Goth Girl Nanananana! Hanna still looking at her reflection straightens her posture, adjusts her boobs, sucks in her tummy, gives a sexual teasing pout at her re… Not the papa, The Son. I AM The Way, The Truth, and The Life, No one comes to The Father, / except through ME. / (John 14:6) / I wa… The NUN. kneeling in your cloister / cold knees on that wooden floo The Art Nun In Me Preaches! It’s so simple for the world to take art to the next step – for art to be valued and enjoyed by everyone. I May Become A Nun! I just couldn’t rhyme my frustration…. The priest and the Nun A priest was driving along and saw a nun on the side of the road.He stopped and offered her a lift, which she accepted. She got in and cros… THE NUN SHE KNEELED IN THE CHURCH HER KNEES SORE / DIDN’T THINK SHE COULD PRAY ANYMORE / HER FAITH WAS NO LONGER AS IT SHOULD BE / NO LONGER … CONTAGIOUS Her laughter was contagious / Sometimes outrageous / She would smile all the time / Even when it was out of line / Laugh in Church when the… A Nun’s Tale… I remember the day when the nun passed away / in the year of nineteen twenty seven. / She was buried at noon to her favourite tune / and we… SISTER AGNES’S DAWN. “I rise with the morning bell,” said Sister Agnes,” I hear it now in my ears. It rings in the ears and heart. The Nun She sits in quiet meditation / Thinking about God’s creation / She prays for strength to fulfill her vow / She sometimes does not kno… SISTER FELICITY’S DIG. Sister Felicity dug in the trowel, moved over a handful of earth, saw worms and crawling insects that made her cringe. They won’t harm you,… HAS HIS MEASURE. Sister Cecilia fingers the beads. / The wood hard between finger / And thumb. The Christ has been / Rubbed smooth by years of prayer. /… HERS WAS. Hers was a life of compliance. / Fulfilment of another’s wishes, / observance of another’s needs, / conformity to the rules set down / … IN DARK SHADOWS Sister Felicity pushes / the pepper pot / towards the nun / on her right. / The salt follows / once more given / a gentle shove. / To u… ALL FOR JESUS. Sister Bridget sweeps / the wooden floor / of the refectory / with a large stiff broom. / She holds the handle / Tight between small han… Chibabra In it sat a creature, three times the size of a man, with talons of metal and eyes of evil pure. I AM AS NOTHING. I am as nothing, said Sister Clare; / I am a tool in the Lord’s hands, His / Words wake me from sleep, His / Utterance disperses my drea… IAM AS NOTHING. I am as nothing, said Sister Clare; / I am a tool in the Lord’s hands, His / Words wake me from sleep, His / Utterance disperses my drea… BRIDE. The nun leaves / the warm parlour / off the cloister / and feels the cloisters’ cold / and biting frost of early dawn. / Each bite and n… RUBBER OF THE ROSARY. I am the rubber of the rosary, / said Sister Paul, my finger and / thumb move over the beads like / a humble worm, I utter prayers / lik… A LIFE OF STRIPPING BARE. It was the way the room / Was laid out and the bare / Wooden floors, that first / Drew you to the convent. / The utter silence that almost … SISTER ELIZABETH SITS IN THE DARK. Sister Elizabeth sits in the dark. Bell from the cloister chimes. Nightgown smells of night. She fidgets. Brings hands together. Prayer on … A BRIDE. I am a bride of Christ, said Sister Bede; / He kisses me with a thousand stars. / My bridesmaids are the angels / At elbows and head; th… CONSIDERATIONS. CONSIDERATIONS. / Sister Clement licks the spoon clean / After the desert had been eaten. / She senses the last of the custard / As she … INFRINGEMENT OF THE RULES. Any infringement of the rules / Or minor sin puts her head in / A spin, puts her soul just over / The edge, lingering there in mid / Ai… MY BRIDEGROOM LIFTS ME UP. My bridegroom lifts me up / from the world’s dark, said / Sister Clare, He holds me fast / against the world’s clutches, / His touch he…

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of nun writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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