The Great Gatsby by thisisarcane Irving Rosenfeld 2 by tnoteman557 Where Were The Stars Tonight? The / stars were / out tonight, but / for some reason / I could not see them. Maybe my heart was / was blinded by the darkness of the / ev… These Are My Whispers From My Heart That Speak These Are My Whispers from My Heart That Speak / These are the whispers from my heart that speak with a silent tongue, / Tempting my emotio… Singing In The Rain There is a time in my pass memory of joyingly singing in the rain, / My girl was with me as we kissed romantically as we made our claim. /… Keep myself amused and others confused - Ben C (white) by guzzi Adorable Buddy by Staffaholic The Watch Man Around his wrist he wore a timeless piece of machinery called a watch, / It didn’t tell time because it was broken and besides it had… Tears Of Compassion Tears Of Compassion / I have saved all the tears I’ve shed for you in this life time, / And they are stored in a large vat in the col… hugh jackman by peteroxcliffe Oscar's Old Barn by Adrena87 It Wasn’t the Roses It Wasn’t the Roses / I gave you three red roses for my love to you, / But you didn’t take them home that evening. / You left t… Where Are You? I know not of where you have been for I have not heard the keys move, / Perhaps you are lost in thoughts that have led you into the wrong g… Do You Believe Me Now? Do you now believe me that you are an angel from above? / A friend that came to visit when I was down when I lost my love. / We might not h… I Have To Stay Positive I Have To Stay Positive / Got up this morning running a little late, / Ran outside and my shirt got torn on the gate. / Went back inside an… As I Am As I Am / I cannot be who you want me to be when you want me to be someone else, / You must accept and appreciate what talents come with th… I Am Home I Am Home / An ocean’s smile, a sun’s touch, and a little push from the wind, / All the things that a person needs as he walks … The Beautiful Butterflies The Beautiful Butterflies / I could see the tattoo on her shoulder and I remembered where I had seen it before. The inked butterfly was so… I Wasn’t Perfect, But Then Neither Were You A Song (I Wasn’t Perfect, But Then, Neither Were You) / (Chorus) / I know I wasn’t perfect, but then, neither were you, / We gr… The Wrinkles Of Time On my way to nowhere I adjusted the rear view mirror on my truck, / Then I paused for a minute or two because I felt like I was out of luck… Imagine, Just Little Old Me Someday you will know me for the person that I am, / But tonight I will dream of you and be humble as a clam. / Your beautiful face will gl… This Is Your Dog Speaking, Are We Still Best Frie… “This is your friendly dog speaking, / I hope that this time you will be listening. / You have no heart when you pull my chain. / Whe… Where Did The Taxi Take Her? Beneath all of that make-up I saw a beautiful face / as the water from the clouds dropped from above. / I was standing under an umbrella as… For Only Two Seconds For Only Two Seconds / I tried to see how long I could stay focused without thinking of you, / And those two seconds made me feel like you … My Smelly Slippers My Smelly Slippers / by / Oscar Elizondo / It took me only thirty minutes to get out of bed, / but it was early, so I went back to sleep in… Team DiCaprio by LucyRicardo She Was Poor She Was Poor / Yes, she was poor in the taste of the beauty of the world, / Never having the pleasures to parade her feet to venture far. /… I Need To Knock You Say I Need To Knock You Say / There was no need to knock on the front door, it was my house too. / Your angry outcry could only signify the gui… Mousitree Christmas Mousitree Christmas / The Gonzalez’s little house was a little short of being demolished by the city because it was falling apart and… Thank You My Friend I saw your face through the computer’s screen, / Your friendly look was of someone I’ve often seen. / We might only know oursel… Tic Toc, Tic Toc, Tic Tock, Tic Tock Tic Toc, Tic Toc, Tic Toc, Tic Toc, / I can hear the sound of the wall clock. / This morning I awoke with only one sock. / And last night t… Elton John by abfabphoto Oscar, The Intelligent Puppy Oscar, The Intelligent Puppy / By / Oscar Elizondo / Oscar was a six-week-old dachshund puppy and he was already showing signs of a very in… Part II of A Diary Entry August 17, 1968 Wounded … Diary Entry August 17 / During the night we were engaged in an ambush. Luckily for us our plan worked. When the claymore mines went off a… A Little Bird A Little Bird / A newly egg hatched baby bird has fallen from its nest, / Only to face the greatest challenge of survival test. / Beneath t… There Was A Twinkle In My Eyes There was a twinkle in my eyes as I saw the children play outside, / Children of all ages (and adults) having fun coming down the slide. / … I Think I Remember Watching The Band “Santa… I remember / going to see the band “Santana”. / It was past our prime years, / and my wife and I needed potassium / as we watc… Get a Life Get a Life / I caress my chest so willingly / against her beautiful womanly breast, / While holding her tight just like she asked me / dur… Team DiCaprio by LucyRicardo My Mind Was Wounded My Mind Was Wounded / On the ground laid an old doll that once was in the hands of a wonderful child that somehow had lost something so dea… I’m Just A Little Rabbit I’m just a little rabbit, / That wants to go to the moon. / Can you please take me, / And bring me back by noon. / I have some carrot… The Fish I Never Caught The Fish I Never Caught / A Story by / Oscar Elizondo / I remember going fishing one day. I went alone because everybody seemed like they … Because I Love You, I Shall Set You Free Dear Love; / You have been my most precious inspiration in life, and I had aspirations of one day making you my wife. I have seen the… 1st Time Oscar Winner by abfabphoto Johnny Down the Pint at Kooky Karaoke by TimChuma I’m Sorry, Are You Too Tired, Too Busy, Or … I was going over my pictures today and I saw your face. / Boy it has been so long since you last called or wrote to me. / I’m sorry, … The Copper Penny The Copper Penny / On the street pavement I noticed the copper penny lying still, / Somehow I had forgotten its value as I picked it up wit… In a Bottle I saw myself inside the bottle of a cola drink, / as I was looking under the kitchen’s sink. / Stored away were the sodas for the wee… Kate Winslet by abfabphoto I Was Caught Racing I Was Caught Racing / Took my stick shifted 1972 VW car for a little ride, / Spun my tires on first gear as people watched from the side. /… Changing Ways, But Just For Now Changing ways, Eating baked Frito Lays. / No more lies, Confessing and being wise. / Making better grades, / Still no dates. / No sugar jus… I Met The Headless Horseman I Met The Headless Horseman / It had been told, it had been written that on one special night the headless horseman would appear to claim a… Gifts from the Red Carpet The Oscars would live on, but instead we might hear interesting dialogue on where a few thousand US dollars can make a vast difference. A Message From An Angel A man emerges from a dream that was not to be, / His hopes are shattered far from where he cannot see. / His love of many years had long le… Two Separate Worlds In a tiny village a happy poor family sits around a campfire, / With little food to eat their minds only ask for a few desires. / They are … Part IV Of A Diary August 18, 1968 Wounded On My … I have found someone to write my diary entry, I’m still worried that someone will tell on me, it’s not easy to keep my diary, I… Two Hearts of Gold The yards were covered with dead leaves from the bushes and the trees, / Further beyond in a back yard were homes full of honey from the be… No More Time There is no more time to look for the lost ambitions, / Seeming that we lost its translation in culture traditions. / The imagination that … My Eyes Were Blurry . / My Eyes Were Blurry / My tears had been exiting through my eyes for so long, / Inside my heart the emotional feelings felt so very wron… Give LEO A Damn Oscar [White Ink] by FreshThreadShop Playing Doctors and Nurses Playing Doctors and Nurses / Like fading ink on a wet writing paper / my chosen words from my heart / are vanishing from the letters / … A Game Of Golf An old golfer went to the golf course and decided to take his grandkids with him. The two boys knew nothing about the game and so they kep… It Was Only A Matter Of Time It Was Only a Matter of Time / It will be only a matter of time / before you will hear my heart speak out. / Many moons have passed along … My Friend, I Understand, Merry Christmas My Friend, I Understand, Merry Christmas / My friend, in my heart I didn’t mean to make you cry, / I was just being very honest with … [Ver 1] Let It Go by oOMeroChanOo Kathy Bates by abfabphoto Empty Gun Barrel Empty Gun Barrel / The gray smoke was still emitting from the barrel of the 38 mm hand gun, / A group of five middle school age boys had be… Don’t Know Anymore Don’t Know Anymore / I don’t really know who I am anymore since I lost my face in the mirror. / There seems to be an image rese… The Night Will Be A Concern Mysteries surround my imagination / until my eyes close for some sleep, / Then the illusions come to haunt me / and my emotions that are … Do Not Be Afraid To Let A Love One Go There is a time to cry / and to say good-bye, / Because all human flesh / someday will die. / The pain should not last forever, / or for… When A Zapper Attacks (Vietnam Diary) ( I still believe that what happened in Vietnam mostly stayed there. We, and I mean soldiers that came back don’t really talk much a… Don't Let Go. by IndyMan33 I Was Wrong All Along I thought that I had seen it all, but I was wrong. / Once I heard your sweet voice I wrote you a song. / Many mistakes I had made in my tro… Light My Fire Light My Fire / For many years I felt like the common water heater, / Doing my job of keeping the water hot made it sweeter. / I always see… Lost I wanted so much at that moment to let it end, / with the scorching burning sun above my head / and hoping from the sky it soon would desce… Part III Of A Diary August 18 Wounded On My Birth… I’m having someone write this entry of my diary, my hands and arms are useless of this moment. I have been wounded on both arms, my … It Would Be Nice It Would Be Nice / It would be nice if I could see your face, / No make-up, no eye glasses or contacts, / Just your naked skin free of arti… Las Vegas Neon Collection - Oscar's Martini by Bobby Deal Never Mess With A Honey Bee Once about a time, / There was a honey bee. / It lived alone in a hive, / That hung from a tree. / Below her home, / Was a mound of an ant… A Letter To My Friend A Letter to My Friend / Dear friend, / I’m just so glad I got to know you well, but I am so sorry of a story I neglected to tell… We Will Wait For Your Arrival We Will Wait For Your Arrival / Our two beautiful children have grown, / and have left their uncompromising innocence / in our quiet and lo… Part V Of A Diary August 18, 1986 Wounded On My B… (I’m still dictating for my diary and I found another person to write it for me.) / The medic comes back for me and looks at me again… A Need To Cry A Need To Cry / There are times when a man secretly and emotionally needs to cry, / The pain of internal reasons that are private with no e… I Peaked Through The Keyhole On Christmas Eve I Peaked Through The Keyhole On Christmas Eve / I peaked through the keyhole, / Of my parent’s door. / Placed a wooden box, / To reach up f… Kirsten Dunst by abfabphoto The Beatles and My Life The Beatles and My Life / When the Beatles came to be famous for their music I was there. / I even grew my hair long and many times got in … My Life Is A Mess My Life Is A Mess / I’ve been secretly searching for so many years, / It’s caused me to sweat and I’ve cried a million te… Adele Dazeem T-Shirt by Kellan Reck Nothing To Be Proud About Too many obstacles / are blocking my place of retreat. / Even my friends have made fences / every time we meet. / Conversations have beco… A Day Of Jungle Fighting In The Republic Of Vietn… We had been called back to relieve the Marines because casualties were mounting for them too. It was called the Iron Triangle and the jung… The Angel In You I have seen a picture of a beautiful angel that has lost her way down the path, / She knows how to help everybody, yet her own soul needs h… A Comfort Walk A Comfort Walk / Yesterday I walked myself for a comfort walk, / So I went to the city windows for a quiet talk. / I gazed at the reflectio… The Bus Ride The Bus Ride / I could see her through her window because she wanted me to. Slowly she would undress just to the point where it was time t… A Need Of Sorts As I was driving my twelve year old red pick-up truck down a country road my mind was too busy visiting a lost time with my wife in my day-… Vietnam, A Veterans Point of View Vietnam, A Veterans Point of View / By / Oscar Elizondo / (There are many untold stories about the war in Vietnam and mine is just another … I’ll Be Spending All Of My Time Alone I’ll Be Spending All Of My Time Alone / I opened a letter addressed to you that I wrote many years ago while I was gone to fight a war. It …
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