The Happily Ever After by Kate Harrison Axtelera Ray Demitra by AxteleraRay Novel taxi - Duxford 08 by Steve Etheridge Panel 2 : colourising in Progress by whoisthebsm Life/Death…(Part 4) …to experience and feel, I mean literally feel death and yet be instantainiously alive is beyond words, is beyond God! rebirth of a god “Martha, you will give birth to a son, you won’t carry him full term, he will be two months premature, and his name., will neve… front cover detail by Arletta The Headless Horseman by Robert Holewinski Synopsis to ‘The Rose Clock’ “I am just your basic, average fourteen-year-old girl, right? Wrong, and you do not even know the half of it! There is nothing ‘avera… Saviour Excerpt 001 – The Gang In The Desert The bolt sliced into his left eye, spinning his head back around before coming out the back of his skull and pinning it to the ground. novel snippet As soon as the attorney had closed the door behind them / his pants were down and a giant erection popped out. He said to the woman “… Freedom Pioneers : “Phoenix” [Ch3i] ‘Old cow! Just because her parents ended up dead in Australia doesn’t mean everyone needs to be old and bitter before their time.’ GROUP PAGE 2 COLOURED by morphfix Crankwood Chapter 18, The others and some of what… Having evidently made his choice he turned and ignoring Tom’s proffered tea marched through the door into the Coldroom. HSC Major Work Comic page 8 by Michael Lee Black Smoke by Mike Cressy Vintage Polaroids and Paperback   by AndyLanhamArt CMYV by TheFrisby Emma Part Deaux – Medusa’s Head Beneath a feather boa was a pair of handcuffs. Vinny held them up to the light. Semaforo rosso Luigi Fratta, detto “Man in Black” a causa della sua propensione ad indossare abiti scuri, era un uomo carismatico. Una di quel… Sandals of the Nazarene Chapter VII In any annals of the Greek and Romans which I have studied, there is no one , not even Plato, Aristotle, that spoke like the Nazarene of wh… Vigil #2 cover t-shirt by vigil Crankwood Chapter 16 The Dreaming The end of all his personal worlds. Vikings "Escape" by CLAUDIO COSTA SLYTHERIN by cmmartinez2 Young Girl Reading By Lamplight by Al Bourassa Panel 1: colourising in Progress 2 by whoisthebsm Vigil Logo by vigil Yatogami Tohka by TheAlmightyLPZ The Novel Writer - Lier - Belgium by Gilberte angel,graphic novel by catealist ‘Baredfaced’ – by Beatrice Aja… They where both balanced precariously on a very small platform, it was eight by eight foot squared. Two steps too far and he would plummet … The Summer That Changed Our Lives (Novel Idea) Two teenagers, with scars still on our knees from our playful childhood games. But somehow, that night changed us. Going down Amy closed her eyes, ‘I want to kill myself.’ / Nora wanted to bring Amy back give her hope. This was the first time in ages they’d been ab… Hate (Excerpt) If he wants to go around, always scrapping, he can bloody well take what comes around can’t he? I’ll give him some myself if he’s not care… Chapter 22 Another clearer explaination With an understanding finally of what was happening to the boy Crankwood Chapter 15 The Presbytary The pastor chose that moment to open his eyes A force to reckon with – chapter 1 “Is it clear?” I hissed urgently to Pete, who was crouched about ten feet away from me, in a similar patch of scrub to where I was waiting. Exogeologist Greta Svensson by Bob Bello HSC Major Work Comic page 9 by Michael Lee The Lady in the Window 2 by Carla Jensen Batman: Arkham City Minimal by Stevie B Musil without shoes that roll by Fabrice Plas EXCERPT FROM MY NEXT NOVEL Her high heels clicked on the wood floor hard as she walked, her sultry walk, the walk of confidence, of being what she was, in controlR… Crankwood Chapter 27 The Leeshi Signs surrounded the area and informed trespassers of dire, possibly fatal consequence Paris by AnnabelHC Kick ass and Hit-Girl by ZaneBerry The Blue Bolt by mrkyleyeomans DAGAZ : An Aurora Stevens Novel I know that sounds harsh but I’ve found that most people tend to sensationalise their lives in a quest to be more interesting, more unique.… Damnation, Chapter 3 (a novel) It was said that his service to Rome included the assassination of a Caesar. To this day no one outside these walls knew the elder leader d… GROUP PAGE 3 COLOURED by morphfix Freedom Pioneers : “Phoenix” [Ch4] He was dangerous and exciting and Rhiannan sat for the rest of the trip happily in silence wondering about the exciting life the highwayman… About HER (Mature) “Bound by Hatred” “It dark,” mumbled Bubba anxiously. / I whispered reassuringly, “Shhh. I know it is, honey, but we need to be very quiet, okay?” / I heard … Hit Girl by ZaneBerry Revenge by GraphicMonkey So WHAT is the MATTER ? by TeaseTees Vikings "The duel" by CLAUDIO COSTA A Novel Romance by Formatography Love Lyrics by Anna Silivonchik She’s Back – Emma Part Deaux (ch4) Although there was no moon, the streets took on a sleek, glistening appearance. It was something like an eel fresh out of water. LOST ON THE ISLAND – a novel Masked gunmen, led by renegade George Speight, storm the parliament building and overthrow the Government of Fiji. This fictional version o… A Trenton Story.... by tofnewrealm A Cover waiting for a Stephen King novel;} by Barbara Gerstner Novel Idea by Michael McCasland MacK by Esther Green The Quickening Of A Terrorist Chapter 1 It was like a slow motion dream. There was no sound. ACTION FORCE: RED JACKAL PAGE 8 COLOURED by morphfix Chapter 24 Nan plays a game She really wants me to go against HIM. I Never Promised... by annimoonsong Reaper by jefferyedoherty Ore Monster by tofnewrealm Favorite Book: The Count Of Monte Cristo - Alexandre Dumas by © Sophie W. Smith Dumbledore's Army  by cmmartinez2 Chimera’s breath: chapter 1 A blackened sheet of metal whipped up and glanced off the view shield, and she jerked her hand up instinctively to shield her eyes. Sneak peak at early stage of Panel #1 by whoisthebsm Steamy Novel She breathed out….in true love. Chapter 25 Simpkins wakes Face alternatively stinging and sticking Simpkins was in no mood for either idiots or thick indecipherable accent romance novel i used to read romance novels, / they really turn me on. / Her knees / are / trembling… / as she climbs the stairs. / she’s cl… Harlequin - Revised! by whoisthebsm Embedded in Ink Introduction It was a quiet morning across the city of Eleria as our character walked through the silence of the cobblestone. People withdrew as they sa… right there by lifemachine ANNIE ONE PAGE 4 by morphfix Escaping Fate, Embracing Destiny: Chapter Four Randy nodded. “I guess not. It’s a waiting game now. He’s got us right where he wants us, truth be told.” A Novel Garden by Shante' Mathes "Laura" engraving after Gigoux for Gil Blas 1835 by OldeArte Crankwood chapter 17 The Dawn Dawn was a feeling for two very different inhabitants of the village. Who were both on remarkably similar if timely, quests. / For Ashes it… Freedom Pioneers : “Expeditions” [Ch… ‘Maloney!’ he bellowed and instantly the man was awake and to his feet crouching, dagger in hand, ready for attack. ‘Where did that bloody … Chapter 26 The Walk and the Worry A small flicker of something far more ominous followed each unwary thought WAKE-UP from our trance ~ ~ by TeaseTees Book Stack by cadellin We all float down here, Georgie. by SixPixeldesign Vigil Pinup #4 by vigil Escaping Fate, Embracing Destiny: Chapter Three His heart skipped a beat as the horror stories he’d seen on TV and movies ran through his mind. Heroic Menace by Michael Lee Axtelera-Ray : Prince Ardone by AxteleraRay
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