I counted the corners of myself / Those unmarked / By the life with you

Funny Looking Orange and Black Bird

Thank you David for your photo "Funny Looking Orange & Black Bird / Please check our my friend David Burk’s other awesome ph…

Orange organza

Shrouded in a sheath of orange organza / elegantly stationary / I watched a goddess in waiting / Her hands ravished by henna leaf motifs …

Orange Pekoe Limited

“If you really went to India,” says the girl with the 80’s hair, “You wouldn’t get naan like that.” / T…

The Orange Bus

Mystery Man led the train of children to the big orange bus.


favorite shirt never worn / the sun just before it goes to bed / lily lies beneath the window / breast of bird who is my friend / the earth…

Mary, Marie, How does your Garden Grow?

A little tale about neighbours, gardening and the blood thirsty spirit of competition.

Sour Fairy Floss

She reminds me of sugar sweet fairy floss. It was like looking in a mirror to what I could have become.

Darkness Has Fallen

Darkness Has Fallen / A Darkness Has Fallen / Hush Comes Or The Hill / Valleys Mist Now Risen / The Forest Oh So Still / Lun…

(with) relish this dream

I am getting lost in your understory

Slash of orange

Sweat joined with the swirls or red and strokes of black drying on the canvas face. The stench of oil and body fluids permeated the room, c…

Picture This

He had fallen victim to another woman’s beguiling smile. I didn’t like it one bit; I thought her dangerous to our relationship. In a moment…

Fanta Orange Sunsets

Steps away from the gentle lapping waves, a 400 year old Buttonwood with its gnarled branches, stood the test of time.

The Orange Blossoms Are In Bloom

Excitement, pleasure, anticipation, I don’t know what you’d call the feeling wafting through the air as Spring begins that roma…

Kind and Generous

Live and let live. . / Always trying to give. . . / As the karma of living / Revolves around giving

Awaken by Orange (with a divine touch )

Ultimate joy

Colours of the Rainbow

RED is for Love, ORANGE is for Laughter, YELLOW is for Sweet

Sailing with the Dawn

An orange conflagration / Is flowing o’er the sky……………

No Title

Naked people. Somewhat.

Snappy learns the meaning of thanksgiving

My dear and wonderful friend Snappy Dave, asked what thanks giving is. I then sent him some information on the holiday, which for those of …

Lest We Forget

The footsteps of a silent procession / Marching through unlit streets / Making its way in the annual pilgrimage / To a place of importance …

Orange Pith

Without bitter pith or peel

unleashed07 – ‘Orange Shoes, White Sh…

‘Orange Shoes, White Shiny Laces’ / By Tim Marshall / Orange shoes, white shiny laces. Curly brown hair. Must be smart. Must be…

And God sings

and time stops / just for this moment / the world freezes / wind is stilled / silence reigns

Memories of Opie

I will always remember the first time I saw you. Tracy had known that I wanted an orange kitten, so, when a lady at work told her she had …



CameraView Calendars are AVAILABLE NOW!

CameraView Calendars Calendars are available.

preapocalyptic moscow fashion.

i am rather enjoying pre-apocalyptic moscow. / the already prodigous heat has been joined by it’s best friend, smoke, as 63 strangely…

By Chance

earth’s morning day / warmth on my shoulders


It was a long way from home / Through the trees and the brush / I took my time / Walking slowly, I didn’t rush / When I got there I c…

blood orange affair

let it burn in your lungs / ripped apart the fragility / hope wont carry on

Old Mick from Orange

I’ve never written a poem about Orange, a town out west of New South Wales. The main problem was that nothing rhymed with Orange.

On a hot summer day

Summer’s heat on my skin, / Light rays reach my lips as I glide my fingers on them, / I kiss the summer sun.

dimensional dreaming

weaving threads / of tentative vision / artistic plight / raptured emotions


I’m looking out my window all around / as colored leaves fall to the ground / Can it be? Is it already here? / Just didn’t see…

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The Man in the Orange Shirt

A fictional depiction.


She picked up an orange / It looked so enticing / It was large and juicy / No need for slicing / She pulled off the skin / Orange she would…

Wow, another feature

Feature in All Things Orange

Thanks for All that is Nature group’s hosts…

Thanks so much for featuring my work “Blue Winter with Orange Horizon”. I am honored and thrilled for your attention. Thanks a …

Promptus Fructus

I opened the door quickly, casually, as I always did. My feet finding their way over the threshold without me giving the order.

Eerie Afternoon

fierce winds / roar / dust descends / until the eerie / afternoon / ends

Orange Sky, Rotting Wraith

My arms became lithe again / I felt no urge to write / strange symbols in the sand / cryptic poetry that only the wind would read / it felt…

it rained orange and silver fish scales that day

this was what lay behind closed eyelids / that summer

Experimentally Orange Win!!!!

Experimentally Orange Win

Autumn Leaves- A Collaboration



Wow, CARVED PUMPKIN is the Avatar for a Day and featured in Extraordinary Fractalius. Thank you, so much. I just had so much fun working wi…

Mothers Day gift that was so unexpected

My baby girl did the most sweetiest most loving thing for mothers day. After forgetting her hand made gift at school. she agree’d to …

late nights

a rolling wave of orange atmosphere / crushes the blue from the sky / but lights the blue in your eyes. / i wish / i could save this as a p…


Cumquats all around / Perfectly round and orange / Splat, smoosh there they go


“where is the orange hat” she asked…

The other senses…

I remember the scent of orange trees and other citrus trees in blossom…

Backing Policy With Orange Cone

A safety program to help reduce accidents in the work place.

Rhymes with Orange

There are some tasks exceedingly hard / For even a sage or a wise old bard. / The worst is to find a rhyme for oranges. / I can, with no to…

(poem) “I feel a little Orange coming on…

Orange is / a wondrous thing / Just a ‘Thing’ because it is!

orange antelope

To eat that apple mommy said would be a good decision / And eating all those carrots would give me better vision / And now there’s somethin…

Orange Blossom Dream

In definite definition of indefinite dreams defined / She found her solace, in green tea, jasmine rice / Sitting in cafes, pouring over not…

Featherlight & Silver

depressed and weep / oe’er every rhyming rule kept

Ode to my Orange Pen

O Orange Pen! / How you have gotten me through hard times / Relentlessly dispensing your magical orange ink

Thank you Both Sides Now for the Feature of Sky A…

Thank you so much to the moderators of Both Sides Now for choosing my photo Sky Ablaze as a featured photo. I’m honored and excited!…

Itty Bitty Kitty Committee


Oct 09 Features – 2nd Week

October continues to be a blessing for me! I want to Thank all the Hosts on here for all the work they do and for all the Friends and sup…

Cartoon Orange

Is the dusty ground around the ancient tomb really cartoon / orange? / the flying fish leaping over the wave / is it really a symbolic cine…



just one more time

you showered me with your brilliance / with untold vibrance / you began to wane / your heartbeat fought back

Orange Slither

From a car window / Such a view / Vibrant Crescent / Illumintaing shining

The Orange

The café was full of warmth, chatter and condensation; the windows all steamed up except for where people had rubbed port-holes in them

Starting a new life

A Monarch butterfly opened its eyes to a world it didnt know. / It looked around wondering where it was and what had happened to it. / With…

How I create my images

I start by drawing the image lightly in pencil on my paper. Then I work in reverse erasing the pencil and drawing the image in colored penc…

Orange vs Blue

Compliments of the strangest hue. / Opposites in every pigment. / Attracted through sheer will, / or sheer disregard for the rule. / Is i…

The Kaleidescope Dream

Wrecked upon the floating dream / Two eyes and a hideous scream / Currents swirling and drowning my joy / Nine maidens dancing on a broken …

hail to the monarch on purple thistle thrown in r…


Said Blues

to keep close, a moving sideshow

Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit

myself / in jaffa cakes


You are warm but not to hot. / I can embrace you and not get burnt. / You are a colour that is inviting. / You say to me come join me and …

Epistemological Pluralism (Orange Balloon Hypnoth…

Cold stain across this unmade bed / Know it kills me when I cannot taste you in the morning / Grooved lips and bright shadow body curves / …

Apple eye

This block of land / One thousand squared / I bought and planted there / Was an apple tree


It may take awhile to find. I know what it looks like, in my head. The color, the type, the style. The adrenaline for adventure rises. Mayb…


Have you ever had a memory of something your parents brought for you and for some reason that item stood out to you years later? / do you k…

Orange and yellow play; distract / Hues of all sorts rush by / in ordered chaos / Like soldiers in rank

The Orange Pills

The drizzle that had blurred the windows of the bus, turning everyone outside into a series of pixelated portraits, had all but stopped as …

Summer Sweet

Categorically / she / is an orange in / the lemon trees

Witchy Orange Delights

At the very edge of a deep dark forest, where the Oaks stand guard and the enchanted Elm and Beech tree limbs hang low, the Wicked Witch wh…

“Chrysanthemum with orange heart” fea…

Featured Work / “Chrysanthemum with orange heart” was featured in the group Flowers in macro (very … 2 days ago) / Thanks so much for the h…

silent tiger

silent tiger / on silken paws / all burnished glory / and / blistering orange

pink and orange clouds

Pink and orange clouds; / how you make me smile, / how you make me contemplate; / as you float upon a crimson splashed sky. / Pink and oran…

The Humble Orange

r. I break it up into the segments, my fingers tingling with excitement as i feel the soft fleshy inside of this temptious beast. I put a s…

Season Fever


“Bright Orange Fire”

‘Bright Orange Fire’ / Her spirit fire, strong of heart / Hearkened, to that journey start / Gentle carressed, to build Her fir…

Overland to Orange


Agent Orange

Conjecture can take you anywhere / the exposure of truth I’m unsure / stay in one place so long / you are part of the wooden archite…

Tiger Sky

The west was a bright tiger orange and the slow sinking sun, with all the sinuous shallow pace of a large cat, drowned out the sky with its…

Pink lights in Neon Orange Tunels

Wind knocking like a rib cage full of fluid…

Burned Orange

Burned Orange / Lil waved her hands over me / as I lay upon the table / a blanket pulled up to my waste / for she was a healer by practice.…

The Lamp Lighter

every night / he lights them / peppering orange / onto dark city streets / warming night’s blackness / one flame at a time / casti…
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