Head-Spinning Looks. Shop new leggings, scarves, and skirts.

Paper cups and the Milky Way.

He stood silently behind me watching as I tried to scoop the entire Milky Way into my frail paper cup. / He cleared his throat quietly as …

Paper Moons.

Like singing ballerinas pirouette

Wings of Paper

The Butterfly flutters by, dancing in the summer sun. / Landing for a moment on the Buddleia / Then flitting off again, but to return. / En…

Unheard Words of Mine…

you cannot help…. / But still feel lonley and lost….

Blackest Ink on Whitest Paper

My love, My only Love… / My Black and White Prince… / My Dreams, My Hopes, My Imaginings, / Captured and Immortalized /…

paper dreams

where is the star we threw / at the waning sky / has it found a branch / from which it can hang like a flower?

Featured Work

" BW Prague The Horologue at OldTownHall” was featured in the group Works On Paper 18 02 2009

my cardboard heart

my cardboard heart / is sodden with misery

Paper Burns

The darkness of creeper dancers against cold stone walls / Tigers crouching twilight syncopated monsters from the pit / Brush aside like th…

Paper Planes

It was if the final inferno / Was our beauty balm / Taking us both by tender surprise / Like a tea ceremony with a fortune cookie / On the …


my dreams were written on papyrus / to be kept for eternity / they were all in hierglyphics / about you and me / i kept them in a secret b…

Breaking News (#167)

our moods decided for us as we fumble with volume controls and cornflake bowls

Paper Hopes of Camelot

If there is one thing I have… it’s paper towels. Oodles. My house, a wreckage yard for days past with better things to do than …

An empty piece of paper

Hidden handprints reappear / on the nerves of my skin, / tingling sweetly all at once, / overwhelming my mind with / a chandelier of questi…

Paper cuts

one too many

Toilet Paper

I don’t buy expensive toilet paper. And as I think this thought, I wonder if there is such a thing. Well, I buy store brand, not the three …

A Whore called Paper

Jealousy engulfs me when I see someone else use her better than myself. It’s as if she silently stares back and laughs at me. She knows tha…

The Paper Chase

I can only see snippets of recognition

Pen & Paper

We can be friends? / Messages we’ll send / You’ll be pen and I’ll be paper; / You’ll run dry and I’ll be torn…

Paper CuTz

…ensue providence divine…….

New Doors and New beginnings

The room is silent, / Darkness descents slowly / The only light coming from candle light that surrounds me / Their gentle flicker, reflecti…

paper cuts…side effects

“Archetype flawed…full risk of failure…experiment…FAILED” / paper cuts…side effects…


Ink to paper, flowing swift / Words come into view / Delicate, or scribbling / Old words are made anew / Put in patterns, some unique / Flo…

wet paper

my life is like a wet paper / nobody writes and nobody burns / now a days i m so alone / nobody tease me and nobody die me / ohhhhh

The Light Through the Blinds

its been a long time since then / many sleepless nights / art has become vandalism

I am paper

mixed with tears

Paper love

I used to whisper it to people as they went past, scared of being disappointed with the sound of my own voice, of how feeble it may appear,…

Because of the Dusty Paper

How she tingled in the bask of indifference, / racing across lines of numbers and / swirling dust and ink in her feathery footsteps.


Light-catchers flutter, soaking Sun and it’s rays. / Drinking Light, clean and bright, offered during the days

Nothing comes out on paper..

i’d like to think ever line you write is about me / it is not. / your hollow words, / they go out to / empty, faceless girls you haven’t ye…

the way chopin did

i would paint myself a river / into black oblivion

I Wrote a Poem…

I wrote a poem on an airplane. / A paper one, / And set it free. / And on wings of winds, / Of feathered minds, / Of light and heavy hearts…

pieces of paper

I’m happy to let the wind / blow me away

There was a pen

I dipped it in, down into the dark well, where thoughts come from and feelings hide / In inky depths it came near to drowning, waiting for …


paper / cranes / paper / cutlery / paper / bags / paper / plastic / paper / wood / paper / back / paper / front / paper / news / paper / m…

Plums (The very first book of Plum & Rose)

rescued to serve the purposes of art

Should, Paper and …. I DID


Release these doves

We can scrawl our miseries on these paper boats / But the ocean just brings them back.

Paper Cut

There was a tendril of thought / Still piercing through / The haziness of my dreams / And the morning light. / It’s crazy how that p…

the weekend australian

my photo of the birdsville hotel has been published

Shadows and Memories

just little shadows and memories…

paper dolls

unforgiving scissors cut dreamlike ambition / paper dolls float into the unyielding sky / attached a string to pull back from oblivion / fl…

How to Procrastinate Writing a Paper

According to the playwright, screenwriter, and novelist Paul Rudnick, “Writing is 90 percent procrastination: reading magazines, eati…

Paper Planes

When we reached the destination, we stumbled out of the van, groggy but lucid.

long time, no see

How do I move forward when the sun is not shining? / Why call yourself honest when we both know your lying?

i am not


paper crane

I think I’ve been flying through our roof.

Roses (The very first book of Plum & Rose)

Every single petal was kept.

you inspire my creativity

I feel like we’re running like kids in the dark.

Stage Presence

the paper bag lifestyle suits you

Like Paper.

my heart is like paper / thin and easily ripped / you can write on it and cross it out / you can take it wherever you go / you can throw it…

The paper

That was a mere red-banded paper / Itching to reclaim original state / Of un-sweet bagasse and bamboo / With absolutely no musical possibil…

Picture Of My 3 Point Buck Deer in Local Shelton …

Today one of my photos of the 3 point Buck was put into our local Journal paper today. I was so excited. Hope to get more exposure too!


Paper / A piece of paper cuts my hand, like razor sharp light, / as if from nowhere red spots, appear upon the white. / It is the innocen…



Nameless I Remained Today.

And I have no / destination. / Just / Where the wind / would like to / go.

The Hit man and The Paper Heart

The confessions Untold. / The timid air stings the pours in my face. Smells electric. / The sky is purple and black. People are moving insi…

Neurotic Narcotics

Forget the Monday paper, / It’s a rag of old consequence / The nuance is lost to the straining eyes of the publics short sighted ignoranc…

sheet of paper along a sidewalk

Did you ever see a sheet of paper along a sidewalk? / One day that paper has given an hour of leisure for some, informed, has irritated, pl…

paper aeroplanes

Paper aeroplanes / Foggy window panes / Steam trains and pouring rains / One thousand trillion folded paper cranes / Fingers wrapped / Ar…

Dreams and Paper Boats.

She loved making paper boats. She was particularly meticulous – she folded and refolded them until the proportions were perfect. She …

p a p e r b o a t

to the edge of eternity / i sailed

paper trail

so who am I? / I am the endless / relentless / restless / I am the hunger / I am sweat on your brow / I am the moment you think of walking …

Paper Tigers

Love is a Temple, / guarded by paper tigers / Love is a gift, / delicate and treasured. / Love is fire, / a slow felt burn, / Love is a dr…

burning paper houses

my bag is / full of paper pieces / crumpled up / goodbye now, / i am crumbling / tumbling down / tumbling down / and i am / full of paper h…

Paper flowers

Folded in perfect symmetry, each crease has a slight tint of pink and…


To write of love / On paper is fear / Therefore my mirror / A mere Paper-lover; / I write a paper / Part of me my dear / That when you rea…

Paper Cut..

exhaled: / my breath, blowing out all / the edges / of the words / you’ve ever said / that cut - / leaving you, / a blood scent / on the pa…

Ah, You see me now..

Ah, You see me now..…But on paper, I’m me.

The orphans

I’m not Haley Mills, / blonde and perky / screwing an older man / For years I believed Ryan / loved Tatum, / when they acted in Pape…

Paper Tigers

Love is a Temple, / guarded by paper tigers / Love is a gift, / delicate and treasured. / Love is fire, / a slow felt burn, / Love is a dr…

My One True Love

“I suddenly, on a strange impulse, took her hand. It was white and smooth like over-bleached chemical filled paper.”


what is the paper if it wasn’t an intellectual tree.

Affirmative Action: A Reverse Discrimination[Eng …

Affirmative Action: A Reverse Discrimination; wrong method of including race and color or gender as plus factors; merit, economic need; th…

Mont Blanc Meisterstuck

I like this pen, / It has all the right words / And the ink is the colour, / Of my thoughts.

Paper and grief

The grief and sorrow give birth to words / That spin and weave across the page / In a pattern that only I understand. / They press against …

Yellow Slips of Paper

The lightning bugs / made the mist glow around us / and were so numerous that / you couldn’t flick a burning cigarette / without hitting on…

The Script Laid Unto Paper

As I walked in so quietly / I saw her there with tools in hand / No more emotions left to escape / Flawless in the execution / The blade fe…

Paper Death.

In this town things had to be seen to be believed. If you couldn’t reach out and touch it, it may as well be invisible. This was alwa…


I fell, / in love. / I broke, / my heart. / I climbed, / back to luck. / Fell again, / in love. / I was over, / over love. / Forgot it, / a…

paper flowers

In my game of dress-ups / Where the party dresses / Are made of steel / They shield you / But they weigh you down


pink puffy lines, / blue blurry rows, / white warm paper, / here we go,

Sports & Hypnosis Paper

The Use of Hypnosis and Hypnosis-Based / Performance Enhancement Strategies in the / Field of Sport Psychology / by Derek Serino / Prefac…

little paper ships


Paper Thin

From the out side I am bare

The machination of words

They spew forth / Like a gout of my blood. / These words / A raging torrent. / Where i struggle / To stay my course. / And amongst all / Th…

Pencil to paper

An ‘outsider’ you say? / Pencil to paper, / racing away…

Paper Cup Phones

I picked up my side of the paper cup phone / I whispered into it ‘hello are you home?’ / I let it ring on just a little bit mor…

Blue Paper Planes

writing my thoughts on blue paper…

The ONE in the MIRROR

Who is that person in the mirror; / looking back at me? / That person in the mirror, / Is that really me? / Though I’m getting older / on t…

Coloured Paper

No one noticed the loss of the living / While the coloured paper kept on giving / But when the last piece was spent / They couldn’t h…

Apostrophe to Paper

Patriotic paper, with your margins / red white and blue, / Spark for me an amusing thought / and become my minds marginal muse

A mind of their own

A loveless ordinary starstuck cast a spell

Pen, Ink and Paper

You inspire me to write; / even when we fight; / your words are my pen and ink; / now all i need is paper and time to think.

pills + pen + paper =

This summer craze of prolonged exhaustion, dehydration and the blooming of insects and a larger species set to dominate the landscape. All …

Paper Or Plastic ?

In The United States as a person travels across the country, they will realize that objects are referred to by different names in different…
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