REAL LIFE ALARM. Short story. A call in the night. When we race in for an alarm call, she doesn’t stop for red-lights. I WAS THERE! On that day, I was there. That day, September 11 2001; there, New York City The Mountains Of Madness infectious, abstract madness!  / Like a wild child with an uneasy melodious beauty unhinged and filled with sadness! shredded wings She could sense the impending danger in her prickling skin 20 Motherfuckers “I kill all you bitches!” / A general, silent wave of panic swept over the train car. Instantly, twenty people gasped. All were trapped and… Headlines!! Extra!! Extra!! The headlines are gone! / The headlines are missing! / Where could they have run? / Mister! Mister! Oh, where could they … White-Bread Soul We’re in New York. On the Subway. / Aussies in the Big Apple. / As we draw nearer to our destination, more and more passengers exit the tr… New York City in Impressionism My mother’s smile served me well / Kind words at the diner / Then the New York Hat A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. Book One. (1) Fear and lo… This was very different. Scary Senior School had suddenly loomed dark and large into my scrawny little life. And under its’ dark wing it br… Artist Statement, Publications and Exhibitions / To me, art is a spiritual experience where the skies opens up and pours down a vibration of energy that connect… Statue of Liberty, New York, USA (1884 – 1886) / ENGLISH / Client: People of France / Author: Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi / Height without stand: 46.05 meters / Hei… los angeles…. Los Angeles…sleek and shabby chic the car is your avatar.. New Yorks Miss Nancy There is a shot over there / I want you to see Robin Williams LIVE IN New YORK Wanna see a live show in New York of the / Most Hilarious Nature ? / Then come with me for a Cyber flight to see / Robin Williams LIVE IN … REAL LIFE ALARM. Short story. Where angels fear t… The alarm went off at 4.30am in the rear of the restaurant, and that’s worrying. An OLD YORKSHIREMAN IN NEW YORK. (3)Raccoon Wings. the raccoon who’d moved in and made a home, looked at his watch and noted the hour- it was time for dinner. AN OLD YORKSHIREMAN IN NEW YORK. (2) Unwelcome Gu… Well, I was affronted, who the hell did he think he was, weren’t they supposed to be frightened of us? The Buzz: A New York Tale-Episode 1 But, I didn’t want to keep living through this hell anymore than she did. She had convinced me that this could be the perfect way out… NEW YORK CITY POLICE BRAVE / STRONG / FIERCE / HONORABLE / TRUSTWORTHY / SELFLESS / HARDWORKING / RELENTLESS / FAIR / LOYAL / CARING / HUMAN / ALWAYS IN HARM… An OLD YORKSHIREMAN IN NEW YORK. (1) Call me Mr. … -clothes say a lot about people and so does their dirty laundry. New York, New featured work New York, New Thanks to everyone who has taken time to view and comment on my work. / Pat Manhattan’s Last Midnight – Poem Vers… the morning bleeds another crimson sunrise. Picture perfect for a fractured frame. Deep Blue Tuesday: A First-Hand Account of the Ev… People were screaming. People were crying. People were livid with anger. People were running. HAUNTED BEACH (part one) A true short story from … At first we thought she was naked, but looking closer we made out that she had been wearing a swim-suit, An OLD YORKSHIREMAN IN NEW YORK. (4) My Driver fr… The sweet and demure lady driver in the pristine antique Volvo, suddenly became ‘FemDeath Monster’ on wheels. February is a Bitch: Chapter 2/“The Moron&#… Without going into too much detail (because this really aint a bit of girl-porn), we made love. I mean really made love, not the facsimile … Stage Select your pick; be it by boat, airplane, or monorail The Towers The towers were hit in a shower of anger / Innocent people made to suffer / The consequences of a Brutal Government / War declared on the t… Collective Conscience of my Sins they were the thoughts I battle with, the petrified eyes I looked through, and the signatures I signed, and the identies that sift my memor… I am New York Part I I am eternally defiant / I am the handshake and the pound / I am the rumbling beneath the ground February is a Bitch: Chapter 1 – The Bedbug… What a frigging month. The hits just kept coming, I tell ya. So I apologize for not participating for a while. Let me break it down for you… December 27th the lines were down. branches hanging from / telephone wires / like broken cowboys, spurs rattling nyc i lost myself / in new york. / the buildings grabbed / up through the clouds, / and i clenched your hand from the top / as i died. / i can… PRESS RELEASE-THE FAMILY IN THE CAR, A REVELATION… A DOCUMENTARY FOR OUR TIME! / This documentary/book is not only timely but relevant. / It timelines the trials of a family living on the st… What New York City women want money talks Hundreds degrees in New York! I will write her a postcard and I will mail it to paradise, no matter where she will be, my deep love will make her happy. / I will post th… I am New York Part IIII I am two bodies held together in desperation, / spooned in a furnace, micro cosmos spinning / in an inebriated orbit as they are baptized… The Music of Marriage “I fed you a piece of glass and you said ‘Thank you’”. That’s what she said as we sipped our wine, listening to Artie Shaw outside on our r… Another Feature in ……….. NEW YO… Thank you New York City for featuring my photo! I am so honored! And to my great friends for leaving the nicest, sweetest, and lovely com… The Buzz: A New York Tale-Episode 3 We immediately stripped to the naked and young forms that God had intended and followed her in, to be baptized by her spirit, to be apostle… I am New York Part II I am the murals painted at random / around the city, it is in my blood / To mark the world around me with / the colors, once given to us… The Working Man’s Special (Based on Keats’ “La Be… And so each Friday I’d go cash my check, after the job, when the kids were still in school, and the wife was still at work… INDEPENDENCE DAY, HELL’S KITCHEN A new bird sails in deep, blue evening skies / Triumphant over thick, potable air; / Persistant thunderous cracking… No Hiding From a Deleted Account Even From Lilly,… Did you know you could copy / Or email and forward on too The Other Edge Of The World and now this picture spot of a memory / is cooling off … THERE’S NO SMOKE WITHOUT FIVE FIRE TRUCKS. “Ok.” Says my wife. “Call 911 immediately.” Then she looks at me, “Time to go.” She says. I think, “Buggeration!” I See New York I named her New York, for whatever that’s worth. / They all thought I was crazy. It was the four of us, me and Aunt Becca and Aunt E… An OLD YORKSHIREMAN IN NEW YORK.(9) The Price of … “I am a stripper.” She said turning to face me. I am New York Part III The chocolate man melting against the hatred and injustice / Whose scarred lips once spouted poetry like a secret garden Beauty Across the River there are so many somebodies / we learn to ignore everybody. / But they were pretty, the smoke clouds / Hiding the places where the buildin… New york (my remorse). He hadn’t called home in six months. Patriotism, is it lost? On a recent visit to New York, we went to Grand Central Station. Upon entering this huge building, your eyes are immediately drawn to The Buzz: A New York Tale-Episode 4 Sara sat waiting. Sara didn’t usually wait and it was purely ambiton that allowed her to on these occasions. Fashionistas and pseudo-… DOROTHY PARKER AT THE ALGONQUIN, NEW YORK Some hold court like the rounding tables of ten with vibrant misfits / Who tangle words in thought and upset the synapse, discouraging word… The love of two lost souls. (Pt. 1) There was a pizza place to her left and then she saw it. A little hole in the wall store that she knew no one would ever really be able to … Burgermania. A Short Story by the Old Yorkshirem… All you could do with a Wimpy’s burger in 1962 was see how far you could get the melted cheese to stretch in thin rubbery threads as you he… An OLD YORKSHIREMAN IN NEW YORK.(10) Yo! Feed the… “It will be wonderful, I can’t wait.” Said my wife, directing me from the sofa as I hung the feeder on the washing line In Search of an Ideal Something Your mascara runs down your face / Like a road map to no where / Chasing the empty promises / sold to you / over the counter / like those … Billy Gently and the Annoyance Pandemic of 2012 Global annoyance levels peaked on the 23rd October, 2012. An OLD YORKSHIREMAN IN NEW YORK. (6) Terror at th… One time, and believe me I thought my end was nigh, he burst into my place and accused me of being planted there by them, a spy in his own … Tanka #3 Dazed children run through / The tipsy streets of Queens like / Shiny black oil spills / Burn the dark waters they drink / Then erupt into … Everything’s on the Up and Up at Watkins Gl… Looking for a park that’s a photographer’s dream come true? You can’t beat New York’s Watkins Glen State Park. The Love of Two Lost Souls (Pt. 4) “Get in bed. I don’t want to see you, because if I do, or if I find out you’re still lying to me, I’ll stab you and him in your sleep,"… The Last Night …just reminisced / going to New York / watching the ball drop as the count-down / took all her attention / that year… The Buzz: A New York Tale-Episode 2 She began to go completely ape shit. “It hurts that you don’t care enough for me and our life to fucking shoot me!” She b… Manhattan’s Last Midnight Picture perfect for a fractured frame… he takes my hand for a dance to a Chopin nocturne and as I meet his eyes I see the distrust re… Diamonds in the Snow – A Healing State in N… The landscape before me is tantalizing. The snow that has fallen all around, emanating a splendor to behold. The glistening snow is like sc… An OLD YORKSHIREMAN IN NEW YORK. (6) Terror at th… Oh my God , I wondered what he might be concealing under that coat, an axe perhaps? The Editing Session. A short story by the Old Yor… Editor, “There’s a word to roll around, SEX, my trouble was, I admit it, I couldn’t get enough New York, New York. The skies of New York are black at night. The smog and pollution rise from the streets below, causing no stars to be seen. Snake bites, Marshmallows and French Toast –… A relationship to remember An OLD YORKSHIREMAN IN NEW YORK. (8) 911 Disbelie… I got my composure back, and focused. I had a mission to get to Life Café and see to things there, get the place open. We had to be there f… Sparrows …Then, that impossible smile comes onto my face… HAUNTED BEACH. (part two). A true short story fro… My first instinct had been that this was indeed a body washed in by the tide. ART VIDEOS FROM NEW YORK and FRANCE WHAT IS PAINTING @ THE MOMA in NEW YORK PART 1 / WHAT IS PAINTING? Part 2 / A short peice from the Musuem of Modern art New York / Robert H… Things I should have told you when I had the chan… Naked apes in uniform can lead you to water to drown or rehydrate. An Old Yorkshireman in New York. SHOT! walking home late in and out of the shadows, you’re always on your guard- the street scenes are straight out of crime thriller movies My 14 Years Living in New York City I went to New York in 1984 and stayed till 1998 / I worked in the Film industry first locating and buying Film rights for US and European m… OBAMA IN WHITEHOUSE SOON & PLAIN CRASH in NEW… Well Hows the news now??? / A Plane crash in NEW YORK with No One Killed? / and in a minute / George Bush says Good Bye THANK HEAVEN / Well… NEW YORK NEW YORK ANYONE? “NY NY ": Fire On The Train At Broadway-Nassau Feel the hush of the train / Rush of the sirens. / Feel the carrying on / Of us breathless tyrants. Coney Island’s Last Stand No tickets were ever taken here / At the end of the Q line / Where prostitutes split in two from the pressure / Of choosing a new way to lo… LADY OF NEW YORK (Mature) New York in the Summer It’s 102 degrees in the fucking shade. / None of the trains I need are running due to construction. / I have had to make so many det… An OLD YORKSHIREMAN IN NEW YORK. (7) An incident … Then Matthew exclaimed loudly, “Oh my God, Oh my God!” I looked up at him as did the others. He was staring wide-eyed out of the window to … Risking Absurdity There are just so many times that you can risk absurdity / Making deals with dead art forms / recalled / When you hit rock bottom / In a… Shadow of Manhattan Baby fly away with me, / To New York City Ghetto Games: Growing Up New York How many of you remember “Hot Peas and Butter” “Come and get your supper”? The Last …it was the separation of fates; and how through the spheres of isolation something may be communicated, only vaguely and by the side… New York Killer. It read: “NYC Killer takes a new victim”, then followed a photo of my poor Casey. A Viking in my Dustbin. #90. NEW YORK in LEEDS. As the Village People in full costume stepped out of their limos and waved, the cameras flashed, and the huge crowd went wild. Leeds had se… “On a Hot April day” I wake up / Feel the hotness of my skin / Open the tiny hole of my room / Gives me some soft breezes / Listen to Bob Marley’s soul… New York Save her / She dechays / Smoggy haze / No more EROTIC ART & NEW YORK NICE ONE / HOT / pART 2 / THE NEW YORK PART / EROTIC PHOTO SHOOT A TRIP TO MEXICO Then New York This was on the radio when I went to Mexico In the 80’s / Tis a Killer Tune It will Stay with you, You know the Kind? Graet beat and … I LOVE YOU LARRY DAVID + MY GREATEST FEAR I love Larry David for his themes of incest, boys penis size and vagina size. I love his petty frustration and his true loathing for the hu…
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