Taking a break by Elenne Boothe Puzzle All the little puzzles click together. / together they make the whole that is we. / we are the pieces of the shattered mirror. / mirror ref… New Pieces Hi all, just letting you know that I have begun work on some new pieces and am posting pics of the progress through my website. Feel free t… Cracked! by jansnow Jack’s a Poor Boy The bell of the dead came a ringin’ / and the whole of the town was asleep, / the grave digger just kept a diggin’ / he had muc… Liquid Pieces - Lake Erie by Jonny  McKinnon music pieces – part 3 (Mature) Bits and Pieces... by David Bradbury Pawns in Shadow by Kelsey Williams Artichoke pieces by strykermeyer 'Rest In Pieces' by Martin Williamson (©cobbybrook) 2 art pieces 40 years old by madvlad picking up the pieces by Laura Owsianka Blue Butterfly Lamp & Toes and Paws Featured … Many, many thanks to the hosts of / BITS AND PIECES / group for the features!!!!!! :D / BLUE BUTTERFLY LAMP / TOES AND PAWS / : Shaken To Pieces when words destroy Puzzle Pieces of Autumn, Colorado Springs, CO 2008 by J.D. Grubb Pieces of light by innacas Bits and Pieces by Barb Miller Old Friends by suzannem73 snippets of thoughts and pieces of me at times i am shy / icy fingers and toes / hot tongue / broken heart / open and closed / and sometimes in between. / wrapped in lies / belo… Featured in Bits and Pieces Thank you for featuring my “Lilac Buds” Bits and Pieces If there is a devil, I’d like him to swallow me whole, / For I’ve met heaven. / Met hell too. / If this life we live is all there is / I d… Pieces and Parts... by Justine Kenney Leave the Pieces When You Go by ibjennyjenny bits and pieces by scarlettheartt Pieces of Time by Nicole  Markmann Nelson A Month Of Masks by Adrena87 To Pieces ~ Upsidedown and Turned Around by Vicki Pelham Bits and Pieces by Carole Brunet Chess by Falko Follert old and tired by Christie-Anne  Piggott Don’t let me fall Take all my pieces make me one. / Take all my pieces make me whole. / Make me whole. Scrabble Pieces by Dottie Lust In Pieces 12. by jolon larter Pieces of joy by Fumi Small Sampling of pieces by lynnann50 LEFT ALONE IN THE BOAT HOUSE by sky2007 Bits and pieces by Lisa Richards Three Colours Red by bryanhibleart Faeces pieces by Badondeart Bleeding to Pieces by ROUBLE RUST Thank you ‘Bits and Pieces’.. This is a great group for the pieces that would otherwise be missed and maybe not viewed and appreciated otherwise… La cuisine de chez nous. by Poun Missing Pieces by Stephen Johns Palace In Pieces by Dave Godden Large Chess Pieces in Geneva by arushton moon-pieces rummaging through my old jackets / I found a few pieces of moon / in my pocket / Can’t recall where I got them / it reminded me of wh… "Pieces Of Broken Glass Doors" by Kirrill D'Kainn colourful bits and pieces in the tidal rockpool by gaylene Pieces of Protection by Jak Savage (aka Unbeknown) Pieces of You and I by Ramzi Naja Times of Gold.... by Stephen Johns pieces by Lea Henning Chess Pieces by Jan  Tribe Pieces by Rebecca Leonard BITS & PIECES OF TREASURE by annie curry Pieces Of Me by teresalynn Has Seen Better Days by Tammy Soulliere Flower Pieces by sunshyn256 Pieces   5067 by IrisGelbart Feature Banner For Bits & Pieces by Gail Bridger Horse Head (Head-Pieces) by ArtofPatience Peace vs. Pieces by visualmetaphor Heart of Stone by Raimee business group by bmg07 Bits and Pieces by suzannem73 a million little pieces  by Jenna Kotsopoulos Pieces of wood by Etienne RUGGERI Artwork eRAW Broken into Pieces and You Don’t See It My body aches as my heart breaks.. / Unknowing of what just took place.. / You are my love,…….. / my life….. / You are … Hálfmáni Stykki (“Pieces Of The Moon”) The sun hung low above the skyline, eager to inhale the nippy Icelandic air into the radiant mass it boasted. The wind, which swam towards … Manhole Pieces by ericseyes Twiddely bits and pieces by nick pautrat Missing Pieces I by Wendy Middlemass Rock's not dead, just in pieces by Brandon Batie bits and pieces....from Mother's kitchen! by mariatheresa The world's present condition (the way the artist sees it) by mariatheresa BITS AND PIECES by kotybear conglomeration of many pieces by trppld2 Pieces by Rebecca Brann Peaks Icon by JASONCRYER Lust In Pieces 14. by jolon larter Pieces... by Spring-Spring Just the Broken Pieces of a Man How do you fit when you’re just pieces? The stage was set it just needed his entrance they were all / Seated boredom played on their faces… It's All About Strategy by Janie. D Old Fashioned Musical Instruments by MaeBelle Pick up the pieces by David Kessler Chess Board by damokeen Pieces of sunshine by Snapshooter Wanna Play? by Catherine Mardix Random One by Gary Conner Pieces of me by Sundi Going to pieces by iamelmana Museum Pieces by Steve Mezardjian Chess  by Steven Blewett Missing Pieces by Misty Lackey Pieces of life and death by Ellie Blum
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