I Love You on the piano… My favourite room sits comfortably amid the twilight of ambience. / A baby grand romances its notes, warm in tempo by the fire side. / Flam… Notes to self a requiem mass with horses galloping / birds flying Monday Afternoon Piano It was in Mrs. McCall’s kitchen that I came face to face with my criminal tendencies. Escape to Violin and Piano Concerto I want to escape the madness / that surrounds me; block it off / So I reached for my headset… / I select the music I want to hear / The pi… The Adjudicator & The Pianist She tears open the sky and shakes the earth! Soul Sonata I sway in mourning as I hear My Dying Soul. Dear Piano Are you ever just a muse? Sing to me / Whence I locked you in a hall of mem’ries. Existentialism On Prom Night i just thought i’d share with you, one of my fav songs. It says ALOT to me and songs like that…that make you think about how i… The Piano Life is like a piano, / For I once did see it writ / It needs the master’s touch / How true that is for us. / But it is also true / T… piano hands crumple / like paper colors / grasping You played me Running your fingers / over my delicately tuned form. / Blind. – You know which keys to press. / To enhance sweet music from me. / Ha… The Piano Playing me. / Your fingertips,….. / sometimes / soft, / sometimes, / forcefully. / Playing my heart strings…. / taking the ver… I fall down gently – Cado piano I fall down gently, / silently, / between thoughts, doubts and uncertainties / I close my eyes, / without voice, / and I smile softly, wit… Hungry in Sestakovits’ Spectacles Blurred canvas / Cloudy eyes / Sagging face Missing His hands no longer danced across the keys like great white ghosts, haunting in their agile grace. A Child looking in the mirror / only her face was revealed / her soul hid quietly / it wasn’t allowed to feel / as a child it was easy / ther… The Hallway We used to sit / On the worn-out carpet / In the hallway / And listen / While she’d play / Masterpiece after masterpiece / Late into … The soul is made of music Our soul is made of music and reaches the world through our fingertips. Tears on the piano Tears on the piano / rain on my feet, / I stumble indoors / to find you with some one else. Playing Debussy Fingers drift through complicated patterns / Melodies rise from a combination of black and white / Emotions are carried on a refrain / Vagu… Memory of an old piano. The piano’s gap toothed smile welcomed newcomers and old visitors, / never growing old itself / After some time, it was forgotten, / … Tickle they love you / for every single cell in them / eager to boil with you in each heavenly note Piano player Piano player / doesn’t divide the keys The Christmas Keyboard For Christmas I got a Keyboard to play / I was thrilled to get this gift on this day / As a child, I studied the piano for fun. / My last p… Isolation a piano plays / in the key of sorrow - / not Chopin, or Brahms / but of solitude, / as a falling leaf dies / somewhere in the great forest,… my favorite liar you taught me to cry A Character Sketch: Casey Ruble Her fingers fairly flowed like water—brisk and light, rushing and heavy, or rolling as a wave when they touched the ivory keys of the piano… Lost heart of the Tulip The moonlight falls over the windows, a curtain over the noise, I am alone with my thoughts, with my loose pocket tulip. Piano the piano keys form / a note so soft and sweet / it pulls at the chords of / everything that makes me breathe / the song continues on / and… tuning a piano in the key of d with a bucket and … think twice think again / brief notes immediate release / that fallen king to rise / of golden words and tattered wings / whisperings to fi… It was a little piano White linen settees soon stain. “Before my Bones” by Bradley Blalock Before my bones / become magnets, heavy to the floor / with eyes begging wildly / for someone to help me / RISE The Requiem of a Dying Piano Man: Absalom von Sor… I. Prelude / The piano man who lived in Chesterdale / once told me / “Living is exceptional!” / I thought he was crazy. / His… sounds of piano-editedA. but, but, but now… / the formatted sounds of piano / are flowing …to me:) Piano The piano stands in a darkened garage / Abandoned for many a-year… everyone loves duckie, fuck the other guy. moving the floor is an unnecessary risk that is most likely going to kill those below. i know we’ve had our differences but this is n… Breathe Pink petals erupt across grassy leas in spring, / The swift odour of lavender lingering – in you breathe. / And autumn brings leaves that … Crescendo …the little black marks / Scurrying across the floor / Like ants. Our Piano Song <3 Your piano is sitting in the corner / Its keys awaiting your touch / When you press the keys may I pretend / They are singing just for us? … You play the piano You play the piano / As wars are fought / You play the piano and sing / Behind your music they yell and fight / unleashing thier anger on … The Master Key You / hold the key / to everything ~ / the Master Key. / But / how i long / to live in a world / where there are / no locks Letter, December 10th: Piano Music those hovering, semi- / articulate fingers / over beige-black teeth / like half-yellow swanboats moored / to an artificial lake, / always /… Bethel audio [Video] Ravel: Piano Concerto in G Major Allegro Assai / Piano / 1……..2……..3, 1……..2……..3, / E……..G#E……..G… For My Piano The plucking of strings / Can not replace the love between fingertips and keys, / Nor can the touch of heartless factory plastic / Ever fil… Turning, Spinning, Swaying People turning spinning swaying / elegant heels, flourished steps / Skipping laughing hand in hand The Piano It’s ugly to the blackening blameful souls that wander through these halls Reunited and it Hurts so Good (2 Metaphors) How I longed for the / pain of it all / to feel twisted and choked / stomped and played / to pin and grab / my fingers strangle / and move… Admiral piano After Andre Breton / Bohemian protégés / cast their pearls among swine. / Their pink skin ripened / and glowed magnolia. / They became a de… lonely piano player i’m just a lonely piano player / playing songs in a bar / I live my life with no cares / and i’ll never get very far / i’… The Old Piano He never noticed the old piano, / With the dusty firm finish, / He never noticed the rotting wood, and the coat of white that lay upon it /… Hannah’s Piano (collaboration with Maxwell… still Hannah’s piano pushed to the wall / is home to one soul / one for all piano bones She covers her stomach when we have sex. / (not make love - / unfair to call if we haven’t even spoken the word / sex doesn’t make love) / … Broken Piano My eyes don’t lie when there’s sweet music near. / Fingertips are light and delicately placed amongst these keys. I’d bee… Music Is A Beautiful Thing Music is a beautiful thing. / Music is an art your heart can sing. / The truth in this music is played with your heart, of all your body it… The Little Things I’m sitting here, / On a bench. / It’s hard, and unforgiving, / And there’s a piano digging into my back. / Just a small one, / But it’s a … the last serenade Panic erupted through my veins and my steady heartbeat, that had just a second ago been a steady bass beat, had now become sporadic, clashi… Piano the world is a harp laid on its side and with ivory tinkles led to hammers, peddled like a cart into a fluidic atmosphere Piano Woman I start to sing. The Painist He benched at the brown wooden box and it became a bright rainbow / Or sometimes a cynical spiral of solitude / Just his two hands nothing … ROCK’N RETRO ROOF RACKS & LITTLE ORGANS Okay so I like to think I am not an A type personality and that I don’t suffer an addiction affliction. In states of self maudlin in… Retinas Panorama big screen theater and rumblings brush, / Hammer the strings on an old piano in the church, Small talking I’ll try to be more understanding / if you’ll say that you’ll say nothing when you’ve nothing to say The Left Hand Chord by Mo… It’s mid-afternoon in hot and sticky Habana. A cooler refuge beckons to me across Avenida Maceo. I slip into a dark corner booth in the Hot… Mr Piano Mr Pianos become a shelf… Piano Notes Some hotel on some third street in some town. / She sat down at the piano in the reception hall. Built, Constructed, Assembled with never t…  MUSIC by: Nichole Martinez Characters / Christina, 19 / Scene 1 / (CHRISTINA is seen sitting on the… The piano player with each finger he calls the rain to fall through the entanglement of….

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