The Graph Of Ideas by griffsgraphs Fictional Characters - Non-Fictional Feelings by ForeverFrodo The God Particle: Higgs Boson and the Standard Model by TheSmile The Graph Of Thinkers by griffsgraphs The Graph Of Ideas Version 2 by griffsgraphs Ponderings and Reflections of Childhood by Charmiene Maxwell-batten Known Language Writing Person by Tania Rose A Medley of Musings and Reflections by Charmiene Maxwell-batten Reflections of a Journey in Thailand and India by Charmiene Maxwell-batten A Collage of Reflections by Charmiene Maxwell-batten America - Ponderings and Reflections by Charmiene Maxwell-batten England - Ponderings and Reflections by Charmiene Maxwell-batten Gargantuan sea monsters I have loved (Review) Giant beasts lurking out of sight in the depths capture the imagination. Partly because there is the very real possibility that unknown cre… What is reality? Darkness subsides and a dream-like effect / Takes over my being, in every aspect. / So light, so free and yet so confused / As to where I a… The Owassa Chronichles / A tale of Two Sickies Gremlins, Grass and Graduation. June 1969 Life, Love and Loss - in Switzerland by Charmiene Maxwell-batten Sounds of My Soul - Volume 2 by Charmiene Maxwell-batten science non-fiction by maybemaq I have untamed thoughts I have untamed thoughts. / I’ll drive fast razor red cars just so I can screech corners. / I’ll go places I don’t need to be. / Places I … Dewey Need This? by mytshirtfort Ponderings and Reflections of a Housekeeper by Charmiene Maxwell-batten I am a Non-Fiction I am a book with many pages / But you only see the cover / My print / You will never read / Truth is hidden deep with in / The cover hide… Three Days Ago I knew “Elizabeth….wake up…’s time. Champion’s League Mahmoud went to bed when he was four. It was two years since he had been out of bed. When I crouched by his bed with my arms folded on the… Aquarius His legs are dark and muscular, and his socks are rolled down to the tops of his oily black boots. He moves like an Indian woman carrying a… how I survived the Wilson’s Prom. Nat. Park… I didn’t panic but I was afraid . I scrambled to the other shore and then up the sand , behind a bush out of the wind and … Bibliophiles by MacKaycartoons not take men shopping This is a true story by my Uncle Dan Foster / This is why women should not take men shopping / against their will. / After I retired, my wi… A Sport Of Ambulatory And Non-Fiction Bandits may swarm and barricade you in your tracks, demanding an excerpt of authentic frolic and escapade. How to Eat Pancakes Correctly Pancakes, when eaten correctly, are the most delicious of the major food groups. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the proper way t… Contents: Non Fiction - 11 September 2010 by The RedBubble Homepage Spooked I sit here in the place where bodies, once warm with life, lay cold and alone beneath the earth. Tiny lights declare that dusk has arrived… My Night Without Armour May – August 1998 / I was in the dying room. You know the one. It’s quiet. People slip in and out as though they were never even t… occupied | non fiction | karin taylor We found this ramshackle old building once, my friend and I, it was down the lane way across from the Kingscliff beach, old, abandoned and … The Truth Behind the Lies If you were to have asked him, he would have said that I refused to speak to him and he was not allowed to contact me. / If you were to ask… The last thing I heard LAst thing I heard the night is young i search / looking / for what i’ve never seen, heard, or touched before / person, place, or thing / really doesn’t matter / as … The White Owl … I was parked in front of a faded green, plain rectangle of a house with a large sign that said, “Taxidermy.” Percipience, chapter 13: Mind minimalism My tongue poked from cheek and round about as I tried to tell a nurse how I kept fainting and hitting my nose on the floor. She tittered an… The Jesus Diaries- Big Apples are Hard to Chew The winters were cold in New York City. / The Summers always hot and filithy that you would sweat gasoline. Diamonds in the Snow – A Healing State in N… The landscape before me is tantalizing. The snow that has fallen all around, emanating a splendor to behold. The glistening snow is like sc… Riding with Morpheus It’s not exactly sleep-walking, it’s more sleep-waking, but it’s somewhere in between worlds, a limbo of not quite awake to reasoning and l… The Big Blue Mac Over the hill he thundered / Rambling wheels down the highway / Long journeys, sleepless nights / A light shinning, Oh! To stay awake, / An… Non-fiction Romance. I want to be the you-know-who / You talk about to your friends, / That you talk about to me. Hobo On A Train The Scenery; The Ride / The train travels through chilly spring sunshine today and stops now and then allow one a peek at the scenery, the … Im too afraid to look! Sam had a brief thought of moving out and on into the world to escape the tragedy she lived in. The hurt, abuse, alcohol and everything els… Non Fiction by lovinffhmusic From Russia, with Love ::the train is dingy. you have to pay for clean sheets to cover the small, red beds hanging from the wall……the wind slaps my fa… I found Love Hospitals; the mere thought of them flash a frightening image of my mother in her white nurse’s uniform or can make me smile at the t… Memory Radio We forget playing and we forget what hill we were standing on. As we get older we forget the lyrics until we have is a melody that we sure … 2nd Nature The boy stays on his bed. Strumming away. The girl stays in her chair. Creating. His hair is neatly pulled back from his face, exposing his… Non-Adventure of a Little Nobody “The ultimate anti-fairytale” – Jiggered ( Go With the Weez Weezer, quite arguably America’s favorite nerd-rock tongue-in-cheek Californian quartet, will never win. Ever. Five Guidelines to Dining Out Dining out can, on occasion, prove to be frustrating. What many overlook, however, is that consumers themselves can aid in smoothing the pr… Robot (Navy) Non-Filled face by jefph Robot (Watt? Dismayed eyes) Non-Filled face by jefph Robot (One from the Volts) Non-Filled face by jefph Robot (One from the Volts, Angry eyes) White, Non-Filled face for darker backgrounds by jefph Robot (Watt? Angry eyes) White, Non-Filled face for darker backgrounds by jefph Robot (Watt? Dismayed eyes) White, Non-Filled face for darker backgrounds by jefph Rewired I am simply changed. Change is good when it is worked with properly. Robot (Watt? Incredulous eyes) Non-Filled face by jefph Robot (One from the Volts, Sad eyes) White, Non-Filled face for darker backgrounds by jefph Robot (One from the Volts, Angry eyes) Non-Filled face by jefph Spindly Friend’s Lucky Day You do not know you are hated nor do you know that they plan your death as soon as they see you. You do not know you’re ugly or undesirabl… Robot (Basic) White, Non-Filled face for darker backgrounds by jefph Robot (Watt? Angry eyes) Non-Filled face by jefph Robot (Basic) Non-Filled face by jefph Robot (One from the Volts) White, Non-Filled face for darker backgrounds by jefph Robot (Pink) Non-Filled face by jefph Robot (Watt? Incredulous eyes) White, Non-Filled face for darker backgrounds by jefph Natural abstracts by Stephen Ignacio Weeping angel  Favourite  creatures from Dr who  by Kaelem Emblow Ancient Propechies DVD Set by ozarkmt Cartoon :  Non-Fiction Books by cartoon

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