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RB tutourials – How to write Poetry on Red … How to write poetry on Red Bubble / Great tips for new players That’s why I’m an indie hipster cunt I’m an indie hipster cunt / I know it / I show it / I’m a cliché “AVATAR” as a 15 minute movie “Welcome to Pandora. Every plant, animal, and even the atmosphere, can kill you. That tree over there? It hates you. Those butterflie… If I Had the One Ring ( LOTR song parody) (tune: “If I Were A Rich Man”, from “Fiddler On the Roof”) / If I Had the One Ring / (as sung by Boromir) / If I ha… Parody Oh parody where is thy sting? Digitus digital….self incriminating crime Master debaters…..practice alone. My Doritos – The Remix. Triangular carbs so crisp and cheesy / I’ll go through, / All the aisles at coles for you. / And tonight you’ll fall in love wi… Psalm; 6 Cylinder Ford. Thou preparest a parking space before me in the presence of mine enemies, thou annointest my head with rear-vision mirror’s; my confi… Can you show me where Africa is? My friend Jayseth sent me a copy of his article he had published long ago in some American magazine. As it was delivered not long before A… Prologue dialogue epilogue….c’est mon dada Dyadic deadeyes dada….some know zero-sum…zero binary code sum… Letter from God Sincerly, ape (Mature) Thing Schmee – Living for your possessions Born Po, orphaned young, barely survived as a beggar in the Goe Way Shu province. In his youth, he had the revelation that would lead to h… This title is……. Another self parody.. if Mary were afro-american…. Mary had a little lamb, / its fleas were black as coal / to rid it of these parasites / she stuffed mothballs up its…. follow follow your directions, you know where to go. Book of Tiger, Chapter 3 Book of Tiger, Chapter 3 / By Terence A Russell / Rated “PG-13” by the Author. / 12. And it came to pass that Tiger left his f… I’ve Seen Phantoms (Mature) Art Nazis…..Achtung! Artur a master debated has practiced and practiced his repertoire of art musings… Recycled Booom! Screams the gun. Thud! Says the body to the floor… Government unit with no name re-reliased lyrics for "horse with no name’ by America based on my workplace and an individual that constantly makes people upse… The Shitterbox Part 2 – (T.V Guide) Featuring: CELEBRITY CUM BRINE WITH ME, MANKY GENITAL SUPERSTORE, MUD RAPISTS, LIVE BAROMETER ACTION and MORE! The Pumpkin Eater “Oh Mama,” Alicia began, / “If only you mixed spinach with the pumpkin quiche / Or some protein with the orange pseudo-ha… The Casual Grace of Passing Ships I read your profile / with the all casual grace / that one might lend to reading menus / too rich for purse or pallet. / There is a cert… The Night Before Cleaning When what to their wondering eyes brought great fear? / But mama with a trashcan, their stuff she slid near. The Problem with Being a Rockstar ’I don’t know if it was the promise of a Karaoke DJ or the whiff of birthday cake that drew the crowd but there was about 70 people i… Six Features In One Day Head swells up / Oh yay! Oh yay! / Fills my cup / With six features in one day. Those Tabloid Headline In Full… Tues 16th N… “CHEGGAZ BEGGAZ MEGGA PREGGAZ”, “MCDOWELL TO FOUL COWELL’S TOWEL” / and more…. The Subterranean Doomsday Prepper’s Blues Dad still says it’s comin, / Says it’s no good runnin’, / Just an error in the date. / By God, we went to all this troub… Did Wednesday June 19th 1985 ever happen? It occurred to me the other day that despite being fifty three years old and having a better than average memory, I have no recollection wh… I Am The Official New Face Of Walkers Crisps * (Mature) Two great photographers, two dodgy stories :) Doth my eyes play tricks on this body of man? / What nature of the gods to play such tricks? / A sprite, aye, a sprite of the goddess born,… The randomness of it all Blackness, burning, fart. / Burb, blarp. Hey We’ve Been Diddled Hey we’ve been diddled / A cat can’t fiddle / A cow never jumped over the moon / All my friends cry / At being so done / But I say we grew … CHARLIE SHEEN’S KITTY (Humorous Parody) / They found Charlie Sheen’s kitty / Asleep on the railroad tracks. / He was covered in white powder, / Can you imagine t… Details of a Scientific Report On The Futility of… “the time you spend gardening would be just well frittered away nailing eggs to plates." Parody on Demand Your writing / Upside down is flipped / A parody of itself Leading Homosexual Outed As Conservative. Dennis Hogg MP (major poofter) was secretly filmed by a Sunday tabloid newspaper meeting a seedy man in what was described as a “Cons… John Howard’s Secret Memoirs, Part 1 God made white man, the English language, Robert Menzies, Winston Churchill and, of course, me…the last prophet. DALLAS (A parody to: They’re Changing Guard At Buckingham Palace) / I’m taking a trip and flying to Dallas. / I hear Jerry Jones has built a new p… Post Christmas Blues Dear Truelove, while I appreciate your generosity, which clearly knows no bounds! My life has changed over the past 12 days. Thanks for all… That’s Good Living! Magazine. “Me Hus… “In front of my very own (albeit detached) eyes, my husband’s head had just exploded.” More than the Weather Can be Frightful Oh, when Christmas day finally gets here / Right now, I’ll tell ya, all I wanna see / Are people with scarves and gloves on their hands / A… Bitch, I respect you so much (Mature) “The Shitterbox” Part 1 – (T.V … (Mature) IT’S MY POTTY (Parody to tune It’s My Party! by Leslie Gore) / Chorus: / It’s my potty and I’ll go if I want to, / Go if I want to, go if I want to, / Yo… The son of the rising house Oh mother, let me tell you / though I’m but a tiny mouse / I’ll save you from the elephant, / I’m the son of the Rising… That’s Good Living! Magazine. “I Punc… I count my blessings every day that Stefan is still here with me to help me punch our child together. We thought we were beyond help; but … The real rhymes 1(Hickety pickety) Hickety pickety my black hen, / She lays eggs for gentlemen. Tshirt Spotlight feature What was your first professional design? / I think the first one that sold was Don’t Mention the War!! A Fawlty Towers piece and still does…

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of parody writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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