Surgery of a Soul. Surgery of a soul In need of repair. / Tiny little instruments used with such care. / A spirit mechanic with a look of despair. Immerse and Surrender My eyes without you are forlorn, / I bequeath you with all that I am. 10 Dating tips for the lonely Nerd So, you’ve decided you’re lonely and that it’s time for you to crawl out from that hole you’ve been hiding in and go find a girlfriend? The… If I Do That? If I do that, will you feel like a whore? / If I do that, are you going to want more? / If I do that, do I gain higher place? / If I do tha… Question My Existence This is my plight with time / Gaining momentum. / This is the reason why, / I still question my existence. Anatomy of a text message Hey, I just got this text message from my girlfriend, yeah that’s right I have a girlfriend and she’s real! Anywho I just got this text fro… The Soap Bubble – Episode 14. Diversion the… First was the Rumble in the Jungle, then the Thrilla in Manila! Now the BBC Brings you Brackstone vs Chapman for the Seascape Heavyweight … Thoughts of a man in love Day 1 / Crowded public transport / On a wet Monday morning in November / What could be worse? / …Well, I suppose trapped in a lift with / J… Lonely level 53 Wizard seeking female Hello, I’ve been single for erm lets see… err four… five… carry the one…erm… since birth, and I feel it’s probably time I found a nice girl… I wish I was a window. I’d like to be your window, open like a mind. / The air that you breathe, supplied through me. The Soap Bubble – Episode 8. The first on t… Get the girl, kill the baddies save the Bubble, and back in time for tea and medals! hurrah Miss This Angel of Mine. I feel like an endless night waiting for my sunrise / So, this is what it’s like to miss this angel of mine The wonderful world of Facebook There is a certain special place / In the world of cyberspace / Where people socialise / And unknown bands publicise / Where you can find o… Better Days (Song) I heard your calling, for so long. / And I heard your warnings go on and on. / Words and dreams are revovling, they dance all day. / Yes I … How to refrain from swearing If you’re reading this, then it’s pretty safe to assume you’re a despicable foul-mouthed… person, there you go look, I wanted to swear then… Top 10 things to say before a fight [Video] / 1. You should know I have a gym membership… so… well I mean I filled most of the forms out and everything but I haven… History of madness (complete) Used to love writing NO FIXED ADDRESS at social security called it social obscurity antisocial insecurity told then I had a job interview a… The Soap Bubble – Episode 13. The Bubblette… Things are going bad in the Bubbleverse. don’t believe me then read here, it’s a bit of a mix between crouching tiger hidden bu… Thoughts of a drunk I am so… erm… er… / What’s it called when you drink too much alcohol? / There’s like a special word for it! / I think it rhymes with… “Kerp… Thoughts before a proposal [Video] / Ah Paris / The city of love… / They say in Paris a couple gets engaged every 3 seconds / Now I’m no Mathematician but that’s a lo… I Am God. …And soon I’ll be baptised! / I will rise even higher! / No need to associate with the outside! / I am beyond everyone now! Thoughts in a supermarket God I hate shopping! / Way too much walking involved / If only I had one of those Segways / Then I wouldn’t have to take a single step / Oo… The Beauty of You Along the way there’ll be those who warn of things that are too good to be true. / I pity their ignorance. / For they know not the beauty o… Dear Guitar From: Paul Hickson <> / To: / Sent: Sunday, 20 May, 2012 22:19:13 / Sub… Silence is a bridge between words. (Mature) Fathers and Sons So erm… my Dad and I are currently not on speaking terms. We were watching a game show earlier and I correctly answered a question ab… Another Shade of Grey I’m thinking of her. / I’d break the rules and then recover. / She likes to paint the world grey. / I’ll save her from herself today. AS YOU STAND As you stand / We swirl around you / You stand strong, firm and with purpose / We yearn to cling to you / To be part of you / To be blessed… THE ROAD TO VALHALA Come travel with me down this dark lonely road / The is the road to Valhala / A road littered with 50 million corpse of young brave men / F… My 25 things to do before I die 1. Learn how to throw like a man / 2. Find the courage to ride the tea cups at Disneyland / 3. Run a marathon… ok, walk a marathon / 4. Wat… About you… I’m singing songs about you, / Yet I can’t hold a tune. / My guitar neck is stained with blood, / From anxious fingers yearning for a melod… Thoughts in an exam I am so effing tired / God why did I stay up all night watching Sex and the city / Damn you Sarah Jessica Parker and your hilarious mishaps… Sod’s Law Thank you sod’s law / For every time my toast falls jam side down on the floor / For every time tickets are sold out for the Hannah Montana… A letter to Pedro the spider Dear Pedro the spider / Ever since you took up residence in our bathroom, you’ve made my life hell! I have to actually cry myself to sleep … The Facebook Rant Hi there, hey, how’s it going? So get this. I have just received my 1’000th invitation to visit a friend’s farm on Farmville; yeah 1,000th,… Glorified. Holding back the fears that promised so much yesterday, / With auburn hair and golden lips she took all my cares away. A book report by a student who didn’t actua… “Hey, erm so I decided to do my book report on The Catcher in the rye by J.D Salinger. For anyone who hasn’t read this book alr… The Procrastination Schedule 7:00 am – Wake up to the sound of the alarm clock, which was primed the night before specifically to get up early and begin working on that… Luster I feel safe, / I feel hope, / For I have seen tomorrows luster today. sex and tragedy on the bus “Uh. I am a mature and responsible man. I own a valance!” ECT shock treatment. what i wrote THEN I have just had my first treatment of ECT – electro-shock therapy. I had it at around 7.30 and it is now 9. C.V Curriculum Vitae / Name: Paul Hickson / Date of birth: 04/09/89 / Sex: not as yet, I’m still looking for the right person / Objective: To t… Jungle Juice You kiss like Monroe and bite like a rattle snake glass of HOURS? sweary bad words mad paul oops I will carry it with me in a bag stitched from skeins of my own madness and plastic wrapping tape. Faded Blue Spade and James Taylor Paul Kelly’s “Love never runs on time” played slower in her mind than it should, each line serenading a beggar man’s truth; there are no il… The Mariachi Band Please listen to this while you read… / [Video] / I am haunted by five ghosts / Each one as terrifying as the last / They follow me f… The Granddad Schedule 6:00am – Get out of bed, slowly… very slowly, as those aches, pains and arthritic joints you’ve accumulated over the years make the task of… Best man speech Ok, I think we’ve all reached a sufficient level of drunkenness now, I know I have, so I think it’s time to start the speeches&… ART THEORY; donkey BALLS. WHY YOU ARE RIGHT So when next you see a piece of wire with a stuffed budgie hanging from it SHOCK TREATMENT dare you to read it hardest thing ever posted. dare you to, dare you to read it. as i dare to post this. Paths They say our paths are written. / Who then writes my path, I say? / Show yourself. / Tell me your reasons. / Must you test me once more? / … Jane6 Her legs pumped hard, her speed was reaching 120 kilometers an hour. She crested the dunes barely touching the sand beneath her. She was cl… Paul Hickson’s “Photography top tips … Photography top tip number 1 – Always remember to remove the lens cap / Photography top tip number 2 – Any image looks good in … Millenium Bridge, London, United Kingdom 1.996 – 2.000 / Cliente / Client: London Borough of Southwark, Millennium Bridge Trust / Arquitecto / Architect: Norman Foster + Partners /… No Secrets There’s no secret to living. / Just keep on reaching boy. / Take a chance, take a risk, / You won’t regret. / Open your eyes, open your min… Write The Refrain For once / Shine your light on me / Let me smile / Uninterrupted The 12 Gory Days Of Grinchmas A dark christmas poem full of horror! The Rant I just bought Pretty Woman on DVD and to my horror found that the deleted scenes have been omitted from the DVD bonus features!! I am so fi… Animal tweets Cinnamon @CinnamonTheDog / Hey! other dogs! Every tree from Mr Li’s pet shop 2 the park is my tree! my tree! I marked them with my sc… Soundtrack to my life Ya know how kids do that whole lemonade stand outside their house to make a little money? Well I also did it… I was 22. The Journey of a Soul Unprepared were we when you answered the divines behest / I’m going to miss you each day that I continue to draw breath. SCREAM RANT I will watch a bird that steals time and feeds it to its children howl across the pale sky of morning. The Countdown Girl Jesus now lives down in China / Sharing a house with his fat little friend / He would still walk across the water / If the path of the ri… FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) Q. Why do dogs hate cats so much? / A. Dogs have had a hatred for cats ever since Andrew Lloyd Webber produced the hit musical “Cats&… Thoughts while on hold [Video] / “We are experiencing a heavy volume of calls at this time, please stay on the line while you are connected” / Of course you are /… A scar on the flesh of your inner thigh and I do want her, / Want to eat from her / Lick the life from her fingers / so real and so far away The OCD Schedule (A day in the life of an OCD suf… 6.30am – Get up at precisely 6:30, do not, I repeat, do not get up on an odd number!!! / 6.31am – Struggle to do 10 sit ups and 10 push ups… There’s a Jack Nicholson under my bed! When I was a child, my big brother used to tell me stories of horrible slimy monsters with enormous feet and big googly eyes, not unlike th… The Princess Why should the princess cry? / I’ll come and rescue her in case she dares, / I am the knight to take away all her cares. Just Waiting To Reach For Heaven Never opposed, / A singular thought is clear. / Wondering out loud just why it is that we’re here? Apple Core You see we chose to close the door. / A bitter end of unity. / I’m breaking glass across the floor. / It’s helping with my mentality. New Years resolutions 1. Stop making fun of celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone, we have to be nice to them, they have a hard enough time as it is. By the way… SHOCK TREATMENT part 2 A beautiful woman a flawless ocean; the right temperature of day and water, timed by degree. The beach a strip of pure white wire in my min… Boy Then he was ready, he knew it was time to disappear. CHANGE IS COMING! They say change is coming! / It comes. / Like a thief in the darkest of nights / Or, a hurricane, whenever it pleases. / knocking you down,… SHOCK TREATMENT part 4 I take her radial pulse, her carotids, once, twice. I am on the grass stretched and ragged against her. Ah… something there, something life… FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) 2 Q. What’s the current protocol for letting a girl know you like them? / A. Erm I’m pretty certain it’s still the same as … BANNERS Raise your banners / Hold them high above your heads / Tell them I am coming! / To conquer, not be conquored / To give life, not to bring d… WHOMSOEVER SAYS LOVE ISN’T BLIND HAS NEVER … “Eat life!” Guttural and with cheeks sore from smiles such smiles such wide cheshire smiles. If only my red red lips would stre… The Moth and the Flame but of course… the flame itself – the very fire that PROVIDES the light – it burns Not the papa, The Son. I AM The Way, The Truth, and The Life, No one comes to The Father, / except through ME. / (John 14:6) / I wa… Talk to the hand because the face ain’t lis… It is perhaps the most obnoxious phrase to ever grace the human oral tradition. Many of us have said it at least once in our lives; whether… The Lost Golfer The honest truth is that I’d never play around whilst Ethel was alive. It didn’t even enter my mind. Not once in 55 years of marriage. But … the WHOLE ENCHILADA VIOLENCE against my ribs like a Titan’s maul, a god-hammer of ending! Someplace or something warm. Colour-blind and balanced, capsized and immersed, a bridge that’s a seething landscape. / Titan for a Tuesday, dry as a bone wrist or a Dol… ARTISTS COLLABORATIONS ~ Expanding on Yet, there’s always the beauty / Of so soft the sound leaves here “Which way to Paris?” INT. PLANE INTERIOR – ECONOMY CLASS – DAY / It’s a routine flight from New York to Paris. The pilot makes an announcement to the passengers… The Beauty of You (Song Vers.) Everything I’ve dreamed / Combined into one single entity / You give me your hand. / I stand inside your love. / You embrace all tha… 14 Iphone Apps that should exist 1. The Sylvester Stallone translator app – This is a really handy app, as it gives you the ability to decipher exactly what Sylvester Stall… The Rant 2 You will not believe this! I just went to watch a highly informative Youtube video on skateboarding monkeys, and to my surprise the popular… The Shawshank Detention Ya know that feeling when you’re incredibly bored and time just seems to inexplicably stand still? Well that’s pretty much what Mr Shawshan… Debunking Desalination By Paul Brannan “To run this $3,200,000,000 plant an additional 1,200,000,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases will be….” / Travis Easton GOOD NEWS FOR AMERICA (an irony) Ron Paul is arguably the best fix for all that is wrong with the U.S.A. today. His ideologies and concepts are radical in the extreme. The Superhero CV Name / Paul Hickson / Current alias / Captain Environment / Previous aliases / • Gender confused boy/girl / • Generic superhero man / • Th… Thought for the day, 21 January 2009 Barrack Obama became President of the United States of America… / The stock markets plunged… / I went body surfing with my nine… Like Paul The Person who LOVES u / will FIGHT with YOU more / But if u DROP a TEAR / He will FIGHt the worldto stop ur TEARS / so never LOSE the LOVi…
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