One Line Fight Club by quibe i age. and my opinions mean less… lost love. i cannot wish upon my dreams… hate. why is there hate… hope. the victory will not be yours… hidden away. sad that you bury so deep… the problem. questioning yourself is not the problem… alone with myself. you can take away my music… Burn Out (one-line #104) by dthaase Cling on to the one you love! by STEPHEN GEORGIOU shows up. life just shows up… silence. but most of all i love the silence in life… One line Donald Duck by quibe how much time? i don’t know how much time there is… fit. who guided us to kindness… at home? and love and hate coexist… 9.11 i want to dream of tomorrows… sunrise. from this we get morning… if. if i were a sighted man… sunflower. that it is just as frail, and as fragile… Waiting for no-one by JimFilmer ask. do you ever sit and dream of what could be?… evil. its opposite and evil twin… my mother. from the woman who tortured my heart as a child… just words. can you paint with compassion… so what? between futility and fate… my dad. the greatest friend i ever had… Drone Photographer - Black Text - One Line by Skycaptain my first epiphany. i can’t believe… sick. a slow, debilitating complaint… Connection (Dreaming State) by Kerryn Madsen-Pietsch see. if i were a blind man… journey. to faces and smiles unknown… my cat. what a lazy little tart she is… time is running out... by dthaase Crying woman by Richard Laschon out of my mind. silently, to me alone, it speaks… The Dunes at Camiers, 1871  by Bridgeman Art Library see. if i were a blind man… DBD by ArtistByDesign why wait? why silence, when you could protest… selfish act. not enough moments to restore the spoil of my selfish act… and it hurts. funny how misspoken words,,, pen (one-line #79) by dthaase One Step over the Line by BingoStar can. before you can… magical land. i want to take you to a magical land… so anonymous. how do such tiny beasts… who isn’t next? if next really meant what it seems to mean… Race Flag by Alejandro Durán Fuentes truth. are my lies your truths? are my truths your lies… except. that took thousands of years to perfect… One Toke Over the Line by John Beamish beyond the soul. first it robs you of your smile… answers. what path shall become my way… Ace is Fired Up! by Natenator77 ago. the sweet smell of a fresh rain… One Line Inglorious Bastards by quibe why wait for fate. this is my last day and i own it… bandit by dthaase crest. when life is as worthless as death… ugly. on a point of departure not unlike the norm… no matter. death comes… bottom line. any teachings of any god… Grant by David Grudniski art is art. while art requires the heart… no need. i only pray that someday… bandit. and now i miss you for it… keep it simple. ok… emotion. i prefer solitude over companionship… truths. are my lies your truths… go away. you have been rejected by me… one of few. i have very few reoccurring loving memories… answers. will it be one that reaches far into my world… One line Django by quibe fools. let fools… One in the Crowd by Elizabeth Bravo One Piece - Straw Hat Pirates by xisxis doubt. the benefit of the doubt… all. the whole world… dream. that seem so impossible… friends. i have some good friends… action. depression is a dull pain… Monkey D. Luffy by thetinman Sometimes one or two get out of line by ragman a year of whimsy by dthaase by dthaase Calendar foundation. this process causes me to realize… light bulb bug by dthaase Life Savers by Paul Holman battle. wait for no one enemy… 2008 New Orleans Jazz Fest Poster by damon  milton Old, one tooth by Mike Cressy One track line by jmcJMC Bikini Line Shaving art photo print by ArtNudePhotos Social Interaction by ghostmeat a year of whimsy & wonder by dthaase Calendar
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