I remember the Owl

I guess I thought if a baby owl was so tame and such a neat thing to have then a big owl would be even neater

Dragon Butterfly Kisses

Be a dragon with butterfly kisses

Perspective of an Owl….

The last glimmer of sunlight shows in the sky as I take my leave. Sadness overtakes me as I realize my flight is over. my journey has com…


I stand enveloped / in the stillness of pre-dawn cover, / a world of vague whispers

A Shadow Across the Moon

Magic sifts from every plume, as endless as Mother’s love. Nothing remains hidden from my sight, as I bring messages from Creator abo…

Inanna House

I am so humbled and overjoyed to be November’s Featured Artist of the month for Inanna House! / http://www.inannahouse.org/artist-of-…

November 3rd 2012

[Video] / So many wonderful beautiful thank-you’s to all of the amazing amount of love, friendship and support I have been receiving …

Forest Medicine

rain shadows / wind blows / creak, snap, moan / forest grown / dead-falls feed / beetles seed / listens heed / .. .. .. / fungi fern / fr…

Standing at the edge

I was sitting by the window looking out into the darkness. I heard the screech of an owl. It was me.

lilith 1 set adrift

with bird like feet / in fleeting waters


I am the deep roots of an oak

The Fox and the Owl

The Fox and the Owl drawing by Karin Taylor / The Fox and the Owl by Karin Taylor / (1 May 2014) / On a moonlit night, in a place far away …

Night Owl

she rises slowly as the last light fades from the day / and goes to bed at dawns breaking / she is the silent night owl / her arc a sweepin…

Owl of my heart

Sunflower’s seeding / while bristle brush slow / aloe is weeping / why, nobody knows…. / Heartwood has frozen / while sunbird i…

Reynard. A Foxes Tale.

The hedgerows and copses are no place to hide, / Reynard can smell you and time is on his side.

Moonlight and sugar fright

While water’s still, they may seem, / beneath it sirens keen

Can I See

The otter hid and watched

Three Faces of OWL

The wisest of the bird clan / awakening to honor Grandfather Sun / then sleeping, while Mother Nature / unleashes her wonderous glory / upo…

little owl

barely noticed you, / my ears deaf to the air / through your feathers. / small glimpses of another world / attract me. / still, / i feel t…

Tips for Finding a Roosting Owl in Daylight

The time at which an owl hunts is correlated with the color of its eyes dark brown or black indicate nocturnal activity, orange indicates d…

the apple tree

when you’re nine everyone just says you have a wild imagination

the owl


Sumerian Owl!

The owl that stares within your mind is the owl that distorts the fragments of missing time / Each night its presence a hollow feeling that…

Wildlife Poetry `Snow Owl on a Winter Night`s …

Wings folding over its stricken quarry / While death under this feathered shroud is not wary

So said the Owl !

The moon is shining through sad clouds / upon this sombre evening / i wonder why? / perhaps it is all the melancholy / poems which i have b…

Nighttime is My Time

Twenty-five years later, Jean Sheridan returns to Stonecroft Academy as an honoree. Upon arrival, she learns that five of her lunch table f…

little owl VII

below the emerging blue line / of this day, / footsteps soft across the warrens, / the mossy cushioned below, / hidden in the quiet warmth.…

Owl at Midnight

it appears once a year on its way making

late hour owl

in the most silent way, / how he passes his time, / gradual light graces his fronds, / smears across late day hues, / in an exquisite dance…

Owls Caress.

on windless night / owl hooting your beauty / in retina light / standing guardian duty

Ode to the goddess….

The timeless hours in between / Wanting the purity of the moment to last / Peaceful silence / Nature’s brilliance / Mother Earth has …

On A Clear Winter Night

miniscule, shimmering luminaries / sparkle like glitter / through magnificent, dark sentinels. / stately, they guard my presence / as I gaz…

Oscar the Ostrich

Oscar was an Ostrich / who couldn’t understand / Why others of his species / Stuck their heads into the sand.

How I create my images

I start by drawing the image lightly in pencil on my paper. Then I work in reverse erasing the pencil and drawing the image in colored penc…

Night Owl

There is no way out; Only further in.

Night Skies Door, Not limited by Earths hold

Will you wade your arms into darkened night skies, / whilst your whispers rise upon a white doves sigh? / Upon fleeting mist, undaunted …

The Sign Of The Owl

Too-wit-too-woo…. Wooooah!

Night Owl

Live by Night, Die by day / I am / the / Night Owl

in good hands

i was late, and had spent too long / watching the owl patrolling / his sensitive lands / that are twitchy and remote from mine. / for hours…

Connecting with Totem Animals

Recently I’ve had a lot of specific birds popping up into my awareness. It’s been happening so much that it can’t be igno…

The Eagle and the Owl

The owl is wise, / she watches the eagle and sighs, / she sits on her perch / and watches where he flies. / For now and ever, / the owl is …

Desperately Seeking Salamander

May be (soon!) / Owl calls out Coyote and / Coyote calls out Moon / Frog food flutter by / Moth kin fen / Bog log bench here / Hare near / …

The Owl.

In flew wings of darkened prey / ’’Twas the light turned grey / Behind the shadow / Where you did creep / An old wise owl did s…

Haiku 73

moonless autumn… / from hollow silence / an owl’s hoot

Haiku 8

naked sycamore / clothed in twilight kimono / owl whispers to moon


There was once an Owl, / As beautiful as can be, / But made a funny meaw

Haiku 25

Falling from the sky, / Fallen from its graceful perch- / Is it owl season?

The Owl of Insignificance

A slave to the tomorrows / Of all the don’ts and can’ts / Carved on the martyr’s tombstones / By social sycophants

The owl, and the pussy-twat

The owl and the pussycat went to bed, in a beautiful pea-green quilt. / They bought lots of honey, / to slather, all runny, and licked it …

Old Owl

Old one, broken on life’s wheel

Night Owl

Night Owl / Asking who / Sometimes not

The Smart, The Owl

The stars in allignment / The universe,and old souls / The old calendar ending / The new timekeeper, / the awakening / The new cities / The…

Silence in the Forest

Except for the voice of the cricket or hoot of an owl, / Silence is welcome where the wild ones live. / Wind rustles leaves in trees ove…

Owl Sight

Yellow and bright / Irises eclipsing / A sun / Irises made / For the night / Eyes that / Take flight / In the stillness

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