Nice girls and the Not so Very Nice All the nice girls / with the right curls / following their hearts / The ones with no dents in their head / Adventures of snow peaks and re… not so nice words (not for the sensitive) don’t tell any body / what they do is wrong / just shut the fuck up / and try to belong “Irish Joke” – “Mick and … Paddy back home in Dublin / ‘F**kin hell, Mick!’ How Nice It is to Love Your softness tickles my strength / Play dominoes with my desires / Till one by one they all fall / Like clothes and inhibitions / lost in … The Things Nice Girls Miss Out On (Mature) the club (Mature) Yes, It’s a very nice Penis I often feel that if someone would sit with me and offer hugs, I could fix all those stupid things. The problem being, I can’t ask an… Something Nice George was at the fridge again. He stared hard at the bright interior but it wasn’t there. Dentures and nice shoes… Different entities / have a tendency to be / attracted to me, / they come out of the blue, / offering words of wisdom, / talking to me, / … Fine Nice New Nose Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a fine, nice, new nose. nice try i purged myself / of your shadow / starving my soul ruthlessly Nice It’s so nice / when / people grow / from we / to WEEEEEEE Sugar and spice and all things nice Something different for me please. Thought this was nice enough to share. THE STORY BEHIND THE PICTURE OF THE PRAYING HANDS / Back in the fifteenth century, in a tiny village near Nuremberg , lived / a family with… I like to share a few very nice things that happe… “Passionate heart” was featured in the group Freedom to Shine 5 days ago / Mask…” was featured in the group Behind the Mask 3 days… My Little Box I entered from light, / Where darkness attacked, / Waging war on defences, / Seeping through cracks… Attn: Nice Guys- a True Story The fate of “Nice Guys” I’m ‘So Fucked Up’ gotta love w… (Mature) Mmmmm….. Smells Nice I only became / A Chef / Having realised / The oven / Is a balmy / Bubble / Circulating / Deep in some / Space / Somewhere / Indi… For Parents at Christmas ( can you relate?) For all parents at Christmas. How many of you can relate? / Little one has been so very busy with choir concerts, student counsil meetings,… Doreen Raring to go any and everywhere Nice to see you all …! Hallo , / Nice to see you all again .. I"m so tempted to say " The report of my demise has been greatly exaggerated &quo… So Nice It feels / so nice / to see / a friend / return to / say hello / and speak / to me, / We both / have gone / long enough / through s… Nice Puppy. He wagged his tail WOW!! Thank you sooooo much!!!! Incredible!! WOW! Incredible! Featured Work – Nice isn’t it? Isn’t it great to have your work featured? What a compliment. / Check out these 2 and 1:1 Macro / Thanks for all your comments and s… It Would Be Nice It Would Be Nice / It would be nice if I could see your face, / No make-up, no eye glasses or contacts, / Just your naked skin free of arti… ‘NAUGHTICAL BUT NICE’ He held her hand and kissed her lips / No matter to him how wide her hips / She tasted sweet not lemon sour / Her aroma like a flower / She… People need to learn to Play Nice. Im just adding this note on here b/c I am continualy disappointed in the way certain photographers act on this site. “Fuck you, I am going to be a starrr” Roscoe looked down at his hand, He cringed, just a little bit. He remembered the way the priest held on to his hand. Four thick pork sausag… Think Nice, be nice, live nice an’ hiv a ha… If yea dae lie an’ stay awake, / think o nuthin’ but nice things, fur heaven’s sake. A nice long ride (Mature) A feature and A WIN!!! This is a nice day! What a nice day! It won’t get any better than right now, so I should just call it a wrap. / “Country girl” was featured in the… magic “What about Jesus and eternal salvation and the tooth fairy and Bigfoot?” He bit into his apple and squirt juice all down his shirt. He cus… How Nice It Is To Love. Your softness tickles my strength / Play dominoes with my desires / Till one by one they all fall / Like clothes and inhibitions / But I am… Hope you, Have, a Nice Day. © Hope you, Have, a Nice Day. © / BY Hector A. Encinas one nice thought i saved a butterfly today / it was trapped in the porch, sat on a shelf / had given up the struggle / resigned to its fate / but open still… A very nice surprise…today featured! One of my work was featured today! What a nice surprise…. / Thanks to the Host and Moderators of / Happy Haven Photography / on hav… How simply NICE! ~ New Feature NICE IS NICE A NOT NICE / spreads a chill, / If looks could kill / we’d all be gonners / If we relied on NOT NICERS / to do the honors. / Their st… SUGAR & SPICE SUGAR & SPICE / Isn’t always nice / Knows how to play / A game or two a day / Sweet warm kisses / Sugar coated whispers / Chocol… Living the dream… (a nice big house in the … I knew a man who sat on a can and waited for life to shit in his hands… How Nice It Is To Love. You touch my straightness / Play dominoes with my desires / Till one by one they all fall / Like clothes and inhibitions / But I am lost in… It was so nice to see ……. BEARS OF TH… That really made my day! I’m honored and Humbled!!! / Thank you so much!!!! / ZeeZee Something nice to say about Astronauts…R… They’re absolutely out of this world! Dream a little Dream of me Then when I can take no more, / Claim your freedom to explore, / Plunder me with amour’s bliss, / Most passionate of any kiss / Succo… “Fuck you, I am going to be a starrr” Roscoe looked down at his hand, He cringed, just a little bit. He remembered the way the priest held on to his hand. Four thick pork sausag… Nice start of the week Going through my buble messages I saw that my fractal artwork “The turning point.” was featured in the group Digital Abstracts & Patter… This is a nice suprise….. Today I was featured in Insects, Bugs and Creepy Crawlies with : stranger landed on a flox. / Thank you Wendy and Georgiegirl so much for f… The sun’s shining and it’s a nice day… how do I seal my lips / when I love / you / how do I close my eyes / when I love / you / how do I get sand in my toes / lying on the beach … It’s Nice Outside It’s beautiful today, / the sun is out / it’s not windy at all. / I think i will take a / walk in the park. / Everyone seems to… Two Features in One Day! Well, today has been a fun day for me. I’ve had two features! Thanks to the That’s Funny group moderators who featured my work,… A nice start of my weekend When I went through my messages this morning I found one telling me that “Faun horns” was featured in the group Art in Math. I am very plea… Play nice children This bloke on the other hand was out and out whole heartedly duped Anew My heart I explore / All tingling through / My thoughts caress you not so nice thoughts 4:34 monday morning oh the endless fucking / the mind-numbing stupidity of it / wave after wave of endless life / stretching across the dark eons of time / wav… Warm Memories From the firstest touch Here is a nice hat for you… Oh, we didn’t mention that we might have to cut out your brain in order to provide this nice new hat to you… Something nice to say about Fishmongers…. Sole in all the right Plaice’s! Something nice to say about Accountants…… Definitely, People you can count on!! Nice surprise this week :O)) I got 5 new feature this week which makes me very happy!!!!! / Bosetti Fall was featured in All Water in Motion / Streakes of Sunlight was … Nice Girl Hell i know you / i’ve seen your kind / before / you want to be the one / to release me from / Nice Girl Hell Wow! Nice Surprise! Wow! It happened. "Lumin Essence” was featured in the group Bits and Pieces . / Thank you, Bits and Pieces. / “Cowgirl” and &#… Some times its nice Sometimes it’s nice to / Just dance in the rain / Water siding over you like a million drops of paint / Making your body a canvas to a pict… The price …Is very high / The benefit is very low. / Time is running …life is stunning. / Somtimes is bad. / Somtimes is nice. / Sometim… Something nice to remember…? Just a little something I thought was worth remembering…………. / Woman was taken out of man; not out of his head to t… Ice is nice, or is it? Ice is nice, or is it? / The feel of cold, right through to your bones / A feeling of anxiety and disruption / Others fun may be others mis… Friend When things seemed tough / Still there for the ride. / A voice of reason / A sounding ear This Smile’s For You So if you should find / Yourself with a stranger / In a store or a bank or a snug elevator… / Go right ahead, (first check there̵… A nice train ride The lights flickered and flashed, streaking along the window. The occasional spark from the track would light up the area and objects arou… Insenced by my Common Sense! Pick it from the garden!!! Warm up writing/Positivity monsters, they’ll haunt ya / taunt ya n’ always want ya, but isntead, you walk on the / teeth of each pirahana/ Have a Nice Trip But now I’ll tell the very worst / The laughter comes in gales The Nice Things Weekend pedicures / While sipping a glass of wine / Listening to children play outside / on a sunny day at playtime / Watching old movies … Nice To Meet You (Mature) Wax Leviathan yeah but i got the poem still / i have my poem a nice guy you look like a nice guy / in a hospital / in a swat team stand~off with common sense / people go to work everyday to get spanked / i don&#… Tell me that you love me or how nice the weather … I don’t know where I belong now / And I blame this on you / Especially when my feet touch water / or the days I eat / nothing more than to… The last nice day A beautiful day, so subtly described, / As breath taking, as joyous, and tantalizing / As ‘words cannot embody such beauty’ / D… Nice Quite Girls crazy psychos always intend / to murder me quickly on, shooting me in the / head while I’m on the toilet or cutting my / brake lines… t’will be a nice morning It takes light leaving the Sun / and arriving on Earth / about 500 seconds / (that’s about eight and a half minutes) / and it sets up… PEOPLE ARE NICE Peo.ple are nice and they are kind, / searching for true love to find, / We are all searching for the same thing, / Would you agree, / Or m… Noticing a nice new day The crisp air placed his jacket about his shoulders. / He walked along the street, lightly touching the fences as he went. He enjoyed the c… Not Like Anyone Else She’s not like anyone else, / That I have ever met, / Much more than a pretty face, / Much more than i could explain No More Mr. Nice Guy For months I’ve been rejecting and rebelling against these feelings / Rage and anger have both been intoxicating and destructive / I’ve tr… Nice It is possible to be nice / While gnawing ice / That won’t melt in the drink. Have a nice day! I’ve been touched by the soul of human depravity / Innocence has never been my friend / A life spent, in life’s darkest alleys … Nice One Bruvver. Adam in Vietnam “A true story based on the amazing daring of Commander Adam Martin, an adventurer of the highest merit, the playboy philanthropist wi… Nice. There’s never been such a person, not to sweep me off my feet. But love, it snuck up on me, not pouncing and scaring me, it tapped me gent… a nice cup of tea hunger like a warm flush spreads / my newfound heat / like sunlight cutting across the varnished floor / slanting sharper as the day wears … Feature(s) are a nice way to start a day !! Yes, they are ! So I am truly thankful to the host (lillyz12) of The True Beauty group for featuring Babies Are Such A Nice Way ! / My bes… Real Even if it is the last thing it does…. / At least it will be real! “You look really nice today” The better I feel, / the better my day goes. / So I’ll dress my best, / cute skirt or dress. / And you gave me / a compliment / that … A Shakespeare Redemption (The Nice Age) The summer of our split ends, ironed out / Was it a tragedy of making perfect sense / Or is it still, more like a do about FCUK et al? / No… Be nice Bam! / his head slams into the brick wall / he tries to get up one last time, try to put up a fight / but his knees crumple on the way up /… Calpurnia’s Laryngitis Not even the mouse slurs, / because no one has anything nice to say, / and if that’s golden, / then the world is being sold, / like V…
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