Nobody Bothered To Tell Me I was running late. I had an appointment to keep. Can’t remember what it was, all I knew that it was very important that I keep it. Why was… In Cyberspace nobody can hear you scream! Baby-faced criminals / Pretty poisonous individuals / No Antidote, No cure / For their fatal allure. Nobody Knows and Nobody Cares! And nobody knows how the pain inside grows / And nobody cares or answers your prayers / And forever it will be like a dead sea Part 2 of Nobody Bothered to Tell me “The… I woke up with a start with my heart beating like crazy, trembling with fright. My hands were clammy, by body sweaty. When my sleepy blurry… Six Word Story 2/6 : “Nobody has time to re… . Nobody Listens Everyone looks at me / It’s my turn / My turn to speak / I open my mouth / My voice is trembling / Everyone listens This Is A Hold Up, Nobody Move!!! Part 2 My sister has been a bank teller close to thirty years. Every day she comes in to work, everyone knows it. She is a little on the clumsy si… Nobody Nobody knows me / Nobody cares THIS IS A HOLD UP NOBODY MOVE!!!!!!!! PART 1 As my daughter started to grow, her collection of porcelain dolls did so also. Each and every one of them was given great care and love. Th… nobody came idly i stood watching / the geese on a distant lake, / obscure white blotches / haunting the landscape. / tired mossy feet / kept me stand… The little red engine that could, but didn’… Once upon a time, in a town not far from here, there lived a little red engine. / Now I realize that it’s quite impossible for an eng… NoBody Blood, / Drips from sharp teeth and half bitten tongues. Nobody goes Screw the itty bitty sea shells / Screw the soft soft sand / Screw the bouncing beach balls, / Screw wading in the swell REFUSE?? Not to take up too much of your time. nobody said life would be perfect nobody said life would be perfect Falling World Rising away from the falling world / Turn as one, as nobody / At all, away / To think and plan / And possibly scheme / To wait and see / Be… Nobody Said It Was Easy Her eyes were slight and her face was small / But her mouth is huge taking in all / A world corrupted, a society unjust and / Though the… Nobody came The darkest walls began to close around him, pushing at the edges of his torn conciousness. Partly Ground and Partly Sea Sometimes my own sadness makes me sick. / My stomach hurts like hell; / I can feel every single pill. / I’m only trying to hold on / … Lyrics You know my passions and where my heart is / You know the fears that I keep inside / You know why I don’t always understand You / Can’t hid… theres really “nobody” on the net The net is a new animal, / a new creature of soughts, / one based all on the share of thoughts. / Like one never seen before. / there may … nobody nobody is perfect - / I am nobody! NoBody is like you Flowers and Butterflies are craze about you / because you have stolen all the beauty from them. NOBODY HEARS I scream / but nobody hears, no one hears the pain Pretend to be ! Pretension nobody wisdom somebody pretend The love of a woman. “With nobody by his side.” Civil madness This life she leads / Must present the front / Where nobody / Would ever know / That inside / She screams / And shouts the rage / That sh… nobody he carries the bags / and still has a mental life / a folding chair under his arm / adjectives attracted to verbs / something resonates som… I am in Pain P anic / A ngst / I gnorance / N obody Nobody of no one. Nobody inside. / Listen hard for silence, / Urge for numb disease, / Look hard for blindness, / Hold your tongue, let it cease… Nobody Nobody sees me / Nobody cares / Nobody knows me / Everyone stares / I feel lost inside though no one knows it. / Alone, lost sad. The peop… I’m just as much a nobody as anybody that’s me / quartered an orange / on the fringe / over the edge / lost to the corridors / an original / but, lacking / the greatness … Everyone wants things to be different, but nobody… Why do we / cling to the / status quo like / it was an / oxygen mask. Nobody Knew.!! Purple flowers, yellow tress, / Shining sun, blowing breeze, / / / Wrapped in depression, and wrapped in goo, / All bad sense, because nobo… I’ll be nobody tomorrow (poem) My throat rusts away / But that doesn’t matter anyway / At the end of things to say / Open my neck and turn the tape binding with my bile, and nobody knows a fly on the wall / the fear you wish to hide from / shifty eyes give you up Where Nobody Knows Find a place where no one goes / An empty field / And your thoughts will grow / Gather the memories / That begin to rise / Pick the ones /… NOBODY IS COMING I am Life, Alone, Everything and Nothing Imaginary Friend What good am I? / If I can’t even help my imaginary friend? Somebody or Nobody> I am a nobody? / Because somebody thinks I am a nobody / Because they think they are somebody because / They have more it money and or… Nobody cares for a guy like me What does it feel like to have someone to hold and to love / to show who you are and spread your wings like a dove / where are you in my t… Nobody can live solo With ease I spite years off your life. / Cleaving your heart into pieces, / The blood leaving / Your devoted heart / Bleeding dry. nobody cares look at my wrist doc tell me I’m not the most pissed off case / take look a look at my face and tell me they’re ain’t eno… nobody i look out the window i feel lost inside i see a darkness within me a coldness of life i here the voices telling me it will be alright as … (Sonnet) Sonnet for Nobody ~ By Boocifer Do I trip, or stumble or lose my breath. / Sanctified in my mind this happiness. / Traveling together not end at death. / Hand in hand in a… Nobody Understands Nobody Understands the way I feel / The scars in which take so long to heal / Nobody Understands the way I felt / The night this beast tied… The Art Of Being Nobody It is not, what it is / You’ll never change what it is / If we did what it is we want/ / Bet these guys would stop touching kids / This wor… I’m Nobody On Friday, I began a new job. It felt odd to commence work at the end of a week, but my predecessor – a neurotic woman by all account… nobody knew So it died. / It shriveled and shrunk and sank. / Into the ground. / Into the soil. / Into the soul of the earth. NOBODY KNOWS NOBODY KNOWS WHAT ITS LIKE TO BE WITH YOU / NOBODY KNOWS WHAT ITS LIKE TO BE WITHOUT YOU / NOBODY KNOWS WHATS FLOATING IN THE AIR / NOBODY … The House Where Nobody Lived Dame left the car in the street around the corner; a battered down rusty tin can he’d owned for the best part of a decade. His suit was nea… Mrs Nobody Is Mrs Somebody also Mrs Nobody? / Or is she just perhaps the slave – / To Mr Somebody. / Beds are made / Dishes washed / Meals are cooked … Nobody is perfect here, so relax! Sometimes taking a step backward is the best way to move forward in your journey through life. / (Thursday, May 13, 2010) Non-Adventure of a Little Nobody “The ultimate anti-fairytale” – Jiggered ( *apology to nobody I’M SORRY / for cracking that joke / perhaps it was a tad to0 personal / I’M SORRY / for the way i st-st-studder / its only bec… Nobody Satan inside- / you will confide. / Psychotic death, / wanting crystal meth. / Crystal clear waters / stained with bloody offers. / W… Nobody What is he thinking, feeling? Who can he turn to? Who can I turn to? Nobody. I have nobody. Nobody Nobody really care’s / I’ll be by myself in my own room / ‘Cause no matter what I do / No one really care’s / I gu… Everyone Here Dies Alone Empty the buckets, the grain falls like snow. / Fill up the stores as it rains. / The storm winds outside are beginning to blow / As the Au… Nobody i wonder if he’s even anybody / inhaling poison / into his dark lungs / i wonder if / he’s even any / body / not someone i ever knew / he’s… Nobody Nobody there any more. I can see nothing but darkness. Inly one good friend to hang out with and to trust. Nobody else really there any mor… Blackness Enlightens Nobody Blindly guide me through the storm / Cradled within your gentle soul / Angelic vision; I see you Nobody loves me, not one tiny hunk. Childhood memories / Gently wafting curtains / Like waves on the ocean / Lifting the tiny toy boat / And depositing it in soft / Wrinkley /… Weather you do!…whether you don’t! A… Show yourself……..really show it! / This façade is a polite side show, / I hate it more than the realness of a bitter encounter!…

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