So Torn I’m going to leave. / I can’t stand to hear myself breathe, / when you’re lost- / somewhere in a distant dream. / And I&#… Death Breath There’s nothing on this road. / You’re away and you’re alone, / fast asleep while you’re at home. / I’m awake… Broke All I wanted / was your fingers in mine. / I wanted to feel / your heart beating / faster because of me. / I wanted your soft / touch o… A soul’s truth Your soft breathing / of a dreams whisper / turns my water to / the sweetest of wines. / A vast ocean just / below the surface of your / … Depth Dweller I sit in my basement / melancholy to the dawn. / I promise, I’m a kind heart; / just a bit of a loser. / Tried but can’t hide m… Pennywish Sitting on the couch / with my fingers crossed, / I’ve tossed my pride off the top rock. / Oh, stop, / to see what the goblin got in… Smoke is just colored air I can’t explain / why everything changes so suddenly- / like it happens with the sound of crunching snow / under my feet, / or one d… What I want is what I need If I was able, / I would give you all of my love as a kiss; / as it fades from my fingertips / when I reach out to touch the skin / on your… Daily Cardio Today I stared / Into the eyes of pain / And reclaimed my heart. / Frozen back in a dream / It now thaws deep within me. / I get chills fr… Heartkill i wake to a crash; / to sticks on broken brass, / smiling at my sun of disfigured sins / as it crushes life from green / with waves. / i si… Take me away, Love There is this girl I know / with hair, golden, / in perfect hue / like a sunset over sand dreams / of easy east coast beaches / she sees in… Pushed Me Away You can run, run and break your legs. / I’ll smoke alone / with my hood drawn, / and watch you go, go into the sun. / Fingers crossed… Allure Me I like the way / the cigarette caressed / between your desirable lips / dances with the words you speak, / as if your vernacular / has a rh… Kiss me slowly I know you see me walking / like I have something to prove / but there’s nothing, really, / nothing but you, / so kiss me slowly, / … regrets the unrest in my heart / to hear your voice / and feel your lips and skin / will not subside. / i miss you, / though it’s been barely… inside the frosted glass falling away / from this unaccepted stream / of conscious thought, / my vision fades / like a windshield / in december. / so please, / turn… Hoo M Eye He is out in space. / He is burning, burning, / like a black comet through this place / so large it is nearly nothing. / He is nearly noth… The Lure She has something hidden / behind her eyes / that weaves and catches / like a gasoline rainbow through water, / and will suck you in like a… Where you are I am glad, / that you’re far away / and smiling; / comfortable inside your own / precariously arranged space / of perfect / while I&… Blood With silence, comes clarity. / When it is broken, in the chaos of sound, / freedom will kiss / with softly cold ghost lips. / Lie to me a…

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