the sun’s turquoise horse the dark amethyst’s door within soul / key to the earth-diver myths / where I kept like the sun’s turquoise horse behind the se… Advantage of Choosing RedBubble There are lots of sites that enable you to create a gallery and win awards. But not many allow you to sell that work, nor make it so easy t… Anathema – Stygian gloom racial prejudice is an anathema to me / unreasonable opinion / conflicts may lead to violence / harmful effect / Stygian gloom Don’t Get Upset Because You Asked I keep silent about our economic long term security / Or where the next invasion force will be deployed Your opinion of Me does not define Me anymore!!!! I am becoming ME / I dont know yet who that is. / Leaving alot of the old me’s behind / Poof!!! / Why cant you, for your convenience,… Politician ..embrace a child for mothers eyes, but babies know and so they cry She thought “If only I keep typing, all will be well. There will be no need to think, no need to feel, nothing will be real.” And so, she … Psalm; 6 Cylinder Ford. Thou preparest a parking space before me in the presence of mine enemies, thou annointest my head with rear-vision mirror’s; my confi… FEMINISTS SUCK (in my opinion) (Mature) A.D.D. Is Not A Disorder… :) T Party ,“What do you think of the new T Party?” my personal opinion He sees human beings hearts. He knows each individuals walk “Contrary To Public Opinion”… Life is eternal. / Death is but an illusion. / Love is… / … the “stuff” smiles are made of. / :) The Illusion of Choice As an American I have always taken comfort in the knowledge that, even though no current form of government can be thought of as perfect, a… Children’s TV of the 70’s and 80’s has a lot to a… flat mates who include a furry pink homosexual Hippopotamus, a large camp naked bear and some sort of furry orange bondage creature with a … Control by George A. Yesthal / It’s often been said, and generally agreed upon that ‘control is and illusion’. I’d like now, to abridge this philos… Just My Opinion Aint got much money / Dont drive a perfect car / I’d give away my possessions / Cause’ they dont help you get far / My skins no… Competico…What’s your opinion? Competico. / A website for online photography competitions. / I joined up in July and submitted my photo of Lottie into the ‘Cutest P… Why can they not see? We’re far less different than we like to think…lol! (musings about FORUMS) magic “What about Jesus and eternal salvation and the tooth fairy and Bigfoot?” He bit into his apple and squirt juice all down his shirt. He cus… ‘The Dark Star’ The woman’s a living goddamn nova. She radiates beauty, charisma and charm, infused with a sultry brand of good old-fashioned sex app… Just a thought, an opinion really! I would say that with the peer pressure, the imagery, the boldness of young women, the desire to always be first, and the breakdown of the … What If… Opening up your soul could do wonders for how the world could change. Whimsical Anthology or my Wandering Prose Our reality is fantasy. ie We use up and down, east and west as if there real when in “reality” there just fantasy. Don̵… A police state . Today, we are dependent sheep, entitled to health care, and broke. Rights: Fear and Conformity With free speech, we have a lot of room to move these days. So why don’t we use the space provided? A passive population will watch politic… The Opinion Love is not blind. Love is blinding. One side of a skype conversation; the question fr… THE ANSWER / Well for goodness sake where do we start? / Those fwd messages? / Nothing less than corrupt bribery; the begging e mails, th… Hot Rod Heartbreak I shift down into despair The Ego Does an eagle wonder why it kills? / We know it’s not just for the thrills, / Survival breeds in every mind, / We just drown it with a pill… Losing One’s Self in the Process Of Schooli… It’s elementary my dear, / raise you hand high, / but no one wants to hear. In My Opinion- The Point of Life I’ve recently-ish learned the whole point of life…for the most part. I mean, honestly, don’t you sometimes feel like ther… That’s life I walk through life silently / I walk through life loudly / I speak my mind to a select few / I speak my mind loudly to all with no though… To Each His Own Where I come from, that’s a pound or two, / tie it to a balloon and let it loose or it’ll smother you, / Clean your ears, tie up your shoe… In My Opinion… Sometimes it’s the / only language some / people understand / There’s no point / beating around the bush / or being subtle / P… Hypocrite Hypocrisy runs through each of our veins, / Opinions we have, always changing lanes. / We may say one thing, and some time later do the opp… Evolution of a story So here we are, at the mercy of reporters with their own agendas and our own ill-informed, biased opinions It Ain’t So Bad ‘m dragging my feet as well as ass on my own time. / Simple thing is, It don’t bother me none. Hard gets soft again, I Told You So… Within the next 4-6 months, look for a red/false-flag occurrence that will flood the media. It will be a strike against high elected offici… One point to execute.. You only think about yourself, / I feel nothing keeps me, Chicken It was a cold October night – Halloween to be exact – and I was at work. / Over the summer and until November, I worked at Raley’s, a famil… Lean In lean to the left Perceptions perceptions arranged as they are suited The Sheep Make It So You know how, there are people whose whole lives revolve around WWF and “reality” programs, and they’ll swear to you that… A Second Opinion It’s nothing, nothing. / The passing winds of chance, / the rumor of war in my ear. / I am dust, / I am life, / I am the cursed … The Great Lie ( Religion ) truth is a taste that lips cannot savor Revise the advice Consciously we know from good and wrong but you can’t deny the fact that we hide things in between. A Storm Is Coming lean in to the stronger quick acting gust / brace up your foot the howl is too just No More Sappy Love Poems a gingerbread mountain with marmalade cliffs / and aromatic spices cast cinnamon scented whiffs Love (an opinion) Her life was hell, diseased with anorexia and riddled with paranoia and hate. We helped each other and fell instantly in love God Is So Mean after the rubble has settled in dust / pain in the eyes are cast in distrust Vatican Views the poor will be put aside and have to wait their turn War and More War the mind will evade all the actions just dealt / a tough hardened crust will not bend or could melt / innocent bones now crushed into dus… Why Do We Pretend five senses explain a very true tale / no one can live inside of a whale Truth Be Known truth is many things ONE Poets opinion regarding the Soul This cocoon earth our birthplace of the physical and our transcendence to the spiritual. I Was a Teenage Altar Boy it’s hard to fake passion when the pages are blank / and the evidence vault is an empty stale bank Can You See the Dragon? by George A. Yesthal / Here’s a clue. If you want the truth in politics you have to stop listening to either the Democratic or Republ… reality tv… i know a survivor, not from a TV show…from the Holocaust / i love New York, not that ho but the best city on earth / i live in the re… Mind Pollution It’s fun to create fantasy and imagined adventures as long as they don’t try to / pass it off as The Truth . Stories of Fairies reality is a hard pill to swallow new paintings , in need of opinion Dear Friend, / I would like to wish you very happy thanksgiving. It’s very common for every seller or store to provide good discounts and d… Tradition Is A Drag like watching a rerun and expecting a surprise / pretending your head has a new pair of eyes Opinion… Don’t The Future War Game texting in haste to brag of the kills / as stark shiny robots clean up blood spills The Great Lie ( religion ) truth is a taste that lips cannot savor opinion my best writing comes / when I stop being me / and start seeing me Shake Well repeated dogma in crafted rhythms Time To Make Some Noise they think they’re so smart and no one will see / how they too all the leaves from the big money tree The United Church of Neo-atheism. I happen to believe in some form of God. I believe. I have no concrete evidence and so I can NEVER presume to defend my beliefs, so I don&#… Take My Word For It mystery and fear make a powerful stew / and those that have eaten find it easy to chew Don’t Be A Chump we must work together The Bipartisan Idiocy Noted Harvard law professor, Allen Dershowitz asserts (in a Wall Street Journal article) that presidents and their aides must be immune fro… Fall PLay bare leafless branches stretch and recoil Pride we bent our arms to such degree / to pat our backs for all to see God’s Act – part one wipe the planet washed and clean / kill them all from one so mean Ripped Off the glass of trust is a shriveled grape Forced Belief superstition is another word / for a probing question left unheard Think For Yourself think for yourself , expand your brain There’s Mouth To Breed I cry out loud for all those without Stage Fright tension holds my tongue so tight The Game greed is a drug like a heroin rush / they don’t care who bleeds or those that they crush Tribal Mentality opinions fly like released birds / and barrels site on all the words Love Hurts my head swims in waves of a torrential craze ..In Nothing, We Trust with silhouettes stretching and arms tugged tight / i comforted myself, in the empty desert night, / i was consoled in the soul with God by… Xmas Tackiness string the garland several miles no one will really care Xmas Shock it’s Bing Crosby on the radio how can this be true Its Power That Motivates stand and show that we hold power Blind Faith they cannot be awakened No One Touches we all want a hug Lies Are Told dont let them stop you God’s Dream clapping with glee at the thrill of this wonder Dont Let Them Scare You kept and locked in superstitions Train Of Thought on gleaming rails that fire has wrought Whats Wrong just cover your head and blindfold the eagle Party Rant we better get tough and show them our teeth
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