I found a pebble on the beach today… dark and silky smooth to the touch… / I pondered on the question… Bed Of Jewels The sand cooled down / The sun’s rays reached from the endless sky / Colours blended with each other and covered the earth, / Orange,… Fanta Orange Sunsets Steps away from the gentle lapping waves, a 400 year old Buttonwood with its gnarled branches, stood the test of time. Kind and Generous Live and let live. . / Always trying to give. . . / As the karma of living / Revolves around giving An Ocean Tail Kicking off her shoes she closes her eyes for a moment, letting the cooling night air wash over her, nudging away the last vestiges of alco… Peacock Values He struts peacock values, / Eyes all over his body intrusive / Special occasion happens every day / Here witness his practiced illusion / H… Wow Love Note In The Sand On HomePage Tonight! I was sure shocked when I found out my Love Note In The Sand Was on the Homepage tonight. First time! Thank you so much Redbubble for Featu… Only Daughter Of The Sun We are all just grains of sand in the ocean / We get caught in the white wash and tumble in motion Wet Sand and Thoughts like dying Stars I find myself trailing my feet in the wet sand / not knowing who i am or who i want to be. Featured in ’’WAVES’’ Thanks ever so much to the moderaters of the group WAVES for featuring ‘’ Escape ’’ / This is great news and not ge… Low Tide The mother interrupted the daughter. “You mean the mermaid spoke English?” / “Yes, Mum,” the girl answered with a slight hint of exaspera… Do you see what I see? Look, look… face of god! in the sky! / That’s where god lives! / No, that’s cloud, God lives in the leafs, / in your hear… Music Of The Wind And Waves Spice / To tantalize the tongue / Tempting / Lips open, tasting mist. / Eyelids low Run With Me I saw the white horses, / Play in the sand / They danced with the wind, / ’Til they saw me, and ran, / Fear of a stranger, / Terror o… “No Means No” By Ellen Hecht … The girl laughed out loud because she knew this experience was such a cliché who would believe it? Soliloquy And the seawater, salty and splashing, / stretching sand and muddy mangrove soil to the sea / sounds like a sensual surrender of souls A Grain of Sand Ebbing and flowing tides / And winds constantly churning / Sugary sands into ripples / High tides and low tides / Repeatedly etching / Abs… Sands of Time Not a soul around… / Quietness lays heavily in the salty air as birds float lazily in the sky… / Breathe in the beauty of the… Features This Last Week Love Note In The Sand ~ Homepage Feature (2-13-2010) / Right Down To The Core ~ Berries, Fruits, & Seeds / Be Mine ~ All The Colors Of… Oceans deep The moment passed. Both stood still, aware that this was shared by another… Dreaming I press my ear to a shell / and hear the voice of Dolphin. My Hometown Where the full moon is slung so low / it casts a shimmering glow / upon the silent dark waters below “Out To Sea With Dill” ©2012 Sharon M… Another story never told / Of a handsome man, not young, not old / He took to sea with a sail of red / In search of dreams without a bed Worship Sand flows between my toes / I step forward / To the edge of His love Ocean Dreams it was a clear, summer’s ever as the ship rocked her to sleep / that he left her sleeping on the waves The Ocean Oh, how I wish that you were here, / I want to enjoy this with you. / Every soft breeze speaks your name, / And every wave reminds me of yo… Hearts In the Sand Hearts in the sand / You can’t really blame them / You knew what you were doing / When you put your toe in the sand An Ocean Scene LISTEN: Can you hear the crash of the waves as they splash on the sand at the beach? Calming Seas Without mistake she breathes in deep / The salted air is hers to keep Footprints in the sand The summer of 2007 is one I’ll never forget. Walking along the beach, the sand and sun fusing as one in the distance. The summer wher… free free no longer A HOT SUMMER’S DAY The hot golden sand is burning my feet Painting Sold!! I was really excited to sell my first acrylic painting “Freedom” to a friend of mine in Texas!! I had put it in my artwork fol… “Wakey Wakey” Plunge goes the old cobber as he dives in, popping up like a penguin with delight and sinking into the ocean as if he was quietly taking a … The Ride I rest upon a floating board / To catch the perfect wave / And ride it to the sandy shore / Adrenaline I crave my toes in the sand i’m probably out there / staring and gazing The world is a grain of sand … locked away in the beachline… released into the grand, turbulent, and fearful waters Haiku 34 ocean’s crested edge / feathered whisper on wet sand / birch trees in summer Leaf on a Drift stop, / the thrill of an oxygenated spin, / a swirl of inhabited sensations The Ocean’s Insight As my head rests on his chest i can feel his pulse quicken it’s pace / As if his heart is so close to the surface / that with every b… Harbor Seals In Sandy Hook By noon they slipped into the waves / feasting on mackerel and crill / taking turns through stormy nights / exhausted by day break / nature… take me to the water clear skies for miles, / the map directs us, / beckons us, / pushes us / towards the blue

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of ocean sand writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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