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So Torn I’m going to leave. / I can’t stand to hear myself breathe, / when you’re lost- / somewhere in a distant dream. / And I&#… Dear anonymous, I love you I was always too scared / to tell you how I really felt. / But the truth is that you keep / me up most nights, / and though you’re no… Whispers in the Hallway It’s all a mess / when seconds rip through the unrest, / of still thinking you’re perfect, / even when you’re leaving. / … Broke All I wanted / was your fingers in mine. / I wanted to feel / your heart beating / faster because of me. / I wanted your soft / touch o… Esophagus Knot I found parts of you still in my body / at the same time / I found the familiar lumps in my throat. / If only I could iron them out / cares… The weight of your breath I’ve seen you get hurt / seen you feeling the worst / seen you scribbling your thoughts down / with screams in a verse. / I’d … Counting to infinity I have a crooked shaped face. / I have a crooked jaw. / Sometimes the words that escape from under my tongue / are also just as lopsidedly … We all look the same when we’re dead I’m too worried / about everything… / down to the particles of dust / that lifelessly float through the air / as I pace, and re… Daily Cardio Today I stared / Into the eyes of pain / And reclaimed my heart. / Frozen back in a dream / It now thaws deep within me. / I get chills fr… Pushed Me Away You can run, run and break your legs. / I’ll smoke alone / with my hood drawn, / and watch you go, go into the sun. / Fingers crossed… Head Clouds Get a grip now / I can see it in those eyes: / see past me. / Little trip out / and it’s going south / I know your mind’s racin… At the bottom of the sea, please forget about me Was it the alcohol? / Working your vocal chords / like a hand puppet, / reaching from your screaming liver / up to your screaming desire / … Sound of the Shatter My heart is fragile, / And you brush me / Off your shoulders / Like I am nonexistent. / When I was cold and alone / You did not hold me, / … Frozen Migranes Life has always been / a rubix cube / that doesn’t move. / the gears on the inside / are stuck in place / like seventeen years / of… Sentimental Decay Fate is the taste of dirt, / and rocks will grind their way in, / to replace the scarlet diamond killers / crawling under your skin. / You … The Lure She has something hidden / behind her eyes / that weaves and catches / like a gasoline rainbow through water, / and will suck you in like a… Sleepwalking Sunrise And then comes the rush; / the same numb feeling from below my feet / grabs through the blackened dirt / at my ankles as I try to run / awa… Redundant Tendencies The air is crisp / and chilled on the lip. / My head is clear as the sky / with just as much snow; / her footprints / tracked in trails thr… Cookie Cutter You are all the same, / I could have made you in my mother’s kitchen. / You’re as malleable as dough, / you’re as tie-abl… Crooks There’s a part of me / that wants to curl up in a hole / stretched to the core, / dead bolt the door, / and never come out again. / I… Blood With silence, comes clarity. / When it is broken, in the chaos of sound, / freedom will kiss / with softly cold ghost lips. / Lie to me a…

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