Finding the Fifth Element for My Party of Two

Will you swallow all my passion / my whole and damned heart? / all of it / and with pounding flesh and every morning hence


I am the ambiguous

Help Me

Feel The Coolness On Your Skin / As You Set Beside Me / Close Your Eyes And Be Lost in Thought / As You Listen To My Murmurs / Be Chilled T…

Me and You

Blue Skies / Blue Earth / Blue is Water, too / It’s a story of mine & a story of yours, too


Early morning and the dark recedes / Water gently ripples to meet the sky / Boats and trees appear enshrouded in mist / A dream-like moment…

Natural gemstones of life

Earth’s natural gemstones thunder down / Miriards of multi sized scattered diamonds tumbling / trained jewels, beads, roll down roof …


Caught in the earths pulse , merging with my tomorrows, / adrift on the tide of my dreaming

Mother Nature

….They raped her land with disregard, once Oceans green and blue….


I am smooth, calm and cold inside / Look into my depths / And see your true reflection / My stony heart, hard and grey / Hides nothing

In Her Bloodstream

Liquid crystals reflecting Thought and Heart…

Only Daughter Of The Sun

We are all just grains of sand in the ocean / We get caught in the white wash and tumble in motion

Midnight Water

Eclipsed by darkness / And breathing out of sight. / There is unmarked death / Hidden within the Savannah night.

Tidal sands. (Haiku)

Water rushes, sweeps. / Tide enfolds as ground moves round. / Feet engulfed. Swallowed.

According to Empedocles, I can be WATER

All the water I’d gather / in your cupped hands / and mirror your reflection upon my own / The glow produced by the liquid gathering …

Spatter Paint Water Lily Card Sale

Card Sale, Spatter Paint Water Lily

Water Paintings

Life often becomes an unintended art class for those who look carefully. / On one mild, sunny day I suddenly came upon a hidden storybook …

Voices from the Forest ~ Dreams of Moonlight on W…

Wash away your woes in my healing embrace…

Water falling

Through your light I am / Returning, baptised, cleansed, awakened / For you heal me.


When the rain hits my face / All I can feel is the warmth / It may be cold in touch / Internally its warming, for it knows / Reflections ca…

Itsy Bitsy

I could see her struggling to climb back to her corner. The walls were slick.


Cascading heavens, / Gushing waters tumbling down, / effervescence clear.

The Complete Wastefulness of an Educational Summer

An English light of summer drifting towards a school holiday sunset.


Cape Tribulation contours an unusual embrace.


A bubble crawls / down the current, sister to the suspicious froth / that gathers in stony armpits. Harbored in a crevice, / it pushes thr…

The Ripple

Upon the gritty, stony shore I perched in earnest contemplation, / And lobbing a pebble amid the bluish green liquid serenity- / I marveled…

In a gush

Looking up from the valley / Is the tip of a rock / Its lying in a crevice / Where water does top / Near the edge of a cliff face / Is wher…

Fall Measure

The aspens / balance their glow in the full / appetite of autumn

An Overture Of Business

Whispers of grasses and breeze / Tinkles of water and drip drip drop / Croaking of frog ends with a plop / Buzzing of wings of flies wasps …

Natures Beauty

Green is the grass which is, the beauty below us. / Yellow is the sun, which shines upon us / Rainbows spreading, an array of luck. / The c…

Lost In A Moment

The sun shines down, bright and inviting; / Millions and millions of / Rays. / Through the clouds they break, exclaiming / The coming of an…


Acaulescent petals float to the ground, / Unbounded to the world around. / Oleaginous fills the air, / Water smears without a care.

January at my wildlife pond

Having water in a garden is one of the most soothing aspects of owning a garden. The sound of a fountain or water gushing gently over a wat…


lily,water lily,children,buds,offspring,river,love,devotion,nature,peace,quiet,calm

Fishy Wishy

Fishy Wishy went to town riding on a Whale, / He stuck a feather in his hat and called snale male.

Poem for Elena

To brook, to stream / Then speeding current / Together they leap / Over waterfalls / And carve the rock / To gorges deep.

The Water of Life

But then one day it finds a way and shuffles down the rocks / it pours o’er pebbles and slides ‘round boulders passing all its blocks.

Limbo – Part III

I looked up into the sky and inspiration struck. The high winds forced the clouds along the edge of the valley. The thick scent of rain and…


The paddle dipping, / Diamonds cast in sun-strewn spray, / Whirlpools kissing the edge.

a mind after matter

And then I died. It was the most curious feeling.


What do you see? / What do you taste? / What do you hear?


not / contented with the coin-like dapples / water spiders make I took / the bait

Natures Make-up

Alarm clock ringing, 8AM…


Cascading down over the cold hard rocks the ice water hits fully, / drenching me completely, / tilting my head back my hairs pulled slick…


Mud. / Earth she. / Water him. / Where she touched his skin he forgets where he begins. / Where is sin when her skin was wine where she en…

I am a Part

I am a part of this, / part of a force so deep / so profound that I may not / stand alone.

Water song

Water Song / They say you don’t have a smell / but I feel it in the air / your pure drops / your sound of falling / your dance with t…

The Beast inside

Oh yes, there is a beast out there / Stalking us all

Past, Present, Future

My Father, Myself, My Son / We’re all but three, we’re one

Invent a Life…

When I was born I was a king, / but years from now I’d know the sting / of being born a human being / and all that this would mean.

A brave new world

Close your eyes, Close your ears, Close your mouth, Open your heart.


Can’t stay here / Have to go


…Firespark droplets spraying, time-frozen / Rivulet reverie / Beauty…


Lets ascend the moonlight / And listen to the voices of the stars / Who whisper what’s to come / As we remember ourselves / And retur…

Come with me on a walk in the woods…

Two lovers hike to their favorite waterfall, come along!

The River’s Warning

I felt the Earth quiver, / As if a sudden shiver, / Rippled from the river, / To where I found my seat.

a vanishing face

I would drown in a moment of fear every day~color my love with your smile and say~I love you today & yesterday too~only tomorrow will k…

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