best face by wormink God Is So Mean after the rubble has settled in dust / pain in the eyes are cast in distrust Vatican Views the poor will be put aside and have to wait their turn WARNING: Contains Personal Opinions by KirneH001 Knit a Belgian by Fabrice Plas War and More War the mind will evade all the actions just dealt / a tough hardened crust will not bend or could melt / innocent bones now crushed into dus… Why Do We Pretend five senses explain a very true tale / no one can live inside of a whale Truth Be Known truth is many things ONE Poets opinion regarding the Soul This cocoon earth our birthplace of the physical and our transcendence to the spiritual. I Was a Teenage Altar Boy it’s hard to fake passion when the pages are blank / and the evidence vault is an empty stale bank Exspressive opinion by Dollface09 Can You See the Dragon? by George A. Yesthal / Here’s a clue. If you want the truth in politics you have to stop listening to either the Democratic or Republ… That's the way it is......unquote! by MrJoop reality tv… i know a survivor, not from a TV show…from the Holocaust / i love New York, not that ho but the best city on earth / i live in the re… Mind Pollution It’s fun to create fantasy and imagined adventures as long as they don’t try to / pass it off as The Truth . Stories of Fairies reality is a hard pill to swallow superior = your opinion is not required by vampvamp new paintings , in need of opinion Dear Friend, / I would like to wish you very happy thanksgiving. It’s very common for every seller or store to provide good discounts and d… Tradition Is A Drag like watching a rerun and expecting a surprise / pretending your head has a new pair of eyes Opinion… Don’t A Dim View by HeathaB Death On Ipad  by david michael  schmidt Thats a matter of opinion........ by IrisGelbart me make trouble by eyende The Future War Game texting in haste to brag of the kills / as stark shiny robots clean up blood spills Off Somewhere ... (Or Just A Difference Of Opinion) by J J  Everson The Great Lie ( religion ) truth is a taste that lips cannot savor opinion my best writing comes / when I stop being me / and start seeing me Too Young to Talk, Not Too Young To Have an Opinion by Angie Spicer Shake Well repeated dogma in crafted rhythms Time To Make Some Noise they think they’re so smart and no one will see / how they too all the leaves from the big money tree War What Is It Good For  - T Shirt  by david michael  schmidt A Difference of Opinion by katpix In Who's Opinion by Rick  Bender Different by Slavi Barnev The United Church of Neo-atheism. I happen to believe in some form of God. I believe. I have no concrete evidence and so I can NEVER presume to defend my beliefs, so I don&#… Take My Word For It mystery and fear make a powerful stew / and those that have eaten find it easy to chew Don’t Be A Chump we must work together My Honest Opinion by KirneH001 Need an opinion? by Majeeda Malki The Bipartisan Idiocy Noted Harvard law professor, Allen Dershowitz asserts (in a Wall Street Journal article) that presidents and their aides must be immune fro… The First Quantum US President by DAdeSimone Fall PLay bare leafless branches stretch and recoil Pride we bent our arms to such degree / to pat our backs for all to see God’s Act – part one wipe the planet washed and clean / kill them all from one so mean Ripped Off the glass of trust is a shriveled grape Forced Belief superstition is another word / for a probing question left unheard Think For Yourself think for yourself , expand your brain There’s Mouth To Breed I cry out loud for all those without Stage Fright tension holds my tongue so tight The Game greed is a drug like a heroin rush / they don’t care who bleeds or those that they crush Tribal Mentality opinions fly like released birds / and barrels site on all the words Love Hurts my head swims in waves of a torrential craze ..In Nothing, We Trust with silhouettes stretching and arms tugged tight / i comforted myself, in the empty desert night, / i was consoled in the soul with God by… find your own opinion by poesie Xmas Tackiness string the garland several miles no one will really care Xmas Shock it’s Bing Crosby on the radio how can this be true 4010 by PNut Its Power That Motivates stand and show that we hold power Blind Faith they cannot be awakened No One Touches we all want a hug Lies Are Told dont let them stop you God’s Dream clapping with glee at the thrill of this wonder Dont Let Them Scare You kept and locked in superstitions Train Of Thought on gleaming rails that fire has wrought Whats Wrong just cover your head and blindfold the eagle Party Rant we better get tough and show them our teeth Superstition Stew people will believe it is good for their health THEY ACTUALLY DO by dragonindenver Shades Of Life we’re all unique with our own skintone "one of those spirits who sometimes will go ahead of public opinion instead of tamely following its footprints." by WaleskaL Love Hurts my head swims in waves of a torrential craze THINK FOR YOURSELF Truth is subjective, learn believe begin. / Faith is elective, it is found within. / It’s easy to cause pain, it’s healing that… by citytok Changes In The Wind wolves are coming closer to the flock / suggestions to reload are offered to the ones with the guns / promises drip from the sharp white … everyone is entitled to their own opinion by zfors88 Prostate cancer! by OffensivelyTrue My Opinion on Today’s Society Today’s society has dropped a lot. What I mean by this is that teen do not act like they should and they don’t respect adults. … My Opinion Can Kick Your Fact's Ass! by MStyborski government is it's own bio-hazard.  by queenOFshadows1 theology preassociated aspects of a preconceived ideal how does that make you feel/an apointment , three cancelations apeal/measurements and temperm… If It's Not Reality  by david michael  schmidt "Why Do You Enjoy Photographing Nature?" by Deb  Badt-Covell Hilarity WILL ensue. by OffensivelyTrue A Storm Is Coming the tears at the walls are now a weak cry / with visions of those that are left out to die Nerd Equation by anjafreak I don't have an opinion, as I'm not media trained #qanda by wolfcat Life is by OffensivelyTrue yes, we ban! by sunnymood Pissed off Nerd Glasses fighting for Self-Determination by anjafreak Speak Freely Speak freely / Without censorship or limitation / Seek, receive and impart information / Voice your opinion / Without impediment / This is… Opinion by Aylania Reject the BS  by david michael  schmidt Dinosaurs aren't friendly. by OffensivelyTrue Keep Seeding by Sirkib My Fact Can Kick Your Opinion's Ass! by MStyborski
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