the difficulty of now for the little girl / counting the stars / on her journey back home / spreading herself thin / while maintaining resplendence / embracing p… Not Now Not now, / Just / not / now / Tomorrow / I want / now / But / Not… / now / I keep seeing and feeling more / And / … more / you see, / r… Breathe now for the last breath is gone Come. / We are all invited to laugh at Love’s funeral. i heard you take your coffee black now remember the / milk and sugar days / we’d chase each other up the stairs / picking up dust on our bare feet / and / run till our lungs begg… Gingerbread Innocence I know I loved your innocence. It would be cornflakes every morning from now on&… she couldn’t stand it anymore… no more marmalade… she wanted cornflakes this morning!! / she wrapped her legs around him,… blood moons and blackberry tea My mouth is full of blood moons: / too many to count / to many to see— / feeding my baby Buddha with petrol and / “Gosh, ain’t she pr… now you might think differently there is a story that walks with me / if I was normal / you would see my underneath / and the brush of my heart / would invite a Parisia… Now … breathe deeply, taste the past and sm… Sometimes there is no rhyme … no reason / We skip, break into dance. / The light is fantastic. / Our trippy smile complacent …… Today Today is a good day to just love Cheeky..Bum — Wow a Bummer! by Sunil Sharma Are you a Bum or Bummer !! Glad if you are ….. Keep reading, if not come back later when you are.. / A very houmrous melody….to… From the Fields of Forever: Healers’ Duet Laughter given wings, / My banner flutters in the Sky / like fiery amber and starry night… / Benign Ruler of all I spy! FREE Tibet & Taiwan : Thank you The People… FREE Tibet & Taiwan : Thank you The People’s Republic of China for deciding to Free Tibet in 2016 : Sunilism / By Sunil Sharma I am aware, now In the teasing silence of still . / The kind of still that hums with all the trappings of now- sounds- familiar. / Like a whispered song … NOW AND ZEN I AM THE CONQUISTADOR DANCING / ON THE MOON BEAMS OF THE LOVE / THAT RADIATES FROM YOUR HEART. / I AM THE MIDNIGHT NINJA / WHO STEALS INTO … IMPORTANT! READ AND ACT NOW!!! Important! Read and Act now! As I say Now You shall die say I / You shall burn the fires of Gods Unknown / But I know them / they knock at my mind / and say I know all / I see all /… Now That I’ve Found You For someone… Wading Through the Spiritlands Spirit, insight, and tranquility in blue. Peace is a road that begins in each of you! ! Raising the Sun with Song – Sing Your Truth Do you accept Truth with a smile? Or do you deny, hide and pout? It can sometimes seem brutal, but that is not what Truth is really about&#… Poem 1 of The Alchemy Series: Eat drink and be me… Pure love, true love, divine love / God love— / the kind that you can actually smell, like / spring sun on a garden of lilies / is /… Moved by Gigi! As Simple as a Thank You ----A Poe… … in the center / of a large and open and empty space Some Advantages to Being Old I wrote this because every one I know is getting so afraid of what is going to happen. All this has happened many times before and all hav… What now? Growing so tall and watching some fall. / Providing information and co-operating with myself. / Distinguishing. / Laying them down. / There… “Now, bring me that horizon.” – Johnny Depp “see that dot on the horizon? / well, that’s you” now Yesterday. / the beautiful soul child / left / I did not send her away / she fell in love with all the simple things / I had no idea h… I Once Was Lost But Now I Am Found Now the Devil did not loose one of his team members with out a fight. WendyL – haven’t heard from her for o… Wendy L / I am trying to get info on a special lady who has simply vanished, her name is Wendy, living in Florida area i think. / Can anyon… Where Now I left the office during my lunchtime hour, swinging my bag around my neck like a fledgling albatross. Prescient tears were raining somew… THE MAN FROM IRONBARK by A.B. “Banjo”… It was the man from Ironbark who struck the Sydney town, / He wandered over street and park, he wandered up and down. / He loitered here, h… The Bra Girls. Where are they now? You’d be surprised how, half a century later, so many things that fellow MBHS students said and did are remembered, like it was yeste… And.. Now For Something Completely Different̷… I’d like to introduce myself, I know most of you know me, though I thought that, since we don’t have a forum where we can get t… How now unconditionally 911 Ironies (analytic criticism of ourselves ) up… Ten years have past, as we all remember through ceremonies, mentions, art and writing the victims and events of that specific day of the en… this moment I am reminded / that my life is here, whispering Perfectly Present breathe and be Time is on my side now… rantings of a middle aged, empty nest lady. who’s children are grown, and reflecting about time.. literately about time management.. … Happy Now II I have forgiven you but there is nothing you have done, / Time is a teacher, is what they say, / I have turned away but I don’t know what i… See Me Now Once I was, now I am I Now Fly Alone I once danced / Those sadistic spirals / Round and round / To beatings of confused hearts / And their broken rythmns / My own heart lost /… I am now officially in love with: HERE IS THE LINK I kiss your hand now I kiss your hand now / to add love to all you’ll touch / it could be important 265 now 305 views an’ stull goin’ str… Wan specshul name a’d like tay mention, / He has proportions of gigantic dimension. / He’s gote funny legs an’ this enormous erse, / But an… Use Your Brain Now it tore apart whatever it could find. / Shock an awe were never in the scheme / Our family faces demons / This steals away humanity but doe… Her Crown… Woven of Sunlight, Music, and Sw… We brew Sunshine into Medicine, Transform Blossom into Stone… Where are they now? Where are they now? / In a darkened room / on a warm winters night, / hidden by the hope of spring, / I release these words / from within t… Raising the Sun with Song- Wearing a Crown Invisi… In feathered robes the choir collects; shuffling, rustling, warbling erratically until one Singer interjects… Now…. Slip between the veils. / Tear the Worlds apart / Send light in blinding jabs / to bleed the sky dry. / Unleash / the tempest that is the S… Now I’m not a picky picker but……… It was on a Wednesday morn / when viewing a sight I must scorn / saw this retched deed not once but thrice / for the subject matter is not … A Shadow Across the Moon Magic sifts from every plume, as endless as Mother’s love. Nothing remains hidden from my sight, as I bring messages from Creator abo… Breath is born here And here is the nexus of gratitude is. To engage or not to engage…now that is a qu… ‘You have to master the art of disengagement. You have to learn to detach!’ I was advised by a very wise family member when I was a young … In the Moment Between Lightning and Thunder Power echoes in each beat I keep. Visions unparalleled… Heights unguessed… Even Now Why do I have to make you look to make you listen? i was thinking just now… thoughts I Think I Will Go Now… I’m going to a place / Where I can be me. / I won’t need any approval… / no need for appreciation. / Going to a placeR… AM I BEAUTIFUL NOW?…..(would you still love… Would you still love me if I did it? / What would you think of me if I gave in, / If I did what they told me to do, / Am I beautifull now?&… “Built To Last” … Don’t worry about the future… / Don’t worry about the past… / Know in your soul, here and NOW / We are/were ‘… Now This…is Awsome I have the urge to write / And tell the world what happened / just the other night You can let go now I saw your mouth, but I didn’t see your glorious smile, / nor hear your joyful laugh. / I saw your eyes, but I didn’t see your cheery, spa… No doubt you are sleeping now ……̷… “Love will come to me / whilst you sleep so comfortably” Beauty Within ~ A poetic discussion of Creature T… Scarlet and gold cover the land / warm spicy scents fill the air, / mountain laurel and rich earth, / as Bounty spills forth and fills wait… Casual Notes of a Time Traveler Journey to no/w/here Ocean Dreaming… immersed in the purity of silence / absorbing the heat / pray for stillness to stop / the racing energy of a voracious mind / imbibe the b… Quartet in Moonlight ~ Song of the Steadfast As a sunset, it fades and another voice lifts / like an oboe’s sweet tones, / this Teacher’s voice drifts… IF YOU WERE WITH ME NOW We would get into the 69, with you on top, as you lower you wet and now very creamy pussy towards my mouth you run your tongue……… Jam, Memories, Torn Jeans and Red Bourbon Memories preserved by the jam of sweet tears… Procrastination Killer! ~ Bruno Update! I dragged them out and up there and then I had to drag them back home again. Their world of convenience forgotten for the beauty and true l… Rest Now My Love Rest now my love / And dream the glorious dreams / Whispers speak softly their magic / As the touch electrifies the soul / Sweet are the a… Be with me now my Valentine Do not take me lightly / or stir me up like tea / neither do ignore me / just quietly leave me be / tea is stirred to make it strong / and … Gentle Warrior Singing Gifts of Love Joy waits for no season! Open your heart! Love is not bound by Time, or Death, or Reason! To My Friend from Liverpool Who Now Lives in Berl… We’ve met three times in four-and-a-half years / and yet there is always that spark / as in the beginning - But Now I Really Need To Know I’ve heard throughout my life that you are “never given more than you can handle”. / So I handled being given Fibromyalgia while my body wa… The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For… :) NOW AND ZEN I AM THE CONQUISTADOR DANCING / ON THE MOON BEAMS OF THE LOVE / THAT RADIATES FROM YOUR HEART. / I AM THE MIDNIGHT NINJA / WHO STEALS INTO … 10-10-10 Joie de vivre caress our hearts / with exuberant sensitivity / delicious imagery in lush intent / to weave magic in our minds / and jolt ou… The Best Seller ! them animals ha / what are we / Jungle man / civilised / Intellect / clever / conceited / over clever / check frames / spelt a fear of him… Now…all that matters Frustration, inaction / Inspiration, motivation / 9 til 5, gloom and doom / Art, freedom / Life, game / Strategy, mind / Moment, self / Now… Adobe Lightroom 3 Beta 2: Get your download FREE … Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software is a digital darkroom and efficient assistant designed for serious amateur and professional photographers He’s a Soldier Now We used to sit / And talk for hours / We used to run / Through the April showers / We used to build / Sand castles and towers / But he̵… Now the house it echoes . Now the house it echoes  / It’s hollow since you left  / I was swept away from you / When my  thoughts began to drift / First I lost … Venus Rising from the Wisdom of the Sea Therefore, Remember! Each of us contains a shining form of excellence within our roughened exteriors… Now I talk Question your thoughts / Never your feelings Grandmother Speaks to Me like Thunder With a final rumble the storm rolls away beyond the vanishing plains. Gold rimmed clouds sail across heavenly blue… I am everything I always was now The tree of life grows within me now / I feel it now / I breathe it now / Its leaves tickle my aura now / Its branches keep me solid now / … Quartet in Moonlight ~ Charmed Prince of the Wood… Magic, Invisibility, and the Shifting of shape. Oft-times I am little more than a clever charming Shadow against a Dreamscape… What Now? in the House of Hosea / there is no laughing matter / the lonesome hobo plays his oboe / ‘til the red cordial is splattered / on the baseme… ~ I’m Standing Stronger Now ~ I closed the door and walked away / left the key with Yesterday / never to return to misery’s grave / ~ I’m standing stronger n… Take Care Now The risk was great / Loves reward aplenty / Preordained to fate / This space now empty From all our walls and shelves… you must no… heart break, break up, abandonment, cheating, family, love, lonely, loneliness,marriage, commitment, friendships, honesty, devotion, betray… The Muse is demanding and I’m now on holiday chec… last piece I promise / if I utter those words again / I will pin my ruby (nothing like home) red lips to the toilet wall / next to the d… 7 deadly sins…. share yours now!!! Lust / Gluttony / Greed / Sloth / Wrath / Envy / Pride / i would like you to share with me your recent examples of the above, just for fun!… Time now to notice worlds brimming with life / swimming and hear the / pounding threat resounding / footsteps of the fuming JUST SO …THE WAY TO BE… In Her Bloodstream: Ballad of the Dreaming Soul Dream Dancer, Wave Rider, Sleek hounds of the Sea… Old Vein New Blood Weariness does not weary me / for the blood in the vein / surges with the nutrition of love
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