Apology to the Woman on the Phone in the Airport … Your conversation was inane, but you were so determined / To speak with your friend that second, about some recorded sermon I just called … Hello darling, / look, I know you’re busy / with breakfast, coffee / the morning paper, but / just a quick question.. How I missed my Mother she had been moved at this time I was about 50 years of age and was touring around Australia sing with a show and when I worked things out … The Radio Phone In ‘Roy from Oklahoma? You are the last caller on Radio TRT Late Night Phone In. Do you have a question?’. The host leant back in his chair an… Mosquitos She called the other day. / She does that sometimes / Asks about my life / Tells me about hers / But I don’t care / I feign interest… Death of a cell phone- six word story toddler / cell phone / sheltie / equals / damage What You Do To Me lying in bed / listening silently / lost in your voice / “are you there?” / sorry / i had to catch my breath / i couldn’t… The rim It’s never the same when you know. / The conversation flowed over it, around it and through it. / We did not speak of it. / One day at a … Translation – Babu by Ariella Kornmehl “Met Babu”. / Ik leg snel neer. / Nu weet ik hoe hij heet. / “Babu.” / Quickly, I hang up. / Now I know his name. Getting dumped, the SMS way … Somewhere along the line I have lost the plot. I really do not know how to treat women. I just cannot be rude and nasty to them. Find the Phone The phone rings in the middle of the night. And rings. And rings. I try to answer it, but can’t find it. My hand flops around the … The Evil Twin My poor ex-hubby couldn’t understand why I went through phones so fast, but the truth was, that darned cat had my number. . . A Picture of Ethan & I Reunited: The Day Will… The sublime beauty of the white flash of teeth: gap & all / Limbs looking so much bigger than they could possibly be / Large enough to … The Black Bakelite Phone The phone starts to ring, the clock gently chimes, / like a maid sounding a dinner gong, its telling us the time. things they never told me. your soft back turning over in the morning. the cold times huddled under january streetlamps. and the way your eyes made me lurch with a jo… IN THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT Now naked they are caught up in the heat of the moment and nothing else in the world exists. Phone call She let it ring. Pretended she never heard it. / “You’re such a fucking wimp. It’s a fucking telephone call! It’s probably not even them.” … Kisses on my Phone Perhaps in some glint of our eye, you saw what could have been, what might have been, what you have always wanted. / So you cling to it f… Calling “She promised she would call.” / In the darkness of the night, in the room with no view, he tossed and turned still wondering if she would … !Just my Basic Cell Phone Just a phone / A cell phone only / Not a blackberry / or, a blueberry / or even a strawberry. / Not an iPhone; / Not an iPad / Not a Smartp… Why e-mail The phone says / Stop / Drop / Don’t roll / Whatever you’re doing isn’t important / And if it is? I don’t care / I… Telemarketer 1. You don’t often hear someone with an Indian accent named Veronica. / 2. No. / 1. I had an aunt named Veronica. She was my favorite… O-Bahn The Torren winds / And unbinds / In the hope that we might find / Thoughts left behind / At dawning / And the track / That we take / Hopes … Daily Commute the daily commute / morning fog slowly parting / for drive-through coffee For Parents at Christmas ( can you relate?) For all parents at Christmas. How many of you can relate? / Little one has been so very busy with choir concerts, student counsil meetings,… Your Feedback is Important to Us It’s about as asinine and tactless as telling a man dying of thirst that you can’t help him, but perhaps he should find some wa… An accident can happen easy!! Please let somebody know where THE CHANGE OF HEART “It’s just my Mom, calling to wish me a happy birthday. I don’t have time for her big long conversation; I’ll call her back tonight.” Might As Well Live (Part 3) “I’m…yeah. I’m OK. I got a very bad idea in my head involving a razor, but I’m OK. I’m still around, anyway. Still trying to fi… Mobile Phone, Cupid The fingers flew across the keypards / (misspelt words and all): / texts flying across the ether, / To each other, / In a swelter of emot… Busy 1. Could I speak to Mr Smithers, please? / 2. I’m afraid Mr Smithers is busy in a meeting at the moment. nyc i lost myself / in new york. / the buildings grabbed / up through the clouds, / and i clenched your hand from the top / as i died. / i can… the lady, the cell phone and the man behind the c… So I did it. I officially married the new Mr. MTN. He paid my lobola with a phone I could not open fast enough. Well, please don’t tell eve… Phone call from your publisher about the difficul… “What you can’t say in 150 words isn’t worth saying: / In the time it takes the rest of your writers to come up with some florid old toss;… The phone rings….. The sun is peaking through the clouds spreading its early morning soft light. / the light fills the room gradually chasing away the shadows… Blood for Static How vividly we remember everything we see, / From the numbers in our cell phones to the pixels in our TV screens. / And how we think we’re… Barbarian With A Cell Phone bringing stack attack back out of the hall closet WHERE’S THE LETTER? WHERE’S THE LETTER…it was just in my hand / I put it down….I don’t understand / Is there a poltergeist…in my … “Guess where I am calling you from ?” I was inspired to write this short humorous story by a friend of mine who like to hang on the phone for long periods of time,and does every… Comedious Commentarious : Cell Phone The restaurant atmosphere is dripping with romance. / the lighting is low,the flames from the candles on your table reflect off your wine g… A PHONE CALL AWAY (THIS IS RATED XXXX) NOT 4 MINO… I was using this telephone dating service for what else but sex of course, and the women seemed eager to please. I had my choice of women, … Mobile flickered mirage / shifting in / quantum / buzzing / bar-coded / bonanzas Critical Thinking : A Tutorial The alternative title of this tutorial was “Critical Thinking : A brief tutorial, with an overly long introduction”. The irony… Phone Number Friends / i feel so alone and sad / anyone will give me the / phone no of his girlfriend? / plz Linda’s Phone Call The night as wide / as a lion’s jaw / an open roar / of humour / in the humming dark / I care to have / the bright being / of your… my new phone unseen, undiscovered, / is my message to her, unsent, unaware, unwritten. final phone call the last final phone call / to many years have past / i wished they would call me / my memories just wont last. / my time is slowing down n… Phone Booth Romance. Lights flash and fake smoke billows from the stage. Our audience is a wailing, flailing mass of arms, smash dancing bodies and pure, relent… “I HAD A PHONE CALL” LAST NIGHT MY PHONE RANG 7.38PM / WITH THIS MAN CRYING SAYING WHILE / HIS LOUD SOUNDS OF SOBBING AND TRYING / TO GET WORDS OUT / HELP ME, G… The lavender that Drifts through her Bright Green… I want to be fed with the blues. Nourished on the golden caramel of Eva Cassidy’s voice. I want you to take me dancing in faraway places, w… Adam’s week with Sydney & Astrid – A glimpse.… (Mature) My birthday My birthday was on the 17th and it was a big one, my 18th and my mum felt really bad about it cos she couldnt get me anything long lasting … High Street Haiku – The Phonebox. We all got mobiles. / They are dead important though. / Good for pissing in. PHONE CARD AND BOOTH He took my phone card and threw it away, he said I didn’t need it anymore. I guess he meant because I had him… Fool “Brother can you spare a dime? / It’s urgent, can’t ya see? / I need to call my baby / Before she packs and leaves… Longtree looses a phone As the phone fell from the bridge towards the foaming water below, a trail of greenish smoke began to eminate from it in a sickengly undeci… Phone Call We say “goodbye” about a thousand times, / But we never get around to hang up. The Phone Call The day you gave it away, / You called me, I don’t remember / the number, but It was you. / You said you needed help, / So away I wen… The Red Phone Box We had to do it in the right order / Lift the handset / dial the number, scribbled on a piece of paper, somwhere in some pocket? / wait for… Love is ? Love is ? / Love is just a phone, thats ringing in the night, / no other reason, but to see that you’re alright. / Hoping I’d n… Mobile phone Flash fiction She kissed him at the door and he trundled backwards, not taking his eyes from her face until she finally closed the door. / He strutted o… ON DEAF EARS Again with the opinions / You act as if you have a message / A purpose / A goal Mobile Phone Masts Growing with the weeds / Sprouting from grass verges, / Pretending to be lamp posts Phone Call We spoke like sparrows / with speckled speech / How the hours crumbled / in our mouths / How we lost long ticks of time / in all our r… A Cell Phone Message For You Dear love, I hope you are sitting down on a chair, / I have a confession that I need to make you aware. / Remember last summer when you wen… The Phone Call The phone rings, / My heart jumps, / My Hands Tremble, / I get goosebumps, / I Feel the electricity, / Of our last touch, / My head is dizz… Phone line ring, ring. / click / Hello? / heavy breathing / Stop that. Now! / What do you want? / Please. / I don’t have money. / I don’t … TELE PHONE he left the city / where is he now? / i dont know / i have lost my friend / i have only his home telephone number / his home is locked now … AGING HEARTS ALWAYS CARRY BAGS OF SALT old lovers always / stick around / wishing the / what if / yeah / i’m one of them- / what do you expect / i’m a writer / a drin… The Phone is Her Lifeline. Reaching for the phone, / She’s always all alone. / The numbers like a song, / Even though they might be wrong. / Still they make her… Whisper Whisper in my ear / soft and sweet / my breath catches in my throat / I can feel my heart beat / almost racing / and you preciously moan / … She Called Me On The Cell Phone Came home from work at 3:45 and I knocked on the door, / Nobody answered so I stood there and I waited till it was 4:00. / It suddenly hit … sheets i through it at the wall/its gone thank god when phones ruled the world He sat on the front steps of the derelict pub LOVE IS KNOWN BY ME Love is known by me.. Camden ‘Steve? Steve come on, pick up,’ said Dave into the phone needlessly as it rang. He jumped up the steps of the underground stat… I Own A Phone I have a door that never opens . . Think of Me I despise the way I worry / I hate how late you call / I wait for the phone to ring / I wonder if you miss me at all / I know I overreact /… Metal Devil this thought on the devil itself / what does that tell you my cell phone… I want desperately to call a friend to come over and hang out, but my cell phone is only full of doctors numbers and friends who live out o… Phone Call I hear the breath that carries the sound. / I taste the phrases lingering on your tongue Annoyance Get out of the damn street! Where are you …he jumps into the road, appearing to dance around someone, bend down, or even hit them – it’s hard to tell because four … The phone.. No use in me sitting here by the phone / I called twice now and your home. / Just got me sitting here all alone / Just waiting to hear you … To My Dear Little Mobile Phone in its Delightful … It was in father’s wash bag along with the soap / And the flannel, to add to the mess A mobile phone mast. The worlds throughout our universe / Feel linked with the cosmos. / Each weeps with one another, / Each keeps the other within the bounds o… Not Always a Happy Ending. . . I tried to call you / All I got was your voice / On the answering machine / saying “Leave a message after the tone” God ordering off mailorder over the phone.. “The postcode for Earth….It’s errr….” HANG UP THE PHONE! DANGER ON AMERICA’S HIGHWAYS. The Traveller … Just a suitcase in hand / a small bag and my phone… / … The case travels on / with more of its kind … 911 Dropped Call Mackenna Ask: / “OK, I am going to jump on my soap box for a moment… twice today, yes twice, I was driving in traffic and I hea… Unauthorized Game Plan- Chapter 2). A voice modestly spoke from the other end in a rather cautious tone. The phone that doesn’t ring There is a black that is / darker than black / It is a field of rays which / are straightened curves. / It is a broad seam of loss. Evening Train Evening train / impossible to sleep / - fucking cell phones! / If You like this kind of poetry :o), You can freely dowload my new eBook: BL… The phone was ringing, ringing, I answered Hello, oh Hi darling I thought it was U / So bitch U thought I was someone else / No, no not at all who do U think would phone me? / No do … Zealous Emotions Light my way with the rise of sun at dawn / Deep inside of me I shiver to the root / As rickety sensations mingle through my bone
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