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You Made Me Dirty I used to stand in the shower, / with the water as / hot as I could make it. / Then I would wait until / it got colder and colder, / silent… “Had” is past tense I miss / those times when we were alone. / When we were the only ones left / on the streets at night, / walking arm in arm. / The sidewalks… Combustible butterfly a soft red glow / from these cheap blown / glass bulb covers / kisses gently across your face / as you look at me, / and I am so lost̷… My True Story No one ever gets what they want / And heroes don’t exist. / It’s why my music’s up so loud / And Hell’s inside my fists. / Let my heart han… Vision I see you now, / in a more truthful light / than ever before. / Faded mascara runs down your face / like the dark dreams / through your st… Survive the Fall to Rock Bottom The burning inside my clenched fists / is screaming at me to let go. / My mind is distorted by hatred / of a thousand voices / spoken by th… Sickening insomnia I hold my weary gaze / through panes of stained crimson glass / as a blue autumn sky / calls my eyes forth / from a square hearted prison. … Today… I feel rather numb. / My mind, disconnected from my heart, / both disconnected from my body. / I’m that puzzle piece / nobody can ev… Dear Daydream, Daydream, take her / far from haunting pain. / The colors in her eyes are hollow; / washed away in a river / clouded with ghostly figures. … Writer/Musician Nathan Emery Nathan Emery is a writer and musician. His words come from a genuine heart, feeling his way through life with a pen in one hand and a guita… Doodling in Class Filling notebook pages / with the thoughts inside my heart: / all the hopes and hates and fears / and dreams are just the start. / Sketches… So Torn I’m going to leave. / I can’t stand to hear myself breathe, / when you’re lost- / somewhere in a distant dream. / And I&#… Smoking outside I could almost feel your lips / brush the back of my neck; / in this daydream, I’m aching. / So I had to reach back / each rough spir… Dear anonymous, I love you I was always too scared / to tell you how I really felt. / But the truth is that you keep / me up most nights, / and though you’re no… someone someone please turn off the sound / of everything / because i’m so damn tired / of listening / eyes are heavy / and i’m worn do… Belt marks My quivering / lower / lip… / is restrained by teeth / until painted red. / Please; / will you be my friend? / I am in need of someth… 11:11 some days in the dim lit scenery / that surrounds my catastrophe / i find myself thinking of you. / there, in that slow motion lapse of tim… Everything blurs together when you don’t ex… I close my eyes, and sink / to what feels like the very bottom / as I sit in a chair in the corner / of this small dark cell / like so man… Whispers in the Hallway It’s all a mess / when seconds rip through the unrest, / of still thinking you’re perfect, / even when you’re leaving. / … Hello, I’m an illusion I am just pieces of skin / patched together like a worn pair of jeans / stretched over my dry bones, / And covered in hot glue. / I have tw… simple as this all i want is to feel loved… / to be felt by someone again / and kissed / like my lips / were the last / she’d ever / taste. The spot may be the same, but I have changed Sitting here / in what feels like / the exact same spot / I stare out the window / while sipping on honey tea, / and listen to the high no… Behind My Calm Sometimes I don’t have much to say. / Sometimes I’m silent / to push you away. / Behind my calm is my hurricane. / I talk with … Death Breath There’s nothing on this road. / You’re away and you’re alone, / fast asleep while you’re at home. / I’m awake… silent fade out by Nathan Emery Broke All I wanted / was your fingers in mine. / I wanted to feel / your heart beating / faster because of me. / I wanted your soft / touch o… falling through infinity i swear to god / my knees know the ground / better than my feet / ever could, / and forgive me for saying / but i would die / for you to l… i’m just I’m just a kid / who always seems to be struggling; / who seems to slip / away / into the quiet places / that no one can notice / but… Grayscale Perspective Entering a room of memories / I find you in the seat / where you have always been. / Yellow paged magazines / are in scattered heaps / aro… Your phantom Oh love, what I would give, / just to feel you again, / and if you could only see, / just how far you’re embedded / into my skin. /… Please say you remember I watch you, / from the corner of this small room. / It’s like a cardboard box and I; / just a single packing peanut / wedged in the… Esophagus Knot I found parts of you still in my body / at the same time / I found the familiar lumps in my throat. / If only I could iron them out / cares… A soul’s truth Your soft breathing / of a dreams whisper / turns my water to / the sweetest of wines. / A vast ocean just / below the surface of your / … Depth Dweller I sit in my basement / melancholy to the dawn. / I promise, I’m a kind heart; / just a bit of a loser. / Tried but can’t hide m… The weight of your breath I’ve seen you get hurt / seen you feeling the worst / seen you scribbling your thoughts down / with screams in a verse. / I’d … Separations No matter what I try to do / a void will keep me / waving at distance; / involuntarily out of your view. / You say the cold is bothersome, … this is always in my back pocket it’s that gentle smile you give, / when i wake up to an overcast sky / that splits apart the clouds covering / the ceiling of my soul… Undulations of Extasy The shore is now so distant / while we float in this canoe. / But I don’ t want to go back, / I just want to stay with you. / I̵… Pennywish Sitting on the couch / with my fingers crossed, / I’ve tossed my pride off the top rock. / Oh, stop, / to see what the goblin got in… Goldrot It’s quiet. / My thoughts go unguided. / I’m as free as a riot, / I’m free to you. / There’s peace in the airwaves,… Smoke is just colored air I can’t explain / why everything changes so suddenly- / like it happens with the sound of crunching snow / under my feet, / or one d… Life’s Autopsy Death lurks. / It waits, / to steal / our breath. / To steal / the shine / in our eyes. / Why do / we accept / our fate / so willingly? … Okay…so i fell in love All I need to do / is become submersed / in what I already drown in. / It’s hard to want to break / the surface of ecstasy / and if … sunday morning girl carry me down slow / with the touch of your lips / on my neck, / while i fall / right into your hands- / i’m yours. / for now letR… My last thoughts of you You didn’t just leave me; / lost in the rifts of static / and hollow voices clinging to wires, / as they floated invisibly in airwave… Am I a bedpost notch too? .H.ow are you doing? / .E.verything is fine obviously, / .Y.ou must be feeling better. / .F.ake stupid lies; you swept me / .U.nder the rug… Craving Your Daydream You stop time again. / You’re sweet, you’re sugar skin. / Wake me up; winter and cinnamon. / I’ve had it, Love, / just le… echo There is a place, / where softly spoken words exchanged / just before the earth rotates / will reverberate; / ever so lovely in my head. … Life is a segment, not a ray. Life is a segment, not a ray. / No one’s forcing you to stay. / Death is more than a place in time, / it’s the only point that … What I want is what I need If I was able, / I would give you all of my love as a kiss; / as it fades from my fingertips / when I reach out to touch the skin / on your… Release Give me something, / anything to calm me down. / I hate this cause / I’m so fucking scared / and I’m tired of being angry. / I… Skull Rattler I am sick / Of wasting all my minutes / On some worthless emotion. / Dwelling in the same / State of mind for too / Much time, / I need m… Come All You Weary I think I am tired of dying / in every dream my aching mind / creates when I black out; / scraping my knuckles / on the walls of this dark… Duality Slowly the night drips from Heaven’s leaky faucet / while the sun reflects off the full moon outside. / Light gives way to a spectac… Twin in any light my shadow always has the same expression / when we come face to face, / and it always stares into my eyes / though I can’t really tel… Counting to infinity I have a crooked shaped face. / I have a crooked jaw. / Sometimes the words that escape from under my tongue / are also just as lopsidedly … Shrunk I’m sick / just another twisted kid / twisted in the ordinary / trying to find where I fit in. / I’ve been called a generic fuc… Illusions The red fills / and rushes in, / a once clear space / once white on the floor, / now pooled along / flushed, splotched tiles, / and I opene… Needlework Thread out, thread in / stitch together my skin / with an armlengths / cut of barbed wire. / Thread out, thread in / sew me up from within … Feeling small Carry me down / in the lights of a skyscraper / below these streets / to find the lights and the lasers / that always flash through my head… Mindwashed Shellshock One, two, three, A.M. / Hours pass as I bite my lip and stare at nothing- / wishing for daylight / to crawl across the sky on my agony. / I… Brainstains I am done / pretending that this thick shell / I have recently wrapped / around my deceptive skin / doesn’t hurt. / It’s lik… We all look the same when we’re dead I’m too worried / about everything… / down to the particles of dust / that lifelessly float through the air / as I pace, and re… Euphoric Breaths Euphoric breaths / whip like canyon winds / through my hollow frame. / I feel free / at the top of an evergreen. / I grew up loving / the … Daily Cardio Today I stared / Into the eyes of pain / And reclaimed my heart. / Frozen back in a dream / It now thaws deep within me. / I get chills fr… Heartkill i wake to a crash; / to sticks on broken brass, / smiling at my sun of disfigured sins / as it crushes life from green / with waves. / i si… Head Clouds Get a grip now / I can see it in those eyes: / see past me. / Little trip out / and it’s going south / I know your mind’s racin… Take me away, Love There is this girl I know / with hair, golden, / in perfect hue / like a sunset over sand dreams / of easy east coast beaches / she sees in… Pushed Me Away You can run, run and break your legs. / I’ll smoke alone / with my hood drawn, / and watch you go, go into the sun. / Fingers crossed… Atmosphere I saw your eyes lit / like a black light in space; / white bursting to neon blue / in your pupils- / that have recently been deceived. / I… free me i have been walking / for years along the edge / of an eye of a needle, / but now have finally fallen through- / only to collapse / into a… Dancing skeletons in costumes If you peel back / every single layer of my skin / and expose the scarlet mess / that lies barely beneath / this pale cracking suit, / you … I like being the bed you lay so comfortably in Cough outside through the cold and the smoke / while I lay in the road and choke on exhaust: / I’m melting / with slush islands in t… doors opened are usually closed I’m left on the ground / eyes focused on these old stained entryway tiles / asking you not to walk away. / I thought this was real, /… am i capable hey beautiful, / just called to say hello; / i missed the sound of your voice. / i wish i could be there tonight / to wrap you up in my arm… Pupil of Hues Chilling orange winds / criple breathless lungs / in the midst of a dreary / autumn afternoon. / Cracks in the sidewalk / swallow the foots… a beautiful unity cataclysmically altered perceptions / in rattling indigo, and violet digestions / perfection / in this innocence and affection; / it’… Time Tricks It’s not even ten. / My mouth is dry / and I’m laying in the dark / on a cheap spring bed. / But it feels more like / I’… pitch black stare with each slipping beat / of my breaking heart / i feel an unconscious tug / as i try desperately to sleep, / or find some sort of fake esc… Milkyway Melody Your imagination / seeps notes of a / piano in bass clef; / the hallowed sound / when gentle pressure / closes your eyes. / Take us home … Coat pocket confessions I restrain desires screaming yes / from deep within these longing pores; / no courage to gather, to say I’m yours, / but silent- like… late nights a rolling wave of orange atmosphere / crushes the blue from the sky / but lights the blue in your eyes. / i wish / i could save this as a p… nyc i lost myself / in new york. / the buildings grabbed / up through the clouds, / and i clenched your hand from the top / as i died. / i can… all smiles It’s the moments. / It’s the f r a c t i o n s / of the seconds it takes / for my heart to leap into clouds / after your lips … Nature is my Goddess Nature is my goddess- / take me back, make me foliage, / and let dampened moss come envelop my organs. / Filing-cabinet morgue rent to pay… High love tide I can feel / every wave of her breath / like a warm spring tide caressing me down / onto the soft sands at the bottom / of her sea. / While… Medicine Hello. / I can always feel your tickle; / your burn; / ripping holes in my stomach walls / and festering / in the acid growling a and gurg… At the bottom of the sea, please forget about me Was it the alcohol? / Working your vocal chords / like a hand puppet, / reaching from your screaming liver / up to your screaming desire / … Allure Me I like the way / the cigarette caressed / between your desirable lips / dances with the words you speak, / as if your vernacular / has a rh… The wick’s end The slow easy flow / of those old symphony records / spinning in place / brings my low burning / candle lit eyes / back to a / long wicke… Deceiving I close my eyes again; / your voice flowing like / gentle streams, / the ones I remember from / brighter days. / It seemed then we were sit… Blue-hazel smile Love is; / putting all my darkest nights / into a plastic bag / and throwing them away. / It’s the summer breeze on / my naked chest … Kiss me slowly I know you see me walking / like I have something to prove / but there’s nothing, really, / nothing but you, / so kiss me slowly, / … The Beating Cadaver Breath into / my heart; / the beating cadaver, / like you have / so many times before. / I know / it will hurt, / but raise me to life / … regrets the unrest in my heart / to hear your voice / and feel your lips and skin / will not subside. / i miss you, / though it’s been barely… yeah NOW you’re living the dream you used to be beautiful; / smile, eyes, the whole 9, / like a lilly blossom floating in a pond, / but that time has passed / and eh, now y…
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