I'll Give It To You! by tonimay Voicing Her Opinion by heatherfriedman Opinion, please  by Jan Clarke Your Opinion Matters by Mythos57 Ask me if I care by vigor step up to the mike by Vana Shipton The Dude- that's just your opinion man. by SoftSocks Anarchy; J. R. R. Tolkien by TOM HILL - Designer Gay marriage (Black) by supalurve Gay Marriage (Same-Sex Marriage Part II) …when it comes to American government and politics, God, the Bible and Religion have nothing to do with it… FA #2 by vampvamp Is That An Opinion Or Do You Have An Itch? by WildestArt Elementary by jem16 pull it in by vampvamp Difference of Opinion by fenster Opinion by Cameron Hampton Your opinion of Me does not define Me anymore!!!! I am becoming ME / I dont know yet who that is. / Leaving alot of the old me’s behind / Poof!!! / Why cant you, for your convenience,… Everything is Rubbish -monochrome by Aaran Bosansko too arrogant by vampvamp If You Ask My Opinion... by Sandra Fortier Your Opinion Doesn't Matter  RO by Julian Holtom I love quotes.  by Isa Rodriguez stubborn by Ushna Sardar Melting Pot Children Inherit Trashed Planet by meredithjean Is Drinking Affecting Your Life? by David Rozansky opinion by Eryn Whelan 99% Of Lawyers Give The Rest A Bad Name by artpolitic Silence by gnarlyart Venice -  by Carl Gaynor A matter of opinion by david malcolmson opinion by jegustavsen only one judge ... by SNAPPYDAVE fat square by Loui  Jover Your Opinion Is Irrelevant by Ash J.M. Politician ..embrace a child for mothers eyes, but babies know and so they cry She thought “If only I keep typing, all will be well. There will be no need to think, no need to feel, nothing will be real.” And so, she … Psalm; 6 Cylinder Ford. Thou preparest a parking space before me in the presence of mine enemies, thou annointest my head with rear-vision mirror’s; my confi… In My Opinion by Harvey Schiller ♂ ♀☛ RUNNING ON EMPTY TIME FOR SOME CHANGE☚ ♂ ♀ by ╰⊰✿ℒᵒᶹᵉ Bonita✿⊱╮ Lalonde✿⊱╮ Vox Populi by Artmassage my opinion matters by Aya Rosen Everybody is entitled to my opinion by artack FEMINISTS SUCK (in my opinion) (Mature) PROTEST - AT REST by John Samson A.D.D. Is Not A Disorder… … anyone who can pay attention to / everything / is gifted and talented. T Party ,“What do you think of the new T Party?” The Story of ONE... by TeaseTees FA #3 by vampvamp If I`d Wanted Your Opinion...(the very thought!) by Ladymoose Criticism or Praise by BellaBark my personal opinion He sees human beings hearts. He knows each individuals walk Feared and loved by OffensivelyTrue I HAVE OPINION ABOUT THING by HauntedBox “Contrary To Public Opinion”… Life is eternal. / Death is but an illusion. / Love is… / … the “stuff” smiles are made of. / :) Expressing and Opinion by George Hunter The Illusion of Choice As an American I have always taken comfort in the knowledge that, even though no current form of government can be thought of as perfect, a… Speak Up by mmargot Arthur Dent's Opinion of Zaphod by GolemAura The Philosophers by Ben Loveday In My Humble Opinion by morphingdreams I Will Never Shut Up by Jade Damboise-Rail Children’s TV of the 70’s and 80’s has a lot to a… flat mates who include a furry pink homosexual Hippopotamus, a large camp naked bear and some sort of furry orange bondage creature with a … Control by George A. Yesthal / It’s often been said, and generally agreed upon that ‘control is and illusion’. I’d like now, to abridge this philos… Blackbird Words by dosankodebbie " Truth be told. " by CanyonWind Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion! by jean316 Your Opinion by Pathos no consequence by vampvamp Gay marriage (White) by supalurve Just My Opinion Aint got much money / Dont drive a perfect car / I’d give away my possessions / Cause’ they dont help you get far / My skins no… A Difference of Opinion by Sir Lawrence AlmaTadema by Adam Asar Pizza And Your Opinion... by aerials The Incident – 18 The Incident – 18 / + 8 Days : 14 Hours : 25 Minutes / … you know it all, that what happens to you is the only thing that affects the… My opinion by Tim Everding Disclaimer by Sonja Wells Message??? by tuffcookie Matter Chatter by danduffy St. Mark's - Venice  by Carl Gaynor Solomon's Opinion by LifeInMaine Difference Of Opinion by pat gamwell Competico…What’s your opinion? Competico. / A website for online photography competitions. / I joined up in July and submitted my photo of Lottie into the ‘Cutest P… A Difference Of Opinion by LavenderMoon Why can they not see? We’re far less different than we like to think…lol! (musings about FORUMS) what validates an opinion? by Bruce Miller In Lack Of A Better Term - American Monster Mash Reprise by alsounknownas Back Street  - Venice  by Carl Gaynor =[Avoir opinion sur ruE]= by ZdrowwordZ don't by vampvamp Venice -  by Carl Gaynor 05-04-11:  One Dog's Opinion by Margaret Bryant Invisible Children by Durandal7 Marry Me, Second Opinion by Peter Maeck magic “What about Jesus and eternal salvation and the tooth fairy and Bigfoot?” He bit into his apple and squirt juice all down his shirt. He cus… ‘The Dark Star’ The woman’s a living goddamn nova. She radiates beauty, charisma and charm, infused with a sultry brand of good old-fashioned sex app… No fashion by homesick Walkway in Spring - Venice  by Carl Gaynor
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