Lee’s Paradox… If light came from darkness, / then it’s the shadow that / casts the light. A Message NOT by George Carlin – but Brill… The paradox of our time in history is …. ….. If you don’t send this to at least 8 people …. Who cares? / !!! U P D… The Onion Architecture as a stereotyped and hackneyed / I angrily say chaff / I hemmed and hawed and finally admitted taking the advantage / I thinks I’m G… paradox I am what I am / fragile / flawed / beautiful / restored / raw / half / whole / a riddle / a story / alone / a lesson / at one / wandering… The Cat Is un Gato In my asylum there are no words classified as of the lexical variety; / Neither words to give away nor any to steal from myself. / There i… Paradox: Underground stairs and you I can almost taste the licorice dripping / Like a kiss from your dark portal of shine / My lips are bared awaiting the sipping / as you lic… Yin Yang wilderness This is our untamed wilderness / the yin-yang of our landscape / our day sighs while evening creeps / sunny warmth turns dark and cold Paradox The paradox of more or less: / more gadgets, less intimacy; / more information, less insight; / more pharmaceuticals, less health. / The pa… THE PARADOX Chained onto the mystery / Unravelling its links / For the dead end road / While foundation sinks An Equinox In Paradox I remembered… / It was from that violent storm on Jupiter! / I rose from my grave to discover I was / inside a time travelling capsule, … Self realization and the Integration of the Other… It did not approach; it came upon me like the first strike of a lightning storm. Yet, where does a lightning storm begin? Is lightning not … A Natural Paradox, She Was She was / (the sun’s still scream / behind the clouds / burning despite blindness / and itching to be felt / by skin / to be soaked into s… Just another paradox The more / you let me go / The more / I want to stay mysteries uncovered (poem) having stifled my heart / and packed it away / for storage in hope / of a better time I am… I am a walking paradox. / …uniformly unique. / …my own Rubik’s Cube living in the Sphere of Life. paradox Sometimes I am a prisoner of the Dying need to escape from your everyday Life. Don’t you Love Me? Would you be a friend or more? / I wasn’t quite sure what I saw. / What were your feelings for me? / How will I ever see? The Beatitudes We must, though, to merit / rapture, obey / the decree. Artist statement, autumn 2005 Sometimes I think that I am a born treehugger. The word “nature” has always brought to mind Romantic images of sun glinting thr… Zero and Infinity: The True Paradox I had written this a little while ago, but I wanted to put something up for now. I’m planning on writing more about art and more prac… Art paradox Is a stroke on canvas the same as a stroke on a computer pen?.Are they one and the same?.This keeps me awake at night,well just a little; /… its paradox is it the / mystery / u n f o l d i n g PARADOX’s and RESOLUTIONS We’ve learned how to make a living, / but not a life. / We’ve added years to life / not life to years. paradox She. / She lies. / She lies with. / She lies without. / She lies without need. / She lies without need of any. / She lies without need of a… SPEAK PARADOX ….Totally, in awe and appreciation of your life looking back at me…. Supremacy of Paradox The black in my bones / is the shadow of your poison america America … a pantheon of paradox, enigma and illusion. / A modern mosaic of migrant cultures. / So easily judged, so easily stereotyped, y… Sword Design, The Paradox Of Purpose It is unfortunate that few can hold up in the face of brutal honesty. It is a powerful weapon, and like most, it is double edged and unwiel… on love Love / is / A four / letter word / But a paradox / “The more you give, the more you have” life/death, no paradox 2 (thanks! RosaCobo… what we pass on’s / not our children / but our bio / chemistry / ‘more stars than sands!’ / e’en in the prick / of … A rhyming paradox Nothing rhymes with Orange / This sentence is false cause “Nothing” does not rhyme with “Orange” / but in my two rh… resolutions 2011 7. I will become a natural blond and refuse to be satisfied with a few blond moments. / 10 . I will rigirously avoid making lists that serv… THE PARADOX OF 3 FRIENDS This are words of wisdom on the importance of history PARADOX Life is; / So good that a man in bed waiting to die, / Strikes to survive… / So bad that a baby being born / Doesn’t want to see life and t… A Positive Paradox… Don’t think negative thoughts! :) Oh, Damn! The paradox remains that / No matter how much I wish to love Same Old Brand New Feeling Same old places, same old faces, / Same old spaces as before. / Same old walls and same old ceilings, / Same old walking through the door. … ‘One’ Could it be that I am found / in the path of duality; / leading to union? / [External correlation follows.] / My darkest hour, / came not a… Fallen from Grace I ask now that you don’t try to save me / It is far too late / Too much time has passed for me to care / If you’re looking for … Life as Paradox Every ending is also a beginning, and every beginning eventually culminates in some state of change and fullness before moving to its finis… We are the paradox We are the paradox / simplistic you see / of time and an esscence / our learning spree / gifts of wonder pure delight / a glimpse a flick… Life as Paradox Every ending is also a beginning, and every beginning eventually culminates in some state of change and fullness before moving to its finis… Paradox Her eyes: those you cannot bare Her eyes: Medusa’s stony glare…. / Her face: embodiment of purity … Zeno’s Paradox do the molecules still never touch? Off the boiling plate The greatest paradox in life / is somewhat the worst paradox of life – / and that is, not having a choice, and having to choose. The Paradox The Paradox is us…… / ……….spirit’s having a human experience…. / …………R… A paradox of Life A paradox of Life / Life seems irony at times / Filled with lots of ifs buts and whys / Seems no answer is appropriate / Yet look for it al… life’s paradox Therapy on the road / Fasten up your thoughts / And tighten up your gut / As life strikes up paradoxically / Be aware of a “bumpy ride” / … The Backward Race The last will now be first / and first be last. / I’m going to lose, / So I can be the one / who won, The backward Race We spend our lives in this Backward Race, / The slowest pace is set by he who’ll win, / I know now, I’m not to be the winner of… The Paradoxical War The battle rages like the holocaust / I appear to be fine but i’m actually lost / my mouth smiles while my poor heart cries / I give… life/death, no paradox ( thanks! RosaCobos!) dvd soul / music will sing / your song for soul / was the very / first dvd Paradox Adam and Eve Behind the mask When I searched for truth / I lost my faith in it / Instead of playing theater games / Where I act the part to fit the scene / I found you … The paradox of busyness We are always on the way / to something else / instead of enjoying / what is right here An Archers Paradox ‘the arrow never actuarly reaches the target’ Our simple Paradox: simple I was looking for a place to fall apart / splinter down into the soft cushion / of your healing embrace / you / the object of my red, red… Plastic Paradox The man with the plastic face / He has cloudy, liquid eyes / His fibre moustache and the thick dense fog / Strengthen his disguise The Paradox of Our Time A time when technology can bring this letter to you, and a time when you can choose either to share this insight, or to just hit delete. paradox the pitter-patter of / painstakingly small / puddles / plummet across my window / pane ‘The Loop’ Something from somewhere much earlier. / I sing it now as it was then. / There are times i’m so completely posessed; / That it’… aura peace an enigma a paradox of improbabilities / love a mystery that teases all sensebilities / graduated friday the 13th in 1969 / oh yeah I… X Paradox As a deconstructive tool, if it hopes to keep its coherence, it must support the production of that which it aimed to deconstruct. The Paradox of Notion Pretend. Truth is variable and meaning is amorphous. Just / For this purpose: photographic evidence! my love. My paradox my paradox is that / i must destroy myself / to create myself. Life as Paradox Every ending is also a beginning, and every beginning eventually culminates in some state of change and fullness before moving to its finis… Sonela “The wind wove its melody just for you that night young one.” She laughed and poked me. / “But it was your grandfather who made the magic” Always the right time? …travel hopefully, growing all the time / We all know we will arrive, sometime… Khwaab tha ek anootha sa Khwaab tha ek anootha sa, / Kuch sachha, aadha jhootha sa, / Jahaan ghum mein bhi khushi dhoond le, / aur thode mein bhi bahut, / Na sarhad… Life as Paradox Every ending is also a beginning, and every beginning eventually culminates in some state of change and fullness before moving to its finis… Paradox we’re young / all we want to do is run / speed to the corners of the earth / where we hang off of the edge / hair dangling against ou… ‘Singled Out’ So consistently unbalanced as a rule, the madness elucidated tenfold, in a state like this. The filter on cognitive processes blunted with … A Paradox A paradox your evolution! / Always forward / With no intelligence behind, / Though a mindful effect / Yet you deny a Divine Creator / Ironi… Life as Paradox Every ending is also a beginning, and every beginning eventually culminates in some state of change and fullness before moving to its finis… Plane You are on a plane. A Grey Paradox Taking a leap into undecided falsehood / Creates a withdrawn paradox / And the shadow of a pendulum brought me a discommodious peace. / The… ‘Of Thirds’ ‘What, pray-tell; was His opinion on the matter?’ / ‘In the raiment of an absurd grin, he cast me an odd look and proclai… Life’s Paradoxes I love life’s paradoxes …. beauty exists in an imperfect world … within the dynamic flow & creative flux of chaos … ‘Delayed’ I’ve forged lives and too walked from them, with a seeming frequency I freely admit renders me surprised; though I swore to take the … Zugzwang Maybe the best move is not to move Paradox Black and then white / Right and then wrong / Bitter and sweetness / In silence and in song On the Edge of Paradox He longed, he yearned, to open his eyes… / But he must not. This treacherous sky was not his to behold. Not this time. Sweet Paradox I am everything to me! / Yet nothing to everyone! / I am too much of everything, and not enough of …all things, by choice! / where i… ‘Sojourn’ There seems to be something telling about being so intractably fascinated by the desert; whilst searching relentlessly for the perfect stor… ‘Islands’ Rain had me at an impasse, or so I chose to believe, subscribed the notion of keeping dry; garrisoned a bar. / Measurin’ my dispositi… Paradox of Confusion Paradox of Confusion…… / Why of why is timing there / Constantly watching the clock / Day and night, night and day / A state of… paradox so they sentenced the women / they were girls then / no the fella they sentenced / not when h’was young / had been he was abused then…

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