To Touch Someone… You don’t have / to touch someone… / to touch someone. when you’re calm, you’re home when you’re calm, you’re home kisses like peace Your kisses taste of secrecy / Pinky promise to keep them with me / So crucial like I need them to see / Torn cruciate they got me weak in … Never Knowing Much One moment allows the seeds opening crack and in that same / instant / grows a forest / How can we ever believe we know much? / Words serv… We Meet Again I feel mischief in your blood and a smile in your step / I feel parts are finding the whole / and when they do each one holds the other / a… What is it to be a woman? Is it the size of your breasts? / Or the breadth of your heart? “Win some…learn some” “I reckon it’s again my turn to win some or learn some” / Jason Mraz Not Now Not now, / Just / not / now / Tomorrow / I want / now / But / Not… / now / I keep seeing and feeling more / And / … more / you see, / r… Nothing Feels Better Nothing feels better than loving. / Nothing. / I have a memory of the sly details of deception / I would lay on me heart, / But I am old no… The Origin of the Peace Sign Inside the circle of the Peace sign is a Rune called an algiz. The Rune, or Runes, when encircled is called a Runebind. This empowers the M… I Only Ask Of God / Solo le Pido a Dios (UPDATE) I only ask of God / He won’t let me be indifferent to the suffering / That the very dried up death doesn’t find me / Empty and … Mind Reading What will happen when comes the / Time we can read each other’s thoughts? Adult Art Material – Celebrate the Love, R… (Mature) You Are Releasing creation GANGSTER GOSPEL THE FIRST GANGSTER GOSPEL RAP glacier a place in the sun / but the time has a real chip on it’s shoulder / A pale wintry sun shone through the clouds / it seemed, that sun… Peace Comes from Some Other Place Something I struggle to hold onto / stands in the forest, half-hidden / where trees cut sunlight into blinding shafts. Psalm 666 (Mature) cutting edge – Obama could be a peace maker… *We’re relying on him to give the world a cutting edge? / Obama could be a peace maker or peace keeper?* ~ That’s what they mean ~ for you’ll find peace and faith there / and that’s what they mean by pray Ocean Peace Happiness is mine today To Be Much More At evenings dawn the clouds come to play / And like them we can glow and soar / Shining brightly in a single suns ray / We too can become s… a piece of peace its so tempting / to give you / a piece of my mind / but just this once I might / give you / a piece of my heart instead World Peace Through Inner Peace :) Death is like; “I don’t like spinach&… Seems we can’t get enough of it … / Death. / What would happen to Drama in our movies and our news! / What would happen to Democracies that… Letting Art Go I laid back and let tears roll down my cheeks / I laid back and heard the wind sweep across my belly / I laid back and shut my eyes to the … Journey to Peace It is in time / not of your own design / through the briar / of cuckoo land / you shall have to venture / to reach / the launching pre… Portent? Gods are crying / Religions vying / Media lying / Humanity dying Necessary Leave The train wheezed and creaked to a halt. Michael stood and moved along with the others to the platform. Men surged towards the gate, and he… Just Wait Wait; / just wait till perfection arises in winter / Wait; / just wait till music tells a story / between the chorus / there you may find … House Cat I ate in silence / The screech of the mouse in the corner made Let me die before I wake… Please God, let me die before I wake / Let me stay in blissful dreams, never again see sunlight / At night my soul is whole again, it is wi… Love of a Yogi Ji What do the sages say when love comes knocking? / One day in a land far away… / A guru on the mountaintop came knocking. / I was hiking alo… Rust Down What a relief to rust down / To let go / The clown cloths / The minuet sparkles / The fancy religion in red / The bittersweet lovers in bla… Sunilism: Boycott The People’s Republic of China”… Will you something to stop Jesus Christ crucified again like Tibetans?, / Boycott Republic of China based Products and Services till the … “Carry on wayward son. There’ll be pe… What a relaxing day for a drive! The sky is blue and the sun is shining! I will put on some great driving music and put the peddle to the m… shhh . . . . shhh . . . the clouded stories from the corner table You always know when I’m lying. constriction a constricted vision of the world / when the sun reclines / the night consumes light / geological epochs / epochs fly / the time blinded b… A Daughters Farewell Revisited It was then that I saw clearly I was no longer the central man in her life, but just her loving father The Human Condition For you and me and everyone we know. This is my outlook as a 23 year old woman trying to make sense of the world and knowing it’s no… There Are These Words There are words in me that stifle my heart / Seeming to allow my tenacious fear / rule out that ineffable song within that wishes to be h… The Passion is Gone… the words of a passionate woman healing from heartache.. Always looking Back The conversations always began with some memory, / For I love memories / She does too / There is an ineffable companionship between us / En… thick skull Pieces of wreckage / rusted door / a few scattered settlements / an old dream rusting away outside / eradication extirpate / abolition t… Letter to Jamie – Rest in Peace. There is a story i wanted to tell when you were older – about how pulled it together against all the odds, how you came back from the… a hope for peace 8 It’s almost Christmas and another year appears to have come to an end listless / I’ve become numb to the fact my wishlist always hinges on … A world of wondering It feels fitting today to wonder / the docks are full of slumber / sails are resting on the boats that keep / waiting to engage once more /… Perfectly Present breathe and be Emptiness I remember attending / my first teaching on Emptiness / A professor of Philosophy attempting to explain / using a glass as a metaphor… Linaji writes to Linaji in response to SinnerR… Here we are again Linaji, / You and trust issues yes? / Why this or that or Why at all this temptation to believe / We are killers of our o… Goodbye Ivan Stan Retail therapy was the remedy I sought as I did the ’ shop to you drop’ along the shopping mall. / I bought the usual returnable stu… When Fog Sets Down So He whispers gently in our ear / Peace be still / open your ears and eyes to Me / I will guide you back to safety Help Me Feel The Coolness On Your Skin / As You Set Beside Me / Close Your Eyes And Be Lost in Thought / As You Listen To My Murmurs / Be Chilled T… PAIN’S MIGHT … Oh the tender soul of it all You gave your fists hands to touch Death’s not alone / And you unfurled your wings here to span the whole globe / But were rained on by st… I really don’t want to talk…. Say what?… Pardon me? / I am sorry if I didn’t say hello… / I just don’t feel like talking today.. / Would you mind… trauma extremely insane mind / resting fear / resting unconscious / the subconscious mind / unconscious desires / a strange inhuman sound / l… “wtf” I can’t even explain why illness and not even knowing if I am ill makes me want to fill my glass until my body says / “enough … Rest In Peace, My Beloved Billy You fell into this world from a nest far above / When I found you, so helpless, my heart swelled with love. / I knelt on the ground and cup… My Desire With smile wide and heart leading the way / I turn my back on Yesterday / eager to embrace a brand new day / with the freedom stirring to l… Soaring Suddenly, into that perfect peace, you hear the rising sound of tearing calico plummeting towards you from above. Sand & Salve Love soothes The Blue Hour The dancing wave is pulled by a new moon, sending glistening ripples of a darkened silk echoing toward me- not even stars could consume suc… TO YOU, YOU BULLY! Shoved me, slapped me, kicked me too, hallucination Colour of my dream / eyes.. / hallucinations start to fade / there are many dreams / but there’s no sound / I can feel the wind / Un… One Love Shimmering leaves / under a black velvet sky… Silence we would just lie there, / still, side by side / with our fingertips touching each others / and we would listen to the silence. threaded together with veins of love and hope our conversations are the art between lovers / where words become paintings / and feelings are written in blood Sometimes This morning / as I sit and write / watching day overpowering night / I have found / that / sometimes / when I am down / the best place to… Get Up! “Just get up and dress your bloody knee.. / and balm your sorry ass… Serenity Her soft fingers / brush across my forehead / smoothing down the worry / the lines that seem permanent / slowly fade away / as she gives me… Beat of a different DRUM My heart beats to what rhythm? I ask, and where? / It’s the same at all pulse points, like sounds of a snare; / Yet, I have no drumst… WHY WE HAVE OLYMPIC GAMES The Olympic Games were invented as a technique to avoid violence. / This is how they got started.A Greek historian of long ago has told th… Responsible I am not my poetry for they are poems Cool Rain Cool rain wets the sky and ground, calling. / It silenced the boiling world. Time becomes slow. / My mind wants to enjoy the rain’s i… Connection Inspired by a fellow bubbler who sent me this video that touched my heart. The Vid got sent to her from a fellow bubbler in Scottland. / … Mr. Moody and She ‘Mr. Moody and She’ / She walked toward infinite possibilities / as if the rushing water were sliding her snail like, / glistening recoil /… We Belong Together I am not so sure about the ‘long ago’ and being a woman, / Of course there have been fables about the times of woman / Being the ‘shit’ but… Religion attempts to make God into a machine Organized religion, is not the Voice of The Almighty! But religion has usurped His Word, irreverently reducing it to dogma and traditions.… ~ Through Reality’s Mist ~ He whispered words of forever / vowing nothing would separate us again / I looked deep into His eyes of passion / and placed my heart into … shaman spirit I empty myself / and my silence awakens the queen in me Listen to the Birds… If you can’t hear the flowers (yet), listen to the birds. ’’NARRATION’’ I asked,‘’ Why my heart in the shadow of darkness, why I feel fear’’ / God replied,‘’Cause i gave you l… Darkness Has Fallen Darkness Has Fallen / A Darkness Has Fallen / Hush Comes Or The Hill / Valleys Mist Now Risen / The Forest Oh So Still / Lun… The Vortex The vortex is the place where what I have become in thought, more … pulls me toward it from… here. / The gap between me and the… Olumide Tolerance, respect for all views, love is the true teaching. Little Blind Girl When she was a child, people sometimes approached the little blind girl and advised her to pray for sight, to plead for mercy from the One … New Beginnings He longed to hear his father’s voice calling him out into the open and scolding him for touching the machinery. He would have been an… Minor Damage I was seized by a sudden pang of conscience / gaze roamed over the situation / haunting the conscience of forgotten existence / past to fut… Fixing myself begins with me…not you! my thoughts for today.. 04/04/2012 I WILL NOT GO QUIETLY … A Collaboration I will not go quietly… / by Richard George / I will Not Go Quietly / A poem by: / Richard George / and / LInaji / 2010 / I have been… Selah. Selah. / . / Don’t talk. / . / Don’t think. / . / Just breathe. / . / Be carried away by Wonder. / . / Don’t try. / . / Just be. / . / Sto… “Built To Last” … Don’t worry about the future… / Don’t worry about the past… / Know in your soul, here and NOW / We are/were ‘… ~ Moments like this ~ I could lay here forever / surrendered to such bliss The Oxford Hold Teddy leant forward and picked up his glass, letting the moment build, while Alexander became rigid and looked as if he was about to reveal… A FIRST SIN they have sinned! / While they were committing a sin / were they knowing its a sin actually
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