The Strongest thing on Earth It is not material and it cannot be bought or sold. It is priceless and precious and worth cherishing. glacier a place in the sun / but the time has a real chip on it’s shoulder / A pale wintry sun shone through the clouds / it seemed, that sun… musings of a passionate gypsy – 2010 is nigh I hear the stars smiling Brand New Year Brand New Year / Twenty thousand souls brave the cold, / If you call twenty five below cold, / My son and I, / Yes we were part of it, / A… Confessions of a Coffee Machine It might be a cooling planet made up of sporadic earthquakes and volcano spasms, but that still doesn’t account for the popularity of… New Year’s End ‘And there’s the hand o’ my trusty fiere’ / Reaching out in the misty light / Shall we ever ‘tak a cup o kindness’ / again, on new ye… Happy Christmas & Peaceful New Year. Hello All / Just a short note to wish all of my friends here on Red Bubble a Happy / Christmas & Peaceful New Year. Thanks so much to a… Awaiting the New Year This was a year of great accomplishments / Overcoming sorrows and new beginnings begun / Of never ending battles and challenges / And yet t… A Toast For The Future Here’s a toast to the future, / A toast to the past, / And a toast to our friends, far and near. / May the future be pleasant; / … Celebrating The New Year all My Merchandise is 10… I’m celebrating 2009 by having a big sale all cards & prints are / currently 10% off and clothing and calendars are 20% off thru… Happy Holidays Thank you I Just sold, Fun in the New Year Calander Thankyou for buying my calander of ‘fun in the new year’, you know who you are / I hope it lives up too its name and you enjoy … My Next New Title the frozen food section and myself as far as it goes along with me New Beginnings We love who we love and there’s nothing we can do about it… and that doesn’t mean we can stay together. We don’t lo… Happy new year wishes for 2011 May peace break into your house / May thieves steal your debt / May the pockets of your jeans / Become a magnet for 100€ notes / May your c… HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 To all my dear’s friend’s whit Love / [Video] In the Future – The Year 3NB (NB Stands for… “Wow Jena, did that last history lecture blow your mind?” Penna said as she sipped her cappuccino in the university court yard. / “It cert… Kiss & Tell – an Ode to my muse in the … Should I kiss and tell / of my muse’s kisses? / oh so sweet and gentle, / so urgent, / so demanding.. 1-1-12 – Happy New Year – Reflections… After the disruption of 2011 with binaries broken, our fields of soul raw, tilled and ready to be planted with a field of unnamed flowers… Fifty Things to Let go of from 2009 – to ma… 39. All the stuff my 8 year old leaves strewn about 5 acres… / 40. Blow flies. new year’s foggy rumination fog by its nature fades too fast, as i know, / and nothing’s actually altered in the city below. What a wonderful year it has been—Happy New… Although I miss Digital Photo Forum, what a year it has been here at Redbubble sense I joined the group last March. Through the comments, … New Year Vision The sun will slowly rise / To expose the thoughts and deeds / As this year opens forth / And the old one now recedes………&#… Last Day 2010 stepping out, stepping in New Year no one saw it coming especially those who preached / apocalypse / the scenario addicts / whose stories self destruct / the ruled / if not … HAPPY NEW YEAR Well what can one say……. A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR THANKS TO ALL 123 OF YOU FOR ADD ME TO YOUR WATCH LIST / I WISH YOU AND YOURS A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR WITH LOTS OF JOY AND… The Old New Year Cold, / The days of deep December, / When warmth, / Is something sweet remembered. / Cold, / The days of calendars end, / When a New … This Past Year in Reflection Shed a tear this past year? / Yeah, I’ve shed a couple. / But the tears don’t matter when you’re in love and lust / and … Happy New Year Poem for You! Redbubble is a bright light shining our way, / bringing us together each and every day. / Happiness, peace and love I wish for you, / Surro… Ticked Tocked Off Thief! Thief! Stop the thief! / Don’t let him get away! 2011…happy new year 11 denotes disorder, disorganization CNY 2006 An explosion of red welcomes the New, / The firecrackers dance and prance on cue, / A symphony of rockets and majong tiles, / A collage of … Happy New Year! A stone denies / Not only exit / But entrance just as well— / We roll away the stone / Reprieve both Heaven / And Hell; / Releasing as with… ..My New Year.. I sit here alone, pen in hand; / Trying so hard, just to understand; / The ways of this world, and all that I see; / Wondering just how,… New Year is Coming….. Christmas…. happy times, sad times… / New Year is coming. / It makes me happy for all the friends and family I have, / and sa… Happy New Year For me, a New Year does not start in the middle of Winter, but at the Spring Equniox. A new year hope A new hope Begs for for our attention new year new ruler! (Mature) Samhain Whispers The steady rolling of ocean shores, / I think of those who walked before / Upon this earthly realm and saw / The ways in which life twists… Happy holidays …..looking back its seems to have gone like a a movie on fast forward… Happy New Year and all the very best to my RB friends. I am so sorry but my computer crashed a week before Christmas and I still don’t have it back … New Year blood will be spattered on the wall / by the second paragraph / with a broad brush… / before it dries / the light without you stays within…… New Years Haiku What awaits the world / now that a new year arrived? / Is it early Spring? HAPPY NEW YEAR Dear Friends , / I WOULD JUST LIKE TO WISH ALL OF YOU A “VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR” AND ALTHOUGH I HAVE NOT BEEN AROUND IN RECENT TI… Meaning of THE NEW YEAR Dreaming Year Clean Slate I am an obelisk channeling the energy around me / Welcoming the world to write on my wall / Lips twitch into a coy smile / And I am ready t… Happy New Year Another year / And I look at the outline of my hand / Its simple things like this / That makes me still feel human / That I maybe am good e… Happy New Year! Chinese Year of the Tiger. / :)) / Happy Valentine’s Day, also. xo / Oi Cauac! merry christmas and a happy new year merry christmas Feliz Año Nuevo…Happy New Year. tin typefaces come and go and only God knows of which are which Happy New Year!!! [Video] Dust of Yester-Year – Fertile Ground of Tom… … / Expectations of old but a shadow of a memory / Purpose dissolved , meaning undefined / Washed by the the tender rain of the nigh… Happy New Year Happy New Year 2010 A Snowy New Year [Original Poem] January is passing and I greet the new year with hesitation / What hope is ahead? what mysteries will unfold? / I will not face the cold wi… A New Year! Well sometimes you just feel like writing… / I am at the point in my life where I am content.. I have had some huge life changing eve… A New Year With Opportunity Quick on fire / But when held, / A deeper touch, / Surface love / Is cold— / (Such matches are cheap / Any Five and Dime / Sells them… / (… Dark November November, / Fall’s final curtain… Happy New Year …Continued … To Time : / You Passed by me each Instant / Time Responds : / So what, I returned each Instant Happy New Year! ‘twas New Year’s Eve again, / When all though the house / Not a creature was—oops! / Wrong holiday; let me try / This again: ’twas New Yea… Featured Work "“Happy New Year!” – Dec… “Happy New Year!” was featured in the group Digital Art Compilations / I would like to thank hosts George Lenz & Spiritinme of group… Best Intentions Beat Has that treadmill stood still for months solely? 2009 Making your goals New Years’ Priorities Let’s make it a happy new year! Respect without religion. / Joy without Jehovah. / Peace without prayer. / Charity without church. this i wish (for the new year…) may you sail a breeze at a time / towards your shore… / tarrying at times but never stopping / may the moon guide you / on those lost… Whatever… Now is the time to gather your arms and put them around someone in full hug. I’m getting a hair cut…. Out with the old, / and, / in with the new. / I’m gonna get a haircut, / that’s what I’m gonna do. / Nothing fancy, / jus… MORNING SILLIES & NEW YEAR MOTIVATION 1. IF YOU’RE CHOKING ON AN ICE CUBE, SIMPLY POUR A CUP OF BOILING WATER DOWN YOUR THROAT. PRESTO! THE BLOCKAGE WILL INSTANTLY REMOVE … A thought For the year ahead. Be true to yourself. Don’t try and be something your not. Be proud of being you. 2 Features This Last Week Happy 2010 – Live, Love, Dream. / Happy Christmas Love Bird – Pets Are Us 2Per Day. / Thank you so much for both groups for the… For The New Year “As I left the store / I wondered what had befallen / This sorrowful young man.” My New Year’s Resolution Liquid lettuce / Fuzzy cheese / Bearded cucs A New Brighter Year When the new year comes I hope the sun shines brighter, / The brightest star that shines at night is your set of eyes. / They have been wat… Wishing a Happy New Year Peace / Acceptance / Good Will / and most of all / Love New Year’s Eve Before the sound and clash / the party trimmed with lights / Before the spilling glasses / and the jangling chords / Before the brazen … First 2 Features of the New Year 1/2/09 My images Pima County Courthouse #1 and #2 have been featured in the Victorian Viewfinders Group. Thank you so much to the group hosts for… Happy New Year! Happy new year! Aftermath The aftermath of the Christmas season is a curious time of year. 2010!!!! I want to end 2009 with a big thank you to all of the wonderful and talented people I have met through Redbubble, for your support and kind… Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Just wanted to wish everyone who visit my site a Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. new year I couldn’t convince you / split it all open and look inside / break the glass against the fireplace / burn like surprise lit / a cand… OMG!! Happy New Year. Apols for being so late to … Happy New Year!. / I would like to apologise for being away for so long. / I have a little job in London which is taking a lot of my time a… How to make 2010 new year card on mac 2010 is coming, do you perpare the new year card to express your greeting? DIY card with specific photos would be much better than cards yo… Leżajsk God`s Mother . Matka Boża Leżajska Pani P… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013. Old Moon New Year while the old moon cast / a yellow bilious glow / on the snow below. How to make new year card on mac 2010 is coming, do you perpare the new year card to express your greeting? DIY card with specific photos would be much better than cards yo… HAPPY NEW YEAR I heard rumors / there’s going to be a new year / my heart starting beating rapidly / I thought I better get ready to celebrate / people ru… “NEXT NEW YEAR?” Every new year, they always seem to drink beer / 7 days after Christmas and still full of cheer / I hear them drunk and I feel the cold / I… New Year’s Day New Year’s Day / garbage cans full of / bottles. Celebration January first, midnight / Marked the end of his life / Which suddenly expired / When a bullet was fired The Last New Year – Part 1 I had no plans for New Years Eve and was frankly content to spend a quiet night alone with my books and my laptop. The invitation I’d found… Gone In A Year It’s in with the new my boys / And out with the old my boys / Things past are gone my boys / We look for what’s to come my boys. / This nig… A New Spring Kindnesses done are now fading / Unless we remember them well New Year <big>It’s the start of a new year!</big> / Time for new chances. / New starts / New beginnings. / A time to finally say g… More Than Anyone Else I Know A Perfect Christmas Season Belongs to You / I wish upon the Heavenly Star / Glistening on top of our Christmas Tree / For you and I and all… Maybe in the New Year … OK ‘Hey, what are you doing for Christmas Day’? / ……. ‘Down a few chimney’s why’? / ‘What the…
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