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My Lust

…your fingers draw masterpieces on my body, / wetting my skin and my apetite, …

Original Monologue: Louis from Angels in America

Scene: / Minimal set, black backdrop, two chairs sit side by side, looking like a waiting room in a doctor’s office. Louis should be dresse…

I Am God.

…And soon I’ll be baptised! / I will rise even higher! / No need to associate with the outside! / I am beyond everyone now!

Art By Charles Ezra Ferrell Blog

During the latter part of 2007, I discarded my self-imposed restrictions on my artistic creativity. I began to draw frequently once again a…

My Christmas List

} A Christmas Gift for unselfish Lovers { / as of 12/18/10 286 views

Death is a Lady

A mere mortal like me, / Will never be free, / Of my Lady’s glacial burning embrace!

Lady Moon (Original)

The extra large moon dazzles your mind; / And you don’t even sense the gaping hole behind; / But then you’re lulled to peace ag…

-Original Sin-

What he will give is the incipient -bare minimum- / of his heartbeat / -He’ll reveal just- / the washed out clamoring of his horded des…

Now This…is Awsome

I have the urge to write / And tell the world what happened / just the other night

The Language of Mudawups

They’re better than science fiction chameleons.

Original Sin

so, / i found the apple and just bit… / juice winding down my wrist

The Real Original Killer Amongst Men

To whom it may concern, / This is a rebuttal to Donna19’s write titled “The Original Killer Among Men ….” It is taken from the woman’s per…


Not good enough for Heaven / or bad enough for Hell

A Little Joy

He was having his own party / a party of just one

The Tiger and the Hare

The air ballon was lowered and the tiger ROARED “Your Mine” (04-19-10 181 views)

Mothers Gems

131 VIEWS AS OF 04/19/10 / Then at the end of the day / She can gaze at her children and say

lilith 1 set adrift

with bird like feet / in fleeting waters

Time is the Enemy

Time continues to ravage / All of what is left of me. / A bitter and heartless savage. / We live just to die, just to die. / Time is the en…


To all my dear’s friend’s whit Love / [Video]

the original bastard soul

come hither and dance with a stranger said edgar allan poe / hidden behind the mask lies all the things we didn`t even know / close to you …


The Sting of shame…. / The Sting of hiding; doors closed, windows shut, body covered…. / The Sting of knuckles tattooed into tender skin….

Living Life Like This

Fear of failure? Loneliness? / I’m unsure of what. / Or why.

Next Year

Yesterday, tomorrow,

Autism Awareness Day

Hello every botty (oh God now I’m stealing my children’s lines!). Sorry. Hello everybody! Please mark in your diary’s t…


Enforced separation…


secret tears / that crash onto my pillow… / Sometimes…

Where can you find my original artwork?

I have a shop at Etsy… http://www.felt4ewe.etsy.com where I sell my fiber artworks. Please stop in!


100 views as of ( 05/09/10 ) / Divorce, many have been there done that, are you thinking about it ? / A must read for the love of life / …


the original fragments / of continuity / become magnets / you dread to pull apart / * / how to speak the truth / with a language of lies / …

Miss Terrie

What you need…


occassional within its reach / the wave

Without witness

an eternal and infininte gift

Who’s Coming to Dinner

The road to Hell is definitely paved, / And it becomes harder and harder just to be saved

The Original Artist…

… creates/works with / THE Original Thought-Vibration.


You ask for entry / Where is your book of dreams / Where is your bag of accomplishments / Your book is empty, save your desire to go to hea…

The answer is “yes”

AS OF 05/08/10 – 103 views / Did you get to see some action / and this is what he said



The Petal’Philes original comment thread

I apologize to the groups that originally accepted this work, I am planning on removing them from the group storage, and adding one chapter…

A New found friend

105 views as of 05/18/10 / The intellect of an animal / and what a real man is like

My First Love [Original Poem]

And as the waves cover the sand for a moment / before the undertow,and as they pull away from the beach, / some particles are carried away …


Raring to go any and everywhere


The land that I live upon / And feast from / In her natural beauty


Having finished an extensive series of botanical subjects I found myself longing for my student days of figure drawing and painting. I love…

The original idea III: Eleni’s elegy

A jasmine scent echoes your skin / And your smile lightens the moon / When you walk, a horse to a mule, / Beside me. / And your smile fades…


Necessity is the smother of intention.

SOLD oil on canvas – original – In T…


The Original Thought/Vibration…

… I would imagine… / … is/was somewhere between ‘I am’ and ‘hmm.’ / ;D

Tears of silence

The tears that run down my face / block my point of view

The Original/Source Thought/Vibration…

… is a dreamer!

Cold (Original, full-length)

Christmas was tomorrow. The neighborhood had been draped in red and green and the Christ child was sleeping peacefully in every fourth yar…

A Snowy New Year [Original Poem]

January is passing and I greet the new year with hesitation / What hope is ahead? what mysteries will unfold? / I will not face the cold wi…

You Are My Inspiration [Original Poem]

I want to lay down, close my eyes, with your voice in my ears / your music playing loudly and flowing through me / filled with your voice, …

Win An Original Painting!!

Win a Painting!!

my new page

my new miniature life drawing page

The Original Vibration…

It’s in you. / Tune in. Act out. React not.

Innocence lost (original version)

I was stuck in a painful reality / When you came and said you could save me / You told me I could trust you / My heart was broken inside / …

P.S. I wrote this just for You

Did you know YOU are in a book / just as plain as plain can be / And WE are also in there / in this famous book

Cold (Original, full-length)

Christmas was tomorrow. The neighborhood had been draped in red and green and the Christ child was sleeping peacefully in every fourth yar…

The Flirt

Just smile…Tilt your head and say / Thank You…but I’m taken

A young hearts confession

You didn’t close the curtain / or ask me to go away / instead I saw you smile / and you left me stay

Book of Kaoz – Caravan

Kaoz sat in the stuffy wagon as it rolled slowly through the blinding heat in the Vastitas. They had been traveling only for a day but it f…

A Fountain of Youth

My heart raced with passion at the / picture I took that day…

How original ?

That’s not even virginal! / Don’t be so cardinal!

Mental Abyss

about my struggle with bipolar

Here you will find original artworks by Artist Mu…


Original Sin.

I am induced into the drunkenness / of a world of lies.

taking cover, an original version

don’t judge a book by its cover / judge it by its title and the meaning of the author’s name / and a cross between number theor…

Mystery Man (original version)

There was clearly no way of escaping his captivating brown eyes. / I was his prey and he was the eagle….

The original Bonds Man

The grace of the thug washes over situations such as this.

“Not Too Late”

You can get fresh and I can scold you / Then we can laugh and I can hold you


Looking at the world / Through the eyes of a child / Renews the wonder and excitement / Of the things we take for granted / Its a…


Friendship is the language of the soul, / but can only be heard and understood with the heart.

Something Original

Let’s talk over tea, / about art in our schools / and the decline of literacy. /   / Adjust the atti"tube". / “Channels are strea…

Every Night I’m Lost


Original Blessing ©1998 Tom Romeo

We are invited / to a Holyday dinner / a harvest feast / with passion fruit / for dessert


Her hair, that waves like the ocean / Meets with her shoulders, relaxed

Train Ride – Original

I felt as though I was about to be shot in the back of the head. That’s a very odd feeling I thought.

My Best Friend

Doing better then playing I’m asleep / I’ll play that I am dead / No one will bother me / I’m an unborn child in the womb


“Who are you?” / The sound of the train disappearing in the darkness echoed out into the tunnels, leaving the station in a dead…

Walking In The Mist [Original Prose]

The haze, the mist / made the world a strange fairyland / where the outline of reality was indistinct and clouded.

Since The Original ‘Blip’…

… ‘Everything’ is synonymous with ‘Nothing’.

The Original Illusion…

… good-bye.

The Treasure [Original Prose]

A growing child investigates her mother’s closet / and in the corner she finds a treasure.

Original Thought…

Original thought is like internal sunlight… / tan yourself!

Scholar’s Legacy : The First

And what legacy, I ask you, shall be remembered other than the legacy of evil?

Original Sin

I was born Maria Carlotta Silvana Giotti, but in the mid-eighties, I legally changed my name to Eve. Just Eve. It signaled a new beginnin…

The Apple of My Eye.

I see a tree in full blossom now, / full of deathly promises

Original Sin- Excerpt from “Thoughts of a M…

So, verily do not all sins stem yet from the one? The very weaknesses of the flesh spring from the seed of selfishness. / Lust, gluttony, g…

Have I Ever Had An Original Thought?

the sting is in an idle wilderness / where the wasp, the spider, doesn’t concern / itself over being original / how often I am pricke…

Original Creation…

One Mother of an idea.

Where will I fly my flag ?

Developers want to buy her out / here she makes a stand

Nighttime Snacks

“W-What the hell is this?” / “It… kind of looks like it hasn’t been cooked…” / “God, forget…

The Past: The Original

January is behind me, / I’ve come from the past.

Original Print

When will the irony be seen? / That the individual is copied and has become routine

the original matter

The light that gleams through the tunnel turns hollow / The peak of my words makes less sense

Original Sperm

if there is a god in this body / I want him to show himself / right now / let him come out of me / in a sneeze / (maybe that’s why he…
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