so much quieter / After Toby died with some F… PILOT Does your Dory carry you / Or do you guide it / Can you steer through / Overcoming the denial / Enduring the pain / Of a contemptuous heart… Auto Pilot I’ve been sitting in this room for over six years. I came here alone. Then I wasn’t alone for brief intervals of torture only t… Pilot. the season is / c h a n g i n g . the / t r a n s i t i o n . the / m o m e n t u m . the / e v o l u t i o n . A Golden Light Joe was hurt to think that he was too old for combat flying at thirty-four, but the new batch of pilots sent as replacements looked like th… Oh, I wish I was a Pilot Yet another variation, this time to the tune of “I wish I was a punk rocker” Groundlings Unaware Pilot. He loved that title. Glass Cage “My spirit, upon scarcely bidding adieu / Joins our brother and is lifted / Into the sun’s warmth, the wind’s laughter, i… Pilot Light Ideas are the low hanging fruit of the mind, seeds of the imagination which ripen with time…our soul a bottomless well of potential a… Wake Up… I believe it is part of human nature, inherently embedded in all brains, be they limited or off the charts intellectually, to wander off in… the pilot light went out sometimes, / I / just / float / sometimes, / by / rote / it’s impossible / to know / what I will / be / like today / if / I / wi… pilot plant flaws i hide with half a smile / behind crows feet hazel eyes / thinning skin barely contains / the flesh and bone and lies. / traits disgu… Love Freed by Flight It returns Flyboy Now close yer mouth son, it ain’t attractive. Now you’ve heard the old saying ‘better dead than webbed’? MY HEART’S PILOT! You are the sail from masts unfurled, / That forward moves my bow. / You are the Captain of my ship, / Who points me where and how. / You a… Auto Pilot stagnant relationships Driftin’ On a Wave of Devastation merging with the Frenzied Sea I Wanna Feel That Power Surge Two Minds That Were Made to Merge Don’t Make Me Miss the Rush Take Me to the Crush! Gipsy Waits I’m on My Way Don’t Remember the Past Until you’re out of the water The Drift If We’re Compatible I’m with You

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of pilot writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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