moon you are perfect just as you are Could a smile be remembered, even after joy is go… If people can be remembered after their lives pass on, / Could a smile be remembered, even after joy is gone? Watch the sky What makes Sky father so angry? / It has always been a riddle to me. Wonder Lies Sleeping ’Neath a Blanket of Li… Night as old as time. Why did everything begin with night, with the darkness? Night Orchestra The summer has flown. / Calling the day; it is only 8, / But it is already getting dark. / The night songs have begun… / Watching th… Darkness Has Fallen Darkness Has Fallen / A Darkness Has Fallen / Hush Comes Or The Hill / Valleys Mist Now Risen / The Forest Oh So Still / Lun… in the folds of the seasons. shuffling through the speechless snowdrifts as evening falls. We are always in search of nothing and nothing is what we have found. The Sky The sky was darker than dark could ever hope to be, / But in it’s depths a thousand stars flared and burned and raced from here to et… LOST LOVE In the barren wasteland of my soul a poem to the men near and far. to the balconies of stars we left hanging across north and south continents, and the memories that i can do nothing with or without. I fell in love with a one night stand, just as yo… Your fingers laced in mine as if / you’d known me twenty years and you were beautiful / and everything I’d feared. / I could smell the liqu… patterns and epitomes I find myself / Far away / Under a no light / Under the no moon / But neath a distended / Ambiance / A custom, I suppose / For I come b… Alone, I Sleep… In the meadow / The willows thrust / To and fro with each / Gentle caress of the wind. / I gaze into the settling evening sky / The color… Timbered Awakening the leaves spoke softly / the fireflies gathered / the grass was moist beneath my feet Starshine, No More If in the middle of the night / You were to awaken / And saw no stars in the sky, / Would you be shaken? NIGHT SKY WONDERINGS AND WANDERINGS… When I pray I almost feel that I am with him… The Giant Guitar: a romantic story in rhyme The moon did its nut in the purple above, / Splashing each wave with its silvery love, / The gigantic strings gave a deep humming tone, / B… Under a RED glow that ate the night sky © Under a RED glow that ate the night sky © / BY:Hector A. Encinas / “This ones for you love where ever you are..” Sun Break These things can be scary, He whispered. / I will take care of you, She whispered. Red Sky Night Ryan Anderson was not their most recent case, nor their most severe. But he was definitely one of the more interesting patients in the NYC … What You Felt Everything was wonderfully still while we watched the flashing lights in the distant sky fade away Seeing Double Was Featured Already I just put Seeing Double on late last night and Mood & Ambience featured it already. Thank you so much Mood & Ambience. Very much a… Quiet Storm The sun set on a beach I had known so well / Ever since day broke over shore and plain. / Laying down on sands of my flat terrain / I watch… Think Let’s take a second / To think Everything is different in the dark.. ..It’s all so new HAPPINESS The falling of a leaf, / Taste of a raindrop, / Smell of maple leaf, / And ground. In the rain… / Looking at the sky, / In the night&… Infinite Night Sky © Infinite Night Sky © / By Hector A. Encinas / “Are the stars of the night sky, / infinite? / Or is it………” we threw embers into the sky and watched the stars collide / the night caught fire in shades of spilled blood and wine Starlight how many wishes The night sky and the moon More sand than you can count / But still the hour glass runs dry ‘Solitary’ A warmth was awash in the world of the night, shadows cast flickers from within my eyes, heady the scent of bloom ’pon heavy wind, sc… A DATE WITH THE NIGHT SKY A little poem about the night sky,a constant fasination for me. Half an Energy Divine Eons ago there was a bet, / that gave birth to a legend. / It was between Life and Death, Night Sky I hang my head in shame, / As the days go by my anger grows, / Like a big black shadow, / Clouding my every move. Rain on the window, and a distant thunder (challe… All was still and quiet / when I awoke, / The darkness was just leaving, / and dim, warm light was filtering through, / but all around wa… Stargazing It’s like the endless sky / Vast / And full of things I will never know / Never see / Any closer than what I see now / When I happen to g… Night Skies Door, Not limited by Earths hold Will you wade your arms into darkened night skies, / whilst your whispers rise upon a white doves sigh? / Upon fleeting mist, undaunted … The Sky Above Look Above / These foolish stars think they can set the mood / But they’re not as stupid as you think / When they do it right, they s… Seeking Hmmmm / Hmm / Hmm / Hmmm / I want to know so much more, / than I already do, so I always implore. / Ask questions even if the answer is abo… indigo sky we’ll run into the edge / of the setting sun / the indigo sky will chase us~ " Harvest Night Sky " … Consider the Moonlight, / Of a Harvest night Sky. / See the Summertime, / on it’s way passing by. / Consider the Autumn, / as it slow… Mickey Mouse Cloud - Doesn’t it look like Mickey Mouse? / - You’re right! He rides a hors. They both saw the moon in the sky last night.. They both saw the moon in the sky last night.. / The girl dressed in a pink plaid shirt, sporting pink flip flops / saw a moon with a pink … Taking off at Night The heartbeat of the wing light / illuminates an instant of tiny raindrops, / Silver needles, frozen for a moment in time. / The night has … I Miss You We dance until dawn, / or until the batteries fail / on the stereo system, / And then we collapase / onto a soft blanket of grass / in the … The Darkest Kind of Twilight Then like a meteor you shot across my sky, / Suddenly, trails of fire passed me by. / There was brilliancy and beauty, / And the absence of… the moment you know And that is the moment that I fell in love with the night sky. the vast expanse a wave of nostalgia / and a flicker of nervous excitement / ignite / it’s a place to get lost / and a place to rest Night sky scattering of stars life is fishy Dimly lit fishing boats / On the dark blue sea / That is the life of fisherman / That is where the fisherman has to be. I Look Into The Night Sky Not a thought should enter / a seeker’s mind / when solving the riddle / of forgotten time. ‘Visionaires Wish’ When you’re all laughing; nothin’ else is set-to-matter. From what I’ve seen, that’s the way it should be. Night Skies Falling stars slide across the heavens In Celebration of the Night Sky, Flagstaff, AZ. … When first were dreamed the far flung stars, / Scattered, vast, within me Turn and Turn Again It’s there, pulling up / And up again. / The scrambling rush / It’s just a race that never ends. / Throbbing lights and / Liquid roadsR… Night’s Guardian, My Messenger There is a binding sight, / that blesses the dark with light, / In it’s smooth whites and gray, / It hears the words I silently pray,… The Clouded Chronicles Prologue: Two Friends So many questions, so many requests. yet he’s left unanswered. A story of a boy and his pet Rargaw trying to find their way in societ… I Reach into the night sky taking Heaven’s own dipper Night and Day As night presses upon the borders of day / While the moon takes residence within the sky Shimmers of Gold As I lay under the stars, I see a shimmer of gold I question myself as I continuously ponder what it is. Before long it is dark, and the sh… you should know you should know, you have a pretty name. / and i feel like no matter what you say / your still my biggest fan / my saving grace / my though… Never alone… When you feel alone / and life disputes you… / Take a moment to stare into a night time’s sky / And remember that…. / You are m… Stripped We all look into the night sky / For the same reason. / Nothing. Predestined to Ambiguity Skywatching those gargantuan foamy clouds in contrast with glum thin coated mist covering the pale moon shown in one opposite direction to … The Fairy Tale Begins part 29 of “Unexpected Grace”; can be read on its own / That summer was particularly hot and muggy, but the nights were cool an… Pink distance The pink distance of / Sky has faded into / The next world, / Withdrawing from Babylon, California Horizon In a never ending sea of space, / Speckled with little stars in a vast panorama of sky, / So much bigger than our understanding. / Only dis… In the middle of the noit. Do you ever get scared in middle of the noit? Mother Nature’s Story “…Tonight, he was wearing a black top hat tied around with a sleek red ribbon, and he held a black cane striped with a shimmeri… SUICIDE NOTE OF A HOMELESS PERSON… On this all hope resides… SUICIDE NOTE OF A HOMELESS PERSON II I didn’t find my dream in this life / Perhaps I’ll find it in the next one Silence Of The Stars Poetry to make you think THE LIGHT… SUICIDE NOTE OF HOMELESS PERSON … —Author unnkown I TRIED TO BE DISCREET… When is a hard-on ever discreet…? Midnight Rose (the poem – accompanies a p… The mighty Stem, she hangs on to / Posing for love as romance blooms Black Diamonds in the Sky Leave the air / Simple Obsurdity / Adrenaline / In the Fire / In Hendrix / Given from the devilish trees / Breezed in crawling bark / Simpl… Midnight Blue As I look outside my window, my gaze wanders, across the way from me lights come on as people come home The Call of Ormo Your voice ever present in my ears. / That endless hum of song, / The restless tune from within, / That stirs and fevers my blood. Cameo Sky The moon is full tonight / threadbare clouds / glide across / A night ink dark / Like deep hued jasperware. ‘Maktoub’ At the height of darkness, written in the stars; crossed the world over, to the other side. / Strange to be leaving, so as to return; that …

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