Carry Naloxone by Nigel  Brunsdon Carry Narcan by Nigel  Brunsdon Cookie Monster Overdose by elPotto Breaking Bad Inspired - I Watched Jane Die - Walter White - Jesse Pinkman - Jane - Apology Girl Overdose by traciv trust nobody by 1453k Shapeful Overdose by Zack Chroman How to overdose on homeopathy by jezkemp Overdose by Nigel  Brunsdon Overdose l'Ámore by Desirée Glanville KOKAIN - COCAINE by fuxart Puke by Filter Sid by blackiguana The Weeknd XO - Valerie/White by biaxo Bad Mother Fu**** by John Garcia EXO Overdose by beachqueen17 Yesterday's Choice by MelDavies Ghost Clone by Lauren Neely Pokémon - Psyduck by elPotto Wicked Witch of the West Wizard of Oz by Culture Cloth Zinc Collection by CultureCloth Pokémon - Slowpoke on acid by elPotto Old School (Quaalude) by Samuel Sheats EXO Overdose (Ver. Black) by beachqueen17 forgiven II by annamora EXO - Overdose (Black) by zyre Overdose by FILTH MIRROR Sneak Preview of the Forward in my Book What you are about to read is factual and based on a true story. The naes have been changed to protect the identities of the people involve… Carefull.....Cuteness Overdose!! by Nicole W. Marilyn Monroe; “I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. by TOM HILL - Designer Candy Overdose by nitemarephoto Chocolate Overdose. by Kaitlyn McLaughlin Babie Brother… stars falling mercury rising the past is calling / oh younger brother what have you done Grave Mistake by joeschmoe96 Woman haze all in my brain. by dudor OD by beatprint Heroine Overdose by Ryan Houston Unstable Overdose Of Ice Cream  by piffles Iron Blanket Felt you in my fingertips, / saw through your facade. / In a time so disconcerting, / that normalcy was odd. / If tears were blood, / IR… Too much, your love (Black) by zyre a love overdose…..there`s something in our … a dreaming kamikaze the heart has learnt it lesson times 2 / pulse now undefined love leaks out from beneath the skin / ceaseless remorse t… Overdose by FILTH MIRROR Yesterday I Died by Casey Pinkerton Overdose by Elox overdose, so morose and yet to heal I am the tab on the end of your finger Dark Sun by leapdaybride Texas till we overdose by QuincySummers Elephant. by tonyanicole Orange.Overdose by smook Heroin-Watch the needle go in. 1984 by Cathie Brooker Overdose in Progress by BarbL Loverdose by Zoo-co vomit after clash overdose by kron Purple overdose by goddessteri211 Autobiographical item (trigger warning) NSFW 6 Word Story- Overdose I survived to tell the tale. Overdose of Dreams Over and above everything else Pills by hallucingenic EXO - Overdose T-Shirt by Dayane Moraes What Have I Done by Johnny Joo Pollen Overdose by Rod  Adams Overdose I lay there in a state of comatose / As the frightened voice told me it was an overdose / Disbelief was in my head / These words I knew I s… Worlds away He gasped inwards yet again, exhaled, and suddenly he was awake in another world. Overdose by raychL Overdose in Green by Starlisa overdose it all goes pear shaped… / a million elvis heads imprinted on the stainless stell bed posts / my friends are there / with fear and sh… Verbal Overdose by jaosauf Algebra Overdose by G.T. Roe My Ruby Tuesday It wasn’t until after mom’s death, almost exactly one year ago today, that I found out she had also taken to vandalizing packet… Drug Overdose by PictureNZ Overdose... by JulieHallDesign Counselling Woes Put Your fingers in their stab wounds / Because you know I / carry them / like ornaments of the height of human iniquity / I feel the burn… Overdose by Conni Togel D.E.A.D by JulieHallDesign Calendar Sugar Overdose by jinsunpyo coffee overdose by maryann76 Thinking overdose by LAUREN ROBERTS Overdose… Side effects of something that was sweet….. Darkness Descends But now my heart bleeds / the pain chokes me till I can’t breathe. / Help me out of this hole please / Darkness descends. Little Jack Horner Forever in The Corner by sparky178 apologies I saw your face fall, / when my heart stopped; / when my body failed you. amphetamine -overdose- by cathy-halo Veatch by Rob Loftus Fear - a Psychedelic Overdose by whitemonkey Overdose Overdose / Tablets scattered as fallen leaves, Signs of frailty and inner death Much has died, now going into slow passing, loosing hold Wh… Heroin Overdose by JulieHallDesign Heroin Overdose BW by JulieHallDesign OverDose by Jake Drury The End by Alana26 Overdose of Satisfaction by insomniac Sentimental Overdose Burn my body, burn my soul, trample me to ash and coal. / While I burn watch in awe, for the death of a man you saw. / A heartfelt wish in… Caffeine II by AnnabelHC Overdose the world passes by me / blackness, blur, / it’s mayhem. / my head hits the floor / the world is spinning / and i won’t rememb… chemical overdose Silent screams inside my head. Unmoving body on this bed… Flashing lights red and blue. The truths you hear are never true. my overdose.. sometimes when you think lifes good, life seems right.. / thinking of reaching for the light of inspiration, and when grasped in realizatio… The Heart Attacks by bugeyes Overdose of Dreams Over and above everything else, My Overdose by SCdesigns
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