I’ll Be Spending All Of My Time Alone I’ll Be Spending All Of My Time Alone / I opened a letter addressed to you that I wrote many years ago while I was gone to fight a war. It … Am I So Weak? No words came from my mouth of peace, / Was it a sign of weakness that failed to commit? / I wanted to tell the world of your naked beauty … Part VI Of A Dairy August 18, 1968 Wounded On My … While I was watching them work on the other two soldiers I was sitting at a chair. Blood from my shoulders had been dripping on the floor.… I Am Watching You I know you are there as I stare from my hidden place, / My mind touches your soft skin on your beautiful face. / As you walk I hold your ha… Wish I Had A Bicycle Wish I Had A Bicycle / A Story By / Oscar Elizondo / Corina was the only born child to the proud parents of a poor family living near a dum… A Halloween Tape A Halloween Tape / The ceiling fan rattled from it’s foundation as the screws that attacked it securely started falling off and down … I Loved Her Then And Love Her Still Without focus for what might bring discontent, / My heart whispered to my brain to say pleasing words. / She stood before me with those bea… A Chapter Of A Diary About The War In Viet-Nam C… A Chapter Of A Diary About The War In Viet-nam Chapter I / The orders came in to get a killer team set up to go further up the mountain sid… No One Was There There was no one there when I fell, / Worst of all there were no ears to tell. / My wounds were deep as I bled alone, / No one came as I la… Standing Atop My Bridge Standing Atop My Bridge / Somehow I wondered off until I stood alone atop a mountain bridge, / Beautiful was the landscape as I saw the cle… I Found My Inspiration I found my worldly inspiration / in a place where there were many keys, / People watching from near and far / as their fingers make the w… On The Stairway On The Stairway / On the stairway behind the dance hall room sits a lonely weeping soul, / I’ve been watching her from afar and keepi… If I Could Write A Song So many times I’ve wished that I could write you a song, / This way I could hide in the words when I did you wrong. / A slow tune, a … Just Live Live Longer Life Learning Leasure Living Desperate Voyage I set out on my personal journey on a tiny sea vessel, / Didn’t skillfully have proper training, but in me I had fortitude and raw mu… Your Picture I was short of coins to pay for a delicious candy bar / so I instinctively pulled out my wallet from my pocket , / Amazed and dazed was I… The Million Dollar Birthday Gift I was a poor young boy that came from a broken family and I was still in high school. Working after school only brought me twelve dollars … Still Embattled In Time I saw his face from the corner of my eye. / He knew his time had come to say goodbye. / There he lay with a bullet lodged close to his dyin… The Deepest Wounds I have been hiding from the world not wanting to show my face, / I am afraid they might read my expressions and know my name. / Buried insi… Little Blue Star Twinkling little blue star, / I see you so tiny from afar. / Your brightness illuminates the sky, / As my wishes reach you as they fly. / M… Music Was Playing I could hear the rock and roll music playing in the background, / To me it was so full of memories as a few people gathered around. / Each … Six Words To Make You Rich Why Wait Be Somebody Right Now Tossing Of A Pebble Tossing Of A Pebble / While hiking one day I tossed a beautiful round pebble into the gentle stream, / My lonely troubled and confused mind… A Shadow Of Yourself A Shadow Of Yourself / A shadow of yourself walks amongst the streets of lights, / When I drive my car late into the hours of the midnights… Look At Me Hanging On The Wall Look At Me Hanging On The Wall / By / Oscar Elizondo / Look at me as my head hangs on this wall, / Once I was a proud living creature over … Thank You For Being Here Redbubble Friends My nightmares have become my dreams, / The dreams have evolved into my storied tears. / Storied tears I’ve shed a thousand times over… It Touched My Soul It Touched My Soul / My heart had been torn apart many times before, but this was way different. / I had felt the pain and shed the tears o… The Need Of Comfort Without Pain Emotional feelings can bring us moments of grief, / Yet it might not be the total dose of pain all at once. / In between the times of sorro… Dreaming Of You I continue to dream even though she does not know of me, / She never looks my way and I know her interest is only of he. / My blood boils w… No Mas Amore(No More Love) There were no more crowds to clap or shake hands, / I had driven them away with my constant demands. / The painted smiles on canvas slates … A Brick Of Love A Brick Of Love / My eyes could not blink as I was watching through the glass window, / She was dressed in shorts and a short blouse and wa… A Scary Full Moon Tormented from the sounds of the crying wind / I refused to sleep as I did my best, / My ear drums trembled in fear / wanting to stop the… Isn’t It Amazing? Isn’t it amazing how easy it is to have people laugh at you. / It doesn’t even have to be true about the things they say. / As … He Failed To Show Up He Failed To Show Up / Maria stood by her bedroom window every night before she knelt down to pray and looked down at the empty street belo… So Many Visions For years I have had dreams that I call visions, / It is very strange because I’ve had them since birth. / Many times I told my mothe… I Faced My Demons Last Night I Faced My Demons Last Night / I had a few drinks the night before and fell asleep on the couch. Okay, to be truthful I had more than just… Are You My Friend? Are You My Friend? / Depression has always been a companion of many of my thoughts, / Though I may say it has been around me like a friend … Pocket Benedict Cumberbatch by Jdoyle The News The News / For years I knew that one day the news would come, / Not wanting to accept it just like it happens to some. / The phone rings an… A Squirrel In The Park A Squirrel In The Park / By / Oscar Elizondo / (A squirrel is gathering acorns for the wintertime that is slowly approaching. He is living… Raining Inside My Heart Raining Inside My Heart / It’s been raining inside my heart since I heard a rumor about my wife. Now I have to go to the cemetery to… You Have No Idea How Glad This Makes Me You Have No Idea How Glad This Makes Me / I went to this special place that had many hidden memories since my early childhood days. It was… Out of Sun Flowers Out of Sun Flowers / She was staring my way and I was shaking like a dog after getting wet, / I had seen her many times in secrecy, but nev… You Are So Impolite You Are So Impolite / Many times you pretend to read, / I look at it like a never planted seed. / The way you take short-cuts to vote, / Se… A Flower From My Secret Garden I cut a flower from my secret garden and I laid it on your bed, / It was to be me lying next to you but I found you with him instead. / Nev… The Secret Clam The Secret Clam / As I swam deeper into the ocean floor I came upon a giant of a clam and my eyes widened in anticipation that a trove coul… I’ve Come To Say Good-bye I’ve Come To Say Good-bye / I used to watch you, / as I hid behind some brush. / You had a bb gun, / and I could sense your hunting… I Love You Mom Oh, my beautiful mother where are you now? / I went to see you yesterday and you were / not there. I took real flowers to place / by your … In Memories We Are Not Apart In Memories We Are Not Apart / She was beautiful, she was kind, she was also legally blind, / But you would never know it because she was s… Betrayed By Myself With one step in front of the other my / total body wavered fiercely in anticipation, / Trembling in fear if my recovery / was going well a… My Valentine Heart My Valentine Heart / I left my heart inside the valentine card this year, / It is filled with a thousand bleeding soaking tears. / Just loo… This Couple, They Were Man And Wife, Friends And… This Couple, They Were Man And Wife, Friends And Foes / This couple, they were man and wife, friends and foes, / Met at an early age in the… A Story Of Romance A Story Of Romance / Her head was resting gently on my lap as the eyes slept peacefully, / For the next hour she didn’t move much exc… New Years Resolutions of Importance Time to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions, / Or perhaps to put an ending to all our bad conclusions. / It can also be a lea… The Death Of The Wolf Traveling through a lonely country road, / I came across a wounded bleeding wolf. / So I built an Indian wooden bed for the load, / Until … A Deal With Halloween Creatures There was something sinister, / To the full moon night. / Dark clouds hovered around it, / Letting me know something wasn’t right. / … The Passion In The Back Seat I / The Passion in the Back Seat / I couldn’t see through the fog on the windows, / But I could sense the p… Angel Of The Mountain Angel Of The Mountain / Behind the over- turned truck the skies lit up with lightning, / Thunder echoed loudly above the darken clouds so f… Lost Between A Milli-second And A Fraction Of A M… Lost between a milli-second and a fraction of a minute, / I found myself in a world caught within two parallels. / Could not touch the huma… An Ocean And A War Apart A bullet rang across the lobe of my left ear, / My throbbing heart skipped a beat with fear. / The lady that fell on the pavement of the st… Secrets Of The Herbs And Flowers In a tiny little town that is unknown / to many species of the human race, / Is a secret little garden with magical powers / and hidden b… Creatures Of The Night Creatures Of The Night / Dark was the night that my eyes saw, / Unseen crimes hidden from the law. / A voice spoke in whispers ten fold, / … Like An Old Shoe I find myself lying around on the ground, / My voice is silent as I can no longer make a sound. / This heart of mine is alone like a road s… Rained On My Pillow Last night I thought I slept in peace with myself, / Until this early morning when I woke up. / I noticed that it rained very quietly while… No Personal Files No Personal Files / My travels have taken me where only spirits can walk on bare feet, / No need to wear socks because gentle is the ground… Howdy Baby, How Are you Doing? Howdy Baby, How Are You Doing? / I have a plastic cup that I use for every week day, / But I have a better foam cup that I use on weekend d… Go To My Garden Go To My Garden / Go to my garden / and pick a flower / that represents you. / Make yourself at home / and don’t be afraid / to ga… Something Is Wrong Maybe something is very seriously wrong, / Because you no longer sing me a love song. / Did you find someone else that cares more than I ? … She Was At Rest She Was At Rest / There she was, so beautiful and ready to leave this world without me, / I’m sure that if she could speak to me in d… Just A Tiny Miracle Just A Tiny Miracle / A little tiny man was I that had fallen inside a 16.9 fl.oz bottle of coke, / And the man drinking it had spiked it a… To the Oscars by Connie Sec Three Sizes Too Small Three Sizes Too Small / by / Oscar Elizondo / Growing up and learning about life is hard when you’re a teenager, but when you are in … The One Eyed Cat The One Eyed Cat / I could hear the baby birds chirping / from the nest of the tree, / Underneath and below the branches / the cat’… Please Accept These Flowers Please Accept These Flowers / From my window sill my eyes gazed out at the flowers growing in the garden, / Memories transpired in my head … I Am Your Match I am like a saved up match in a box / that will not strike without your hand. / I need your gently touch to set me off / and bring the dark… Another Event Anger has once more fed my inner soul / with a vicious appetite to eat me away. / No longer can I defend myself from / the wounds I shall … Death Never Takes A Vacation I know for a fact that death never takes a vacation, / People dieing everyday is a sure indication. / It doesn’t wait for the break o… Mentally Fit Mentally Fit / After a restless night of tossing around I decided to take a walk in the park, / It was well lighted, there were security gu… I Never Heard Your Steps I Never Heard Your Steps / I never heard your steps / coming my way, / They walked so tenderly / elevating above a pathway. / You came hi… No Medication Would Work No Matter What The Dose No Medication Would Work No Matter What The Dose / By / Oscar Elizondo / (Chorus) / Blood dripping from a broken lip, / So painful that I c… I I / I am an ocean, I am the sea, I am a country, and I am the world. / In my brain I am all of the above and more because I think, because … Does A War Make You A criminal? Please Let Me Know Early part of September, 1968 Republic of Vietnam(from my diary, or journal) / A TEARFUL EVENT IN WAR / Today brought many tears to my eyes… Why Do I Write I don’t write because I think I’m good. / I write because I want to be understood. Las Vegas Neon Collection - Oscar's Martini 2 by Bobby Deal Didn’t Know How To Take Your Picture I didn’t know how to take a picture through the use of a camera / and in my heart I wanted so much to catch the beauty of your smile.… I Guess This Means No I Guess This Means No / At this moment of the day I wanted so much to touch your hand, / I was hoping that your heart could see me as your … Another Casualty, Another Life, Another Son Around five oclock this morning I picked up my newspaper off the driveway. / Saw the headlines and cried because there was nothing more I c… A Soldier Died Today The freedom of the wind resting on my smiling face, / The warmth of the glowing sun with dignity and grace. / My eyes shawdowed by the bran… Silent Ink It came to me in silence / while I slept with opened eyes, / Staring from moisten lens / into a window pane that never dries. / Clear was t… He Walks With No Shame Or Blame He Walks With No Shame Or Blame / By / Oscar Elizondo / I remember the times we spent together as we grew, / We talked about issues of the … The Worm In The Lettuce The Worm In The Lettuce / By / Oscar Elizondo / A farmer finished picking up the patch of lettuce from his field. He was about to pull the… She Still Doesn’t Know Who I Am She Still Doesn’t Know Who I Am / Her shorts were muddy, her hair was a mess, but she was so beautiful. / She had no make-up on her f… Chapter I She Made Me Laugh, She Made Me Cry, I … She Made Me Laugh, She Made Me Cry, I Forgot To Say Good-bye / A Story by / Oscar Elizondo / Moises walked by the church on his way from sc… I Have Made Plans For Roses To Be Delivered To Yo… Mother, I know how much you used to love red roses for Mother’s Day, / But this year there will not be any delievered to the house yo… The Greatest Test of Adore-ment The Greatest Test of Adore-ment / A young boy was I but mature in ways of a father figure with responsibilities, / Mother and father first … Crying Is Not A Sin Crying is not a sin, but a gift to cleanse the soul that lives in darkness. When tears exit through my eyes I know that they came from dee…
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