thinking disguised her beauty

Younger less tired in her living skin / before days of folding many clothes / cooking and cleaning for her young / soothing the needs…

the sun’s turquoise horse

the dark amethyst’s door within soul / key to the earth-diver myths / where I kept like the sun’s turquoise horse behind the se…

Behind the Curtain

The curtains were heavy as she drew them closed she remained still / and waited / Turing once again toward her enemy/friend / (Mirror Mirr…

tie a yellow ribbon around my dancing feet ̷…

I ‘m not the same person since I met you. / I believe I’ll not see my world quite the same way again. / There’s been a …

Heart of Stone

My cold heart of stone / bleeding tears of ice / cracked by forever-winter / held in shaking hands of bone / twisting, turning / ready to d…


I am a piece of fiction, none of it is true. / I am an actress in your private film. / I am an obsession, a drug.



Heart of Ice

Crystal heart of the frozen wastes / tempered by the vagaries of never-winter / moored in flakes of ice white beauty


decision reflects the realities / assessment of the situation / our perception of reality / an adequate answer to the question / the giddy …

A Letter From My Mother

I was 17 the year my parents separated. My mother moved to the yard. She wore a sign that said, “Does Not Take Direction Well”.

Unknown Stir Fry

Ispired by a quote from a friend: / I think some of us are bored with the increments and know that between each increment there is a pletho…

Perception makes one sense, reality another, fant…

hooded Naja naja / neurotoxin wedding bells, toll / your bloodthirsty mongoose waits in a penguin suit / Minerva slashed Arachne’s loom …



Persigh for Perception

Perkooky, I know.

Jealous of the Sky…

should I be / jealous of the stars / and their shining light / in a pinprick sky…

whether you’re having fun or not

damn that drunken fool who / wound that clock too far too fast / and left us with / ‘time flies when you’re having fun.’


Wide open and joyously washed / with a million liters of liquid Light / the soul comes clear…


You answered my call / thinking to save me from my stall / and I thinking…. to love you into our fall

Only a Glimpse

It is time for us to look around / and see the beauty that truly surrounds. / Yearn to be conscious of all that is. / Be not consumed by th…

Poised Fragments

Defragmentation / Shuffling through glass shards / like thousands of pieces of silver, / fragmenting vision emotionally fogged. / Forget th…

Oh, Give Me a Tactician’s Heart

Oh, give me a tactician’s heart – / clinical and cold, / ably blessed to see the world / a chessboard to be played.

Heart of Fire

Heart of fire, child of the volcano / born from flame and unbridled passion

Insight out


Upon My Shoulders

I’ve cleaned my fridge, / countertops shine / my floors are welcoming / my dust depleted for awhile / I was waiting for someone to co…


Perception / I wish that I could reach my hands / below the waters there / taking out each goblet / candles floating over them / like restl…

Painted Away

I see / this face / in the mirror / the wrinkles / around the eyes

The Life of Words.

Words fall onto the page / casting shadows of meaning

Heart of Spirit

Heart of Spirit born on silent wings / from the four corners of the Earth

“A Cold War”

“I know you didn’t, and why you won’t be able to say anything!” / “I really don’t know why I’m here!” / “Do you love me?” / “I love you bab…

Let’s Review This

You say im kind, sensitive, tender / I see selfish, selfcentred, and hard / You say im pretty, sexy, funny / Are we looking at the same pe…


“Reality is a game of illusion, deception”… “The trickster (an archetype, a boundary dweller) exists to question, to cause us …

The Shy One (part 8)

I have always been curious about why certain kinds of knowledge and experience are presumed sacred or only available to a few.

the reasons behind the winter blues

Every word has its meaning… / and a glimpse into why i’m me… / But it all sometimes will get a jumbled, / In the flow of …

I Am Not Really Crazy And You Are Not Really A R…

The reality shimmered and glowed, it was beautiful and exquisite, mesmerizing and cryptic. It was different all the same.

Time Perception

Time / Is perpetual / Perception of time / Is not

M.C. Escher-Adventures in Perception

Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972) is one of the world’s most famous graphic artists. His art is enjoyed by millions of people all o…

What is Perception?

“While some are content with what little they see, some of us have a vision of a different world that surrounds us”

Impressions of my secret life

Impressions, sensations, and thoughts

Heart of All

Heart of All, blended in a witch’s cauldron / by the alchemy of time and a life cherished

If You’re Very Lucky

Pride is fine, / especially with flaky crust and sweet meringue, / but keep this man and toss that pie / into the foolish taunting face of…

Life is a game of perception

From the moment we are thrown out of the Temple of Creation, we are automatically labeled as ‘players’ in the game of perceptio…

The Adventures of Miss Perception ( with subtext )

I once met Socrates in Paris! / I knew I would be slightly embarrassed! / He was arguing that I don’t exist, / But do I really… give a sh…

The reality of perception

Ultimately my / Reality is mine to / Make. And this / Perception is an / Idea born out of / Misunderstanding / Twisted by / Fear.

direct perception

perhaps the difficulty I have when / articulating a perception / is because I experience perceptions / directly in a way more akin to sight…

The Author

I don’t know the slope between your cheeks and your nose, / Between your heels and your toes.


Yes good deaths, even healing deaths, luminous deaths. Such things are possible.

Stained Bones

I still have urges, wants, needs. / My age tells a tale, but my / mind is still young, and desires.

seeing the light

hot white spotlight / illuminating only me / i craved that heat

Do you remember the clarity?

it is astonishing because it communicates with our inner child linking directly back to a time of freedom, clarity, and happiness. It takes…


When everything infinite / Turned finite

My Perception (2)

Tip-tap. Tip-tap. Tip-tap. / I wonder why, if i’m wearing flats, each of my steps resonate so loudly. / I want to be quiet. I want no…

I Dont look Like This In My Head!

She was used and abused she kept on regardless / Smiling still for all the world to see / Happy, carefree, and full of philosophy

It’s all about Us

The only obstacles in life are our own views.

The Shy One (part 11 of 11)

Who Made The Steps and Why? / Before there was time, there was space and energy. As energy filled the space, it created gradients, bands of…

The Perception of Normalcy

If you judge a man by his successes, you’ll be disappointed. Instead, place a man in adversity, watch his eyes and watch his hips. If…

Location and Perception

The Real Estate people tell us that the three most important aspects of a property in order of priority are; location, location and locatio…

So We…

In truth I’m a warrior, a star seed livin out my dharma, I’ll be bustin rhymes with the dali llama till I feel calmer ,

The Heart of my war

My heart is at war / Caught between the crossfire / Of the mind and the soul.


Gaze straight forward / Unrestrained / A sigh escaped / A thought occurred… / “Is this what it feels like to be male or harlot?”

More and lesser

Blank is possibility…

‘The Prayer’

The incense smoke rises from my soul, / for I am the flame that is burning. / The darkness and the light are fused in my spirit. / The ice …

“Realities of Perception”

Perception ……………………introspection



my perception

Emotions run deep / flowing through my every being / burning with affection / that flows like lava through my veins


rebirth yourself / in the empty womb / of my mind’s / lifeless thought’s

such is life

i second-guess almost everything / in the lapidarium of the mind


Grass is so involved with being, it simply hasn’t the time to discuss the merits of existence with humans. Humans are so removed from…

The universe is geometry.

The nature and building blocks of the universe is geometry, the beauty that is perceived is a reflection of the wholeness and purity of the…

Perfection in the Eye of the Beholder

Curvature and shape of angelic ancestry. / As if your lineage were bred for seduction. / A face that could strike fear into the heart of a …


…to believe and do…

‘The Dark Star’

The woman’s a living goddamn nova. She radiates beauty, charisma and charm, infused with a sultry brand of good old-fashioned sex app…

The Molding of Perception.

Your beauty is carved out of the granite of / frozen perceptions.


Where you may see failure, I see room for improvement, / Where you may see the end, I see a brand new horizon, / Where you may see anger, I…

Strange Fate

Strange fate.. strange fate of mine / Do you not feel tire? / A heart as content, a love that is meant…


Music plays in my head / That only I can hear / I dance by myself / A solitary silhouette / In the gentle rain… / Between my toes / M…

Kicking The Habits

Perceptions altered by old recordings, played like a broken record. / Archaic voices filling my mind with ideas that plant me to the ground…

My perception on the day (copyed from myspace)

“wasted days and wasted nights” / Current mood: lonely / Category: Life / Well it is only 4:30, but it feels late. I was sup…


As simple as to let it be or to let it bleed / instead of fighting the messenger that heeds / or to bight the hand that greets you with seed

Today’s Lesson is Perception

Today I weighed the value of perception / to find its purpose, / and question / existence / It would seem that with the cold / I’…

The Temple of Sorrow

« As above, so below » is an uncharacteristic scrutiny of an astute conception of an insular deliberation without the foresight of a cosmic…

“Fantasy Garden” featured in Fractal …

A huge THANK YOU to the hosts of the Fractal Perception group for featuring this fractal!!! / I am both delighted and honored!!! / Ken

Altered perception

“Shut up bitch, stop crying, you deserve this, it’s your fault, if you had told the truth but no, not you, this goody two fucki…

Manifest with love

“…I cannot fully grasp his perception, a contradiction to mine, it seems…”


Degrees of resistance equivalent roughly, regardless of altitude; between lighting a poorly thought-out-flame-and, the mechanism of a faili…

Sleep Poem

When its pitch black / your thought settles on / I need to turn off the light

Big THANKS to Fractal Perception group

WOW! / Thanks Fractal Perception – LjMaxx – for the feature!!! / Haven’t logged on for several days and discover this was done…

Perception …

Yes, Shallow … / Yes There Lies… / No Depth… Oh See / This Sight …


I wish that I could reach my hands / below the waters there / taking out each goblet / candles floating over them / like restless dingies …

The Perception of Mind

We don’t see with our eyes, / We perceive with the mind. / The visions we see, / We’re actually blind.

What Happens When You Die

I know it sounds thin and rickety but I’m not done…

The Nonsense Of Being Normal.

Without normal weird does not exist. / Perhaps there is only difference?…

‘HEIR (Part II)’

As I tepidly edged further into uncertainty, it occurred to me that I’d left the right jacket on the opposing coast. / A short time l…


Why is it that I looked and did not see / All of the things that have been weighing me down / Why did it take so long / To realise the thin…

Don’t call me beautiful.

Don’t call me beautiful / Call me a bitch, or call me love / but whatever you decide / do NOT call me beautiful.

‘The Truth (I Need To Leave Behind)’

Look not to see but to hear with your eyes. Listen I’ll show you the one truth that’s mine; I do not know if it’s this yo…


A gaudy cacophony of ego and fear. This atmosphere is saturated in the emanations of billions of confused souls, past present and future. E…
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