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A Paper I wrote for english (unless you have read…

Throw away the doubts in your self let your views be seen and heard If you do not Really Believe in what you are saying it makes you just a…

paper heart

You’re the chaos in the night / So sing for me / Within such an embrace / Please pray for me / Naked soul and scarred / A paper heart can’t…


All men holler, / for the power of the dollar. / They may give praise to Allah, / but money keeps us out of squalor.

the paper boat

the paper boat / will only float / till it gets soggy / it will sink / and disintegrate / just as surely / as the words / written on it / n…

My Assembly Reflection Paper



Entice no love nor futile lust

On Paper

On paper / writing a song while my guitar / gently sleeps.

Rambles of the insane

Time after time i find myself split at the end / broken into pieces one thing or another once again / My mind thinks about another contro…

Paper Flowers

Paper flowers fell from the skies today / Even though I thought it might just rain / Paper flowers fell from the sky today / And that’s all…


and you know what some people say about her / how she lost her mind that night as well as her love / and you wonder if it’s true as y…

Paper Tigers

Love is a Temple, / guarded by paper tigers / Love is a gift, / delicate and treasured. / Love is fire, / a slow felt burn, / Love is a dr…

Paper Grass

laid down on a sunny afternoon / read my Whitman & Dickinson / when I was just a kid / I was a fast kid / but, with a slow touch / I in…


corruption is systemic / you might cheer it on / with a gush of oily sand / unable to conduct the unusual / accountings / it is all fraudul…


peace an enigma a paradox of improbabilities / love a mystery that teases all sensebilities / graduated friday the 13th in 1969 / oh yeah I…

Blue Pen

Words that will make the stumbling blind man think…….

hazelnuts and paper stars

you werent who i thought you were / and neither was i

i built you a coffin and filled it with paper cra…

the silk is soft, smooth / against my small feet / and the stars and cranes / collapse under me / and the dust fill my lungs / the ashes cl…

Paper Knife

I wish I had the ability to turn paper into metal.

This Paper Has Shadows

the dark must be borne with a patience / that only night knows

Paper Words

It isn’t as if this is the first time it’s happened. / That boy is here but he doesn’t speak the same, words like paper, thin, flat, and wh…

Independence, The Government White Paper – …

The White Paper, Valuing People


I write and I am at one with myself, through poetry, / on a piece of paper.

interlochen application 7-paper

Barnes and Noble holds their annual book fair / Kelly Detwiler conducted, the violinist stroked, the bass player plucked and the crowd watc…

Paper, Pen and Life…

Paper seems to listen so perfectly, / And the pen speaks without reserve. / Allowing these feelings and rationalizations to come across for…

our paper love

It slowly falls to pieces as you cut along the dotted lines, our paper relationship crumbled in your hands as you threw it in a wastebasket…

You are Made of Paper

but why did you make me out of paper when I am real and standing next to you naked except for my music

Fly Paper High Planes

He hasn’t had sex in months, not to mention a girlfriend. To further his downward spiral he started to take angel dust.

paper boat

Life moving fast / Like storm cell rain / Washing, running / Torrent and quickly / Through the drains. / Some daze, / In this cold and cons…

Paper-Cup Porsche: True Tale from the Mental Ward

True tale from the mental ward and the most lovable, endearing loon that ever existed

song of the morning paper

i read the news today / oh boy

Why Life is an Illusion

This is a serious piece of writing, non-fictional and researched paper on the illusion of the every day life.

The Origins of Passion

He mounts the stage, ‘neath the glaring light / thund’rous applause fueling his stride / addressing the crowd with a weary sigh…

Origami Heart

From corner to corner / You turn and compress / Your unique creation / With style and finesse.

comp kaput c, wk: ‘eliza, code os……

FVJJk: e

Blank Paper.

A pill to help me remember / A pill to take to help me forget / A pill to swallow down with pride / A pill to stop all the cries / A pill …

Paper Maché

You’re amazed. / Shocked when you reflect upon the pool of yourself. / Because you see the person you used to be / Looking back at y…

Words on Paper

…to him their just words on paper and i’m unsure if he’ll ever get that I love him…

How Litter Gets Made

She just stood there with statue eyes.

Portia – Paper thin

Paper thin / She’ll never win / It’s not enough / Neither is love / A cup of grapes irritates her / She has lost self control /…

A Viking in my Dustbin. #86. ALIVE ON PAPER.

Acetate animation cels are terrible things; they’ll work against you if you let them.


I learnt today the emblem for one year: paper, bare and simple. It made me want to fill your letter box with little folded cranes, simple, …

Parchment Paper

It was a saturnine day in the Afternoon. The sky was gray, and it was raining. How in the world, throughout the wet grass, did all of that …


A blank sheet of paper / Is just so plain / Until all your thought’s come together / You write something down / You might want to tak…


The lovers quarrel, / walls paper thin. / The crash of plates / on the floor, / knick-knacks being / tossed about the apartment. / Shouts o…

A Conversation

People speak to me / The dialogue / A fluidity / Like writing, / Which weaves across the page / A cursive river / That blends together…

Encouraged By Thought

Inspiration taking its hold on my world / That is what I am / That of what I am is all that needs to be / Thoughts so confusing before but…

Fly Paper High Planes

Five minutes later she came running out of the house five gangsters running after her guns in hand.

Recycled Paper


Paper Talks

Waking up to a day you haven’t made friends with, / Facing another blank piece of paper.

A thousand paper cranes

Standing that the bottom I’m the lowest of the low and / When it all comes down / A thousand paper cranes are looking really good right now

Paper Boats

One paper boat… / Two paper boats… / Three paper boats… / I love you… / Wasn’t that how it always goes?

Long Time Ago Minds

all in quite the simple sign of back and forth. hello, as space alludes the filling of itself. a body waits and practices for coming days.

Paper Dolls

The wooden cabinet creaks, / your scissors, / dull, than at once sharp, / cut into winter, / like the taste of branches, / I’m blinde…

Paper Growing

A short story about how one thing folded can gain wings and fly.

A map to your heart

Time passed so fast i got lost / in the origami of your emotions / Found myself torn out of your story


The Outside / You see / The tough , hard headed , Athlete / Who you think looks forward to nothing / Cares only about his social…

who’s trojan horse, whose?WrITING IN PROGRE…

like how i’d oo now now / i’d run over tngo you / bang bang the keys in & fly to yr / bedside / ’st…


Under his control / Viciously they rip


Paper promises, Dunstead said, / paper cups, wallpaper being stuck / up on the wall for the next to last / time, paper tigers, paper to w…
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