Finding the Fifth Element for My Party of Two

Will you swallow all my passion / my whole and damned heart? / all of it / and with pounding flesh and every morning hence

quite a party we had " – ))


3 nights in an artistic and mystical city

Last week We were on vacation in Safed a small city in the north of Israel. / First, a few words about the hotel we stayed, Ruth Rimonim Sa…

making love in the sky while the party spins on b…

I mix drinks on the roof / (there’s a party going on / below) / but here I am / all alone with the stars / for a hat, / and my heart / in …


The island of Koh Panghan had become quite an intriguing location; Haad Rin beach was a place to encounter engaging sights and sounds.



100 word stories #3: The Costume Party

Today, you will punch a skeleton. / That level of detail would renew my faith in horoscopes. / Sagittarius: Through a panto horse-head you’…

Jesus the Gardener – tending his sheep

My dream of the love of the Gardner Christ Jesus – tending his sheep and loving us.

Party preparations….!

there was near disaster, however, when a feigned attempt, by the Cat, to tie a shoelace on her six inch heeled brogues, revealed more than…

The Sequined Saint

You say you’ll never be an angel / When your time is nigh / You don’t think you deserve to be / A divine being in the sky



What to wear to a RedBubble (virtual) party?

Social Networking is about connecting with people you may never meet, who live on the other side of the planet and who have never heard of …

Now This…is Awsome

I have the urge to write / And tell the world what happened / just the other night

Bachelorette Party

My TRI-sexual experience!

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want …

Wow! I have never eaten so much cake in my life. Yeah, yeah! You are just sore because I got to it before you! There is some cake there on …

Democratic Choice In Party U.S.A.


Dead People at a Party

Dead People at a Party / By John Fish / I dreamed of dead people at a party. It was an odd invitation. An odd affair. We had all been at th…

Pity Party … Wanna come?

It’s my pity party / You’re invited to come / A whole night of whine / I’ll share…Want some / Bartender LINE ‘em UP / Jack Daniels to star…

Your Royal Highness – Your Majesty

we celebrate your 60 years reign, / You nurtured those children, / What a beautiful couple you make, / GOD SAVE THE QUEEN

Victorian Bushfire Relief Fund – RED BUBBLE…

I’ve just had confirmation that Red Bubble will match my donations from sales – dollar for dollar – Yay! / Naomi X

A Little Joy

He was having his own party / a party of just one

Life Of The Party

The small group in the corner opened. / “Yay!” / Malc, dour tattooist, strangely undepressed . . . Sally, ‘life of the pa…

Happy Birthday to me! I live in a tree! I smell l…

Well it is ONE whole year since I came to Redbubble! I want to celebrate with all of you. I thought we could go out to a nice restaurant. I…

Natures Bridal Party

A magnificent pair of / Snow white Swans, / Parading upon the water, / Like the groom proudly / Waltzing his bride, his love, / Around the …

Tea Party

A Victorian look to burgundy and off-white petals immersed in greenery brings to mind a tea party… I envision old crocheted doilies o…

Demagoguery Talk Radio and The Republican Party T…

The Republican Party is getting its talking points today from Rush Limbaugh who is also the Grand Dragon Klansman for the RepubliKlans̷…

Intelligent Life On Earth

All of a sudden a space alien come from around the bushes and walks up to him and the dog.

Rani, The Party and The Present

‘Nice Birthday Party’ said Rani. He wasn’t used to drinking warm beer and it was going to his head. ‘Happy 40th! Is it today?’. / ‘Thanks a…

A Viking in my Dustbin. (34) Mouse House.

I still hear the laughter of that sun-blessed afternoon in the common-room as we all played as children, blissfully unaware as mid-summer a…

The party Is Over….

You have been traveling down a one way street. / That will only take you to your personal defeat. / It all starts out having fun with your …

Inflatable palm trees and hula mayhem.

Jenny cleverly wore a skin coloured halter neck which resulted in everyone (the men) doing a double take at her.


Take A Gander…. what have you got to lose?

Talking at the party

Should I gamble perfection or preserve it in its brevity forever?


He sat on a trash can and leaned his back against the stucco wall. A cool breeze swept up from passing cars and turned the sweat on his nec…


This is a gathering of lovers. / In this gathering / Their is no high, no low, / No smart, no ignorant, / No special, no assembly / No gran…

Life a Party

Life a party?

The Pity Party

Zach and Randy had had enough and out of pity decided to invite Jane out with them Friday night. Shyly, she agreed and met them at a club …

After the Party (Spirit Walks Part 7. Blood Red)

‘I’ve slept for a whole week?!’ Sama squealed. ‘Why didn’t anyone wake me up?’ / ‘It’s always that way after the Hunt.’

Winter Dance Party

We shouldn’t have asked. / We should have just walked in and if stopped said we’d be out in less than ten. / I wonder if she ev…

T Party

,“What do you think of the new T Party?”

The morning after

A stereo with careless disks / warble endlessly

The Christmas Opening

After all year playing Santa Claus, Christmas day was my day off.

Empty Bottles, Nights, & Days

Her black wings matched my mood / To the tune I rescinded my solitude / Inviting to share my witches brew / wrecking the feng shui of my h…

Party for one

swivel hips are shown / she is on her own / and…………. / suddenly dancing to a moon shadow.

A party for Norma

Friday was Norma’s fortieth birthday.


Elegantly upright / Sexily swarve and supreme / Her bubbly presence / Stands out in a crowd



The Party Girl

That bitter taste still laced her mouth and she was convinced her drink had been spiked.

Young&Duo At Heart

“i’m just trying to keep up”

The mad hatter’s tea party

“I s’pose you’ll want milk too.” / “Yes please.” / “Well there isn’t any!” / “So why did you offer? / “Because I could…” / “And you think I…

Practice Run

these memories are my future


You can see the question coming a mile off. It rolls in from the horizon, a ponderous wall of burnt cloud and crackling thunder, terrifying…

Part 27 Clarity

As Mr Blanc listened to Hugh Jenning rant on about his plans for world domination, all he could think of was sitting with his Nanna with he…

Arvo Party Spirit

Like a reindeer reappearing from the hunt / Time and space rush ahead / through toughest dayz / Whilst the salt-water spirit slipped / over…

Tea Parties

“Oh, that’s perfectly alright. Here, let me pour you some tea. You simply must try a drop.” He poured the content of a teapot into a large …

Erotica – Post-Party


Barrack for Kevin at a Tea Party

A deliberate act of sabotage to win the vote back faster / More lies and money in the pockets of those who commited the crime

Sleep and Bang

The party was oh so boring, / I told my girlfriend that I probably wouldn’t come, / She asked for my help, / I slept when setup was d…

The last dinner party

Regret lurks underneath the last empty bottle of wine.

You’re Beautiful

The beats of the music spill over her like ocean waves, / And she can no longer think of anything / Except the way he gazes into her eyes l…

Discerning Party

Without dispensation / Or proclamation / We were a generation raised to fall / From their written word / To the all-out absurd / An eschato…

Watching waves break

From the shoreside / deep on the horizon / an army approaches. / Whirling twirling unfurling / hidden depths rush forward / almost mechanic…

Skinny Cheese

I admire their hip and trendy fashion of designer dresses that cling to them like coat-wracks. And I notice the only thing their hands touc…

“Full moon Party”

Moon Goddess

The Deal (suspense) Pt. 2

Leila walked around the corner of the brownstone building; the afternoon air was perfect, cool and breezy. She leaned against the side of t…

Tea Party Justice and Free Speech

Here’s an irony that loses all propensity for humor when one considers the ramifications. Months ago I joined a debate and political…

Were Having a bit of A PARTY

Come on Down Shes Looking For Kisses too XXXX / You Just have to be naked. / For Missy B who has Just Turned 35 Again / Gotta have TUNES I…

Free verse account of time in Fremantle

It began with a dress… / Patterned and adorned with flowers, buttoned and braced. Broke; on the plane to the West. / A companion. I s…

Tea Party or Astral Orgy?

If you wanna Come along Just leave your name. / It’s Safe " – )) / Lets see if we can break a Guiness Book of World recor…

Storm’s Debut

Chaos came tonight, / Uninvited as always,


… wrinkled helium balloons slowly succumbing to gravity, hinting that inspiration may once have thrived.

Unfamiliar ceilings.

Sixteen year old teeny bopper? Jailbait Twins? Blondes? A product of teenage lust? Or something more?

Molly’s Birthday Party

When part of the text is cut off I also post the story to the writing section. / Now that Molly is three years old, she asked if she could …

Dark Side Of The Moon

There is this man who is at a customer party who see this black woman who is wearing a black mask,black long sleeve turtle neck shirt, and…

The pajama party.

Little girls find mysterious orange wrapper.


Moonlight is a different thing when you can’t hear yourself breath.

Night Moves

But when night moves, you get those side views. / You know, you are never alone in the fortitude of sola


Cate refused to allow tears to spoil the party.

Dance With More and Write Only

Write a poem that no one will read and / try really hard to make the line lengths / match even if you have to break the wo / rds in half, e…

The Life of the party

He was a lad who might be seen as a little too hot-headed by some and sorely missed by others.

The Party.

Here I am, wasting my time explicating / the sort of freight that flies through the atmosphere so light. / I am only here to quell the fire…


Spherical ball shapes / Rising racing to the / Top of my glass / Champagne tantalizes tickles

The Fugue.

He came down like crash landing life, / waking to see that nothing changed. / The name he painted in flames stood out / on wallpaper in ma…


52-piece quik weave, “come-n-do-me” pumps and hot pants / An assembly line of Nicki Minaj look-a-likes / Working the Strip leading to V.I.P…

Your Right to Party on Rite


Her Party

It was a killer party, she didn’t care when her parents came home, the cuts were worth it…

Life’s Party is Over

But the curtains will continue to fall / even with tear filled encores in echoes. / There will be wishes and hopes to start again,


my friends invited me to tag along at the last minute, i was unprepared

Another Party

I walked into the party tonight… a bit overdressed in my retro houndstooth polyester zip up summer dress. The one that always gets me…


“Jake, GET OFF ME!” My attempts to worm out of his lust-fueled hold were futile. / “What? I thought you liked it rough,” he teased, unbuc…

Part 23 Party Planning

When Hugh Jenning decided to throw a lavish party in London for the touring party and staff, it was also an excuse to get some of the peopl…

engagement party for one

blank verses written off between the lines / cup your ear and listen to ya phony ocean roar / can you hear me crying out, drowning inside t…

Girl at Party

Girl at Party / Sheltered like an island from the sea of ice and rain outside / And without protection from the ice and frost outside / Dr…

Birthday Party

Something we thought could last / Torn to pieces / Thrown to the wind / Yet we wait, bound to this life / Which we have so proudly / Naivel…

Nana’s Dinner Party

She was no longer aged with saddened eyes, / But young and beautiful.

the Party

I threw a party for myself last night / expecting many uninvited guests / Naturally, they weren’t at the top / of my list for choices…
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